How Do You Make A Living Roof

Tips to Constructing a Green Roof

How Do You Make A Living Roof-a-roof-with-turf
A roof with turf

The world of gardening provides many opportunities to express oneself by letting our imagination run wild as we embark upon an adventure with those creative style or work which is our signature. There are no set rules except for the basic or the foundation in which to build, from there we are free to let those creative juices flow.

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Indoor Living Walls

How To Create A Living Wall

Indoor Living Walls-a-living-wall
A living wall

Constructing a garden is truly a work of art and what I love most is the different ways in which to create amazing designs, while there are no set rules to gardening except following the basics you are free to let your imagination run wild as you not only create that dream garden but a garden that will capture the hearts of many to enjoy.

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Tablescapes Ideas

How to Create Tablescapes Step by Step

Celebrating that special moment calls for some creativity as we put our best foot forward creating memories that will last a lifetime. Besides, that delicious meal that’s to be prepared bringing, family and friends together what we want is an experience that will bring that WOW. Tablescaping will create that type of experience.

Tablescapes Ideas-dining-area-with-a-floral-arragement
Tablescape design

If not all of us some of us unknowingly have involved ourselves in tablescaping, tablescape is the simple art of creating a dining experience around a theme that uses fresh-cut floral arrangements along with candles and other dining ware that creates a cozy and homey experience.

Have you ever stepped into a reception area that was well-polished, what caught your attention? I am sure that besides the decorated room the table setting was the highlight. I have had that experience on many occasions which was so inviting and relaxing.

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How To Make A Sustainable Garden

7 Effective Ways to Sustainable Gardening

How To Make A Sustainable Garden-plumeria-fragrant-flowers
Plumeria fragrant flowers

These days more and more people are getting involved on the great outdoors by working the soil in an effort to reap a good harvest whether it be growing food crops (fruits, vegetables, herbs) or growing a flower garden, or maybe a combination of both but whatever you’re deciding on growing one thing is for sure an that is making the most out of your time seeking to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Creating a sustainable garden can make this possible keeping you ahead of the game giving you great results but in order for this to happen a well-thought-out plan must be put in place. This plan or blueprint is the road map that will guide you in having much success with your garden.

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Garden Focal Point Images

The Advantage of Creating a Focal Point

Garden Focal Point Images-a-wagon-with-flowers
Cart wagon with flowers

Creating a focal point in a garden setting will bring a flow that ties the entire garden together. With a focal point however this is not the rule, but you can begin to design and construct your garden around that feature or plant.

I have been involved in many garden and interior plantscape projects where that feature, plant, or plant design brought that WOW. Now when seeking to create a focal point don’t overthink this process because it is very simple but yet has a pleasing effect.

As said a little earlier even though this is not written in stone you can construct your garden around your focal point or include your focal point while constructing your garden or when the garden is completed because you may not have thought of a focal point at that point until after the project is finished but try to avoid the latter and have your focal point at the onset of your garden design.

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