How To Start A Community Garden

How to Start A Commiunity-people-working-in-the-garden
People working in the garden

Start a Community Garden with these 7 Steps

“Great minds think alike” this is so true when it comes to a community garden, a community garden consists of a group of people with the same goal in mind which is to work together in an outdoor environment utilizing whatever space is available to either improve or create a green space that is cared for or maintained by the community. This collective effort not only foster better relationship but impacts the environment as well as our ecosystem in a positive way that encourages biodiversity.

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Small Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas

Tips to Create a Beautiful Balcony Garden

Small Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas-flowering-plants-on-a-balcony
Flowering plants on a balcony

It is good to know that with limited space we can still have a garden or the garden of our dreams, gone are the days when gardening was only limited to the outdoor environment. We can now utilize our indoor living space to bring that much-needed change and flavor as we connect with nature.

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Herbs For A Garden

How to Grow a Barbecue Garden

Herbs For A garden barbecue-meats
Barbecue meats

The words fire up the grill are all too common as we connect with nature outdoors spending time with family and friends on special occasions especially during sports season as we cheer on our favorite teams. But what is a barbecue without those pleasant aromas and mouth-watering flavors that excites our taste buds?

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Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas

Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Drought Tolerant Garden-zinnia-plants
Zinnia garden flowers

Do you want a garden that can save you both time and money or maybe you may have an existing garden that is a drain on your wallet? Well, what if I told you, you can have a garden that can save you both time and money. “Yes you can have your cake and eat it too”, you can have the best of both worlds, how? by installing a drought-tolerant garden that will work wonders for you. This garden type can also be viewed as a summer garden.

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Grow Your Own Pizza garden

Kids Pizza Garden

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden-a-pizza
A pizza

Garden enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike are finding creative ways to continually keep gardening fresh, alive, and vibrant which I think is pretty amazing. There are so many types and styles of gardens that have captured the attention of so many persons either on a small scale such as home gardens or on a wider scale for example team parks, parks, garden shows, etc…

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Small Tropical Garden Ideas

Plants that Transport You to the Tropics

Small Tropical Garden Ideas-frangipani-flowers
Frangipani flowering plant

Living in the tropics can be an awesome experience, it’s like living in a garden paradise where you can relax and move at a slow pace. If you were to ask the question or get someone’s opinion about the tropics they would most likely say the tropics are a garden paradise where there are sunny days with blue skies, white clouds, miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, and lots of beautiful colorful plant species, birds singing sweetly and other wildlife resting or actively going about their daily routine.

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How Do You Make A Living Roof

Tips to Constructing a Green Roof

How Do You Make A Living Roof-a-roof-with-turf
A roof with turf

The world of gardening provides many opportunities to express oneself by letting our imagination run wild as we embark upon an adventure with those creative style or work which is our signature. There are no set rules except for the basic or the foundation in which to build, from there we are free to let those creative juices flow.

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How To Grow A Wildflower Garden

Wildflower Grow Guide

How To Grow A Wildflower Garden-wild-flowers

A wildflower is a plant that is native to its region and grows naturally in the wild hence the name (wildflowers). Wildflowers are drought tolerant and also attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Creating a wildflower garden can be really awesome as you give your landscapes and garden areas a facelift to enhance their appearance.  What I love about garden construction is taking an area that is unsightly or barren and turning it into a thing of beauty where there is an array of colors that are pleasing to the eyes along with providing a habitat for wildlife.

In this article, we will be doing just that, turning that drab area into a work of art that is breathtaking so that both you, your family, and your friends can enjoy. But what are the steps to take in constructing a wildflower garden?

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Tablescapes Ideas

How to Create Tablescapes Step by Step

Celebrating that special moment calls for some creativity as we put our best foot forward creating memories that will last a lifetime. Besides, that delicious meal that’s to be prepared bringing, family and friends together what we want is an experience that will bring that WOW. Tablescaping will create that type of experience.

Tablescapes Ideas-dining-area-with-a-floral-arragement
Tablescape design

If not all of us some of us unknowingly have involved ourselves in tablescaping, tablescape is the simple art of creating a dining experience around a theme that uses fresh-cut floral arrangements along with candles and other dining ware that creates a cozy and homey experience.

Have you ever stepped into a reception area that was well-polished, what caught your attention? I am sure that besides the decorated room the table setting was the highlight. I have had that experience on many occasions which was so inviting and relaxing.

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How To Make A Sustainable Garden

7 Effective Ways to Sustainable Gardening

How To Make A Sustainable Garden-plumeria-fragrant-flowers
Plumeria fragrant flowers

These days more and more people are getting involved on the great outdoors by working the soil in an effort to reap a good harvest whether it be growing food crops (fruits, vegetables, herbs) or growing a flower garden, or maybe a combination of both but whatever you’re deciding on growing one thing is for sure an that is making the most out of your time seeking to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Creating a sustainable garden can make this possible keeping you ahead of the game giving you great results but in order for this to happen a well-thought-out plan must be put in place. This plan or blueprint is the road map that will guide you in having much success with your garden.

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Garden Focal Point Images

The Advantage of Creating a Focal Point

Garden Focal Point Images-a-wagon-with-flowers
Cart wagon with flowers

Creating a focal point in a garden setting will bring a flow that ties the entire garden together. With a focal point however this is not the rule, but you can begin to design and construct your garden around that feature or plant.

I have been involved in many garden and interior plantscape projects where that feature, plant, or plant design brought that WOW. Now when seeking to create a focal point don’t overthink this process because it is very simple but yet has a pleasing effect.

As said a little earlier even though this is not written in stone you can construct your garden around your focal point or include your focal point while constructing your garden or when the garden is completed because you may not have thought of a focal point at that point until after the project is finished but try to avoid the latter and have your focal point at the onset of your garden design.

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Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun

Creating a Container Rainbow Garden

Flower ContaineIdeas For Full sun-primeroses-in-flower-pots
Primroses in flower pots

One of my favorite ways of gardening is with the help of containers, this method of gardening is known as container gardening which is not new but has been around for some time.

There are many benefits to this type of gardening along with some challenges but the good news is the good outweighs the bad as long as you have the right knowledge you can have much success so with that said let’s take a closer look at container gardening.

Creating a colorful garden will bring much flavor along with interest to a garden area especially if green colors are dominating. By introducing colors into that sea of green can be used to your advantage to create a garden paradise.

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Common Landscaping Mistakes

8 Landscaping Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

Common Landscaping Mistakes-a-well-designed-landscape
A beautiful landscape design

Every homeowner who desires to create a garden can have much success from the very start but too often because of a lack of experience and planning many have made mistakes bringing frustration and wondering where they went wrong.

These mistakes cost them their time and hard-earned dollars. The good news however is these mistakes can be avoided with the right information.

If your desire is to have a good headstart from the very start for your garden project then continue reading because what you don’t want is to waste your time and money.

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Creating A Backyard Oasis

10 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard Living Space

Creating A Backyard Oasis-a-fish-pond
A fish pond

There is an old say that “a man’s home is his castle” which I believe includes the outdoor living space as well. To often I have seen yards with so much potential but because of a lack of vision by the homeowner that living space was wasted with nothing but overgrown plants, weeds, and other debris.

Thinking outside of the box, however, can turn that run down backyard into a garden oasis creating interest that says home sweet home where the homeowner can kick back and relax in his garden paradise enjoying the comforts of a private setting connecting with nature in an environment that is pleasing and inviting.

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Bromeliad Garden Ideas

How to Hang Bromeliads from a Tree

Bromeliad Garden Ideas-bromeliad-flowers
Bromeliads Flowering Plant

Bromeliads are a group of plants that comprises some 2,700 species which makes this family one of the largest in the plant kingdom. What I love about bromeliads are the many colors that are produced either with their flowers, foliage, or a combination of both.

Installing bromeliads in your garden design will give that tropical look with its rainbow colors that will brighten up your landscape with its beauty and charm.

Bromeliads are one of my favorites because besides offering so many colors creating that color pop bromeliads are low maintenance surviving on very little water with pest problems that are little to none.

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Landscape Components

Beautifying Your Landscape with these Components

Landscape Components-a-wagon-with-flowers
A wagon with flowers

Creating a flower garden can provide a scenic view that’s so inviting transforming your outdoor living space into a garden oasis where you can kick back and enjoy beautiful surroundings as you connect with nature in the most awesome way.

But what can further enhance your outdoor living experience by taking it up a notch is adding hardscapes and other garden features that will complement your garden design.

In this article, we will be looking at such components that will give that pop deepening your outdoor experience as you enjoy nature on the great outdoors.

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Garden Border Edging Ideas

Staying On the Cutting Edge with Border Edging

Garden Border Edging Ideas-agave-plant
Agave Plant

The use of edging in the landscape and garden area helps in giving a visual effect that is pleasing because edging creates a line of separation that divides plant beds from a garden lawn and other hardscape features.

I have worked with border edging on many garden and landscape designs and what a difference these edging made with an aesthetic effect that tied the entire design together.

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How to Landscape with Rocks

Giving Your Landscape and All-Natural Look

How To Landscape With Rocks-garden-plants
Garden plants with rock design

Some may see rocks as nothing more than a lifeless material that does nothing but takes up space but can I tell you that this is far from the truth. Rocks can bring much life into the landscapes and gardens giving an all-natural look with that special touch or flavor that creates an appeal that brings that wow into a garden setting that’s pleasing and inviting.

Rocks are of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and can be used just about anywhere in the landscapes. I love the idea of including rocks in the landscapes because rocks can really bring a beautiful landscape design together giving the appearance that it was all done by nature without any human involvement.

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Keyhole Gardening Tips

Keyhole Gardening Construction

Keyhole Garden Tips-key-hole-garden-bed
Keyhole garden bed

Keyhole gardens were first constructed in the 1990s for families in Africa that were poor and needing ways to successfully grow food crops. These gardens were said to be constructed or positioned near the kitchen.

The appearance of the garden was a two-meter-wide circular rise bed with a compost pile in the center with a key shape pathway. Uncooked vegetable scraps, manure, and water were placed in the center basket of this garden type.

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Do It Yourself Landscape Design

12 Do it Yourself Ideas that will Save You Money

Do It Yourself Landscapin Design-a-garden-design
A garden design

With the coronavirus and so much time on our hands because of the lockdown, we can invest a part of that time in doing something that will pay off in big ways by working in our gardens with these ideas that will not only bring that much-needed change but will save you a few dollars as well.

Becoming more active outdoors is a great way to connect with nature while exercising your brainpower as well as keeping your heart rate up with this physical activity.

Below, however, we will be looking at 12 ways to DIY or do it yourself with these garden designs that are so amazing.

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Small Garden Designs And Layouts

Garden Tips on Unterlizing that Small Space

Raise Bed Garden-small-garden-designs-and-layouts
Raise Bed Garden

Don’t give up on your dream garden because you have limited space, having a garden is still possible by thinking outside of the box and making good use of that small space because when it comes to gardening there are so many ways of approach that has proven to give good results.

I have been involved in many garden projects from outdoors to the interior and have had the experience of seeing first hand what can happen with a well thought out plan. Whether it’s a vegetable, herb, or flower garden you have come to the right place on how this is done so continue with me below as we discuss small garden designs and layouts.

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Hardscape And Landscape Design

What’s the Difference Between Hardscape and Landscape

Hardscape And Landscape-flower-design
Flower Design

The use of landscape and hardscape is seen just about everywhere, in our yards, our neighborhoods, as we travel our communities. The use of landscape and hardscape are all around us creating a beautiful natural flow as they complement each other.

I have work in the field of landscape and gardening now for the past 25 years and have used plant materials that highlighted the hardscape creating a continuous flow of beauty that looked all-natural. So then what is hardscape? I am so happy that you asked.

What is hardscape?

Hardscapes are none living which includes Concrete walls, pavements, sidewalks, houses, buildings, wooden or chain-linked fences, etc… anything or architectural structures that are made out of wood, brick, stone, wood, concrete, or other solid materials are considered to be hardscape.

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Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Spotting the Opportunity of Side Yard  Gardening

Side Yard garden Ideas-clay-pot-with-flower
Clay pot with flowers

Our side yard deserves just as much attention as our front and backyards, too often less attention is given to this area and what happens is there is a missed opportunity to bring complete balance to the entire landscape or garden so what we will be focusing on is how to tie or bring together our side yard with the rest of our gardens to create a complete look with a continuous flow of beauty.

The side yard can be so quiet and separated from the rest of the landscape but this area can also make an impact that is both stunning in appearance bringing a feeling of relaxation. The side yard or corner garden as I call it is a best-kept secret once explored or venture upon can really bring change once this area is planned out putting in place a garden design that will bring that WOW. So with that said how do we approach this area for the desired result.

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Plant a Cutting Garden

How to Plant a Cut and Grow Garden

Zinnia Garden Flowers

Why give your outdoor garden all of the attention when you can bring nature indoors with an array of colorful flower bloom grown with your very own hands from your home garden?

Your interior deserves just as much attention as your outdoor living space that can provide lasting memories with splashes here and there with different shades of colors creating an amazing setting that is both peaceful and inviting. If you desire such experience then continue reading as we discuss and show step by step how easy it is to plant a cut and grow garden.

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Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Garden on a Budget with these 8 Simple but Beautiful Garden Ideas

A Wagon With Flower-landscping-ideas-for-front-yards
A wagon with flowers

Create curb appeal with these low budget garden ideas that are so simple but will increase your property’s value. Introducing garden plants into your landscape and gardening area is a great way to create your garden oasis while connecting with nature outdoors. Many homeowners are seeing the importance of front yard gardening because this is the first thing that persons see as they pass by or pay you a visit.

The entrance to your property should be so inviting, we should create a garden setting that excites us as our garden bed designs and other features with colorful flower bloom give a restful feeling of peace and quiet that is so beneficial to our mental as well as emotional health. Below we will be looking at such designs to give you an idea of how to turn your front yard into a work of art a masterpiece that will have heads turning as your yard becomes the admiration of both family and friends.  With that said let’s get started as you revive your front yard.

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Driveway Garden Ideas

Tips on making your driveway a part of your garden design

Lawn House Driveway-driveway-garden-ideas
Lawn House Driveway

Constructing a driveway garden can do a whole lot by creating a curb appeal that is so inviting that it seems to say the words WELCOME. Creating a driveway garden is so great because these gardens are constructed at the property’s entrance can bring that much-needed flavor with its beauty and charm.

In traditional landscape settings, gardens were installed at the rear of the house but because times have changed and continue to change we are seeing gardens of all sorts being installed and enjoyed by homeowners. Besides, bringing much beauty to this area a driveway garden will also increase a property’s value which is a win-win.

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Topiary Garden

How to Create a Topiary Garden

Topiary Garden-a-peacock
A Topiary Peacock

Creating a topiary garden can be so exciting because these gardens are so unique using plant materials to create shapes from humans to animals, insects, etc… Its believed that these gardens first came about during the early English days many, many years ago but as old as these gardens are they are still making waves with their unique style as they capture the hearts of people worldwide.

Topiary can be used as a focal point to bring a garden design together, while I must say and I am sure you will agree is these garden types do take some imagination and creativity. I have seen so many of these designs which are a real show stopper so for more on topiary gardens let’s take a closer look.

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How to Create a Courtyard Garden

Create a Courtyard Garden with these Steps

Courtyard Garden-how-to-create-a-courtyard-garden
A courtyard garden

Creating a garden paradise does have its rewards where you can sit back and enjoy all that nature has to offer. It is so amazing to see the many homeowners who are not just constructing their homes but also allotting space to create their garden oasis. Many years ago I worked as a groundsman and interior plantscape designer for a private club that was upscale that attracted and catered to those whose desires were to have a dream vacation getting away from it all where there was nothing but peace and relaxation.

The gardens of this club were so amazing with tennis courts and swimming pools that made this club the vacation spot but what really stood out among the made gardens that graced this landscape was the courtyard area. Once you entered the whole atmosphere changed with breathtaking garden plants, furniture, and garden features with the sound of water trickling down as it flowed from a nearby fountain making this part of the club inviting.

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How to Create a Gravel Garden

Simple Steps to Gravel Gardening

Gravel walking path-how-to-create-a gravel-garden
Gravel Walking Path

One of the great things about garden and landscaping is the many designs that are there to choose from, there are so many styles that can bring that flavor turning and area that is an eyesore into a work of art. Constructing a gravel garden can bring such flavor and style that is sure to have heads turning. As I write this post I am in the process of designing one of the gardens at our international airport and one of the materials that we are using is gravel which is really bringing a facelift to that area.

What I love about these gardens is the low maintenance cost which spells a $avings and for us who work the soil, we know that seeking to maintain a garden can be pretty costly and laborious.

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Planting In Crevices

A stylish garden with a unique twist

Fern Plants

The world of landscape and gardening is so great, working on the great outdoors connecting with nature in such an awesome way gives a wonderful feeling, but what I also love about working in the garden is that it offers so many opportunities to get creative as your imagination runs wild with ideas which can create an oasis with much flavor that is so inviting.

There are many garden styles with which to choose from to meet your every need, letting those creative juices flow as you create that dream garden is truly a work of art. In this article, we will be discussing how to garden or plant in crevices to give an all-natural look where it seems as if no human efforts were involved. Sounds good then let’s dive in and discover the fascinating world of planting in crevices.

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Drought Tolerant Vines

Growing Drought Tolerant Vines For Hot Gardens

Bougainvillea Flowers

You may be living in a region or climate which gets extremely hot, faced with this challenge, however, your goal is to plant that garden which you have always dreamed of but with the heat waves which makes it almost unbearable you are not sure if installing a garden may be a wise thing to do.

The good news is though your climate gets really hot you can still install that garden with the help of plants that can withstand the heat, plants such as drought-tolerant vines makes this all possible. There are many of these vine types with which you can choose from that will work wonders.

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Constructing A Vertical Garden

Constructing A Vertical Garden

Tips on successfully constructing a vertical garden

A Vertical Garden-constructing-a-vertical-garden
A Vertical Garden

Another approach to gardening is going vertical, these gardens are truly amazing and are making their mark in the gardening world. What I love about vertical gardens is not only the style but being able to fit in the tightest of areas.

If you don’t have much garden space but would love to have a garden of your own then a vertical garden is something you should consider. These gardens are so unique and will give that WOW! as family and friends are admire your garden style.

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Portable Gardens

Great ideas for portable gardens

Wheel Wagon With Garden Plants

Portable gardens are great because with these garden types you can have the garden that you always wanted so if you have limited space or no space at all, all is not lost because you can still connect with nature in such an awesome way by constructing a portable garden.

These gardens come in many forms and sizes to meet your every need, you will be amazed how easy it is to install a garden of this type and the many benefits they have so if it is your desire to know how this is done then stick around it will be worth your while.

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Rooftop Gardens

 Gardening Above the Ground

Rooftop Gardens-garden-plants-and-furniture
Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardening or gardening above the ground is a great way to connect with nature. Rooftop gardening is really great because with these types of gardens you create your paradise or private oasis where you can get away from it all as you relax in a garden that is tailored made just for you. Rooftop gardens are not new but have been around for some time. You can make your rooftop garden as simple or as complex I would much rather keep it simple which I think you would also.

When Planning your rooftop garden keep it nice and open not clutter. Allowing some space will not only create interest as far as beauty is concerned but will contribute to proper air circulation that is of great benefit in order for your garden plants to grow healthy.

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Creating Rain Gardens

A unique garden worth the investment

Rain Garden-creating-a-rain-garden

What I find so amazing about the field of landscape and gardening are the many styles and features. Homeowners can now choose from an array of garden designs to meet their every need. In the category section of this website under garden designs, you will find a list of garden projects to choose from.

In this article, however, we will be having a very interesting discussion about a garden that has and is making waves in the gardening world and that is creating a rain garden. A rain garden is not new but these are gardens that have caught the attention of many landscape designers including home and business owners.

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How To Plant A Meadow

Creating that Dream Garden

Wildflower Seeds-how-to-plant-a-meadow
Wildflower Seeds

When you envision a meadow what is the first thing that comes to mind? As for me many years ago when I thought about a meadow what came to mind was a huge piece of land somewhere out there in the open country with lots of different species of flowering plants and grasses that stretch for miles also rolling hills that go as far as the eyes could see.

This thought or visual picture has such charm and peacefulness that can really excite one’s imagination of a garden of this sort. The good news is we don’t need acres of land to create such a garden wonder but a piece of land that is in an open area that gets lots of sunlight.

The space you may be working with may not be that huge but creating a miniature size meadow is the thing for you. Just think of the endless possibilities of constructing a garden such as this.

The advantages of creating a meadow

There are many reasons why meadows are created but here are a few reasons why I believe creating a meadow is so cool.

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How To Build A Rock Garden

A Garden Without Human Efforts

A Rock Garden- a-rock-garden
A Rock Garden

A rock garden has such an appeal. These gardens look so natural like no human efforts were involved as long as it is constructed in the right way. Rock gardens can be of any size and shape but the gold is to design your rock garden in such a way that it will be pleasing to the eyes looking all-natural.

My Personal Story

I have a personal story to tell about these gardens. Several years ago I made the suggestion to my then manager to install one of these gardens which he agreed. The place where this rock garden was to be constructed was at our international airport. I was more excited to get this projected underway than any of the crew members which was assigned to work this project with me.

I was also given the responsibility to oversee this project which was a real task. The area that was chosen was a large area which was in the public’s view so to install a garden in this area would make a major impact bringing that much-needed flavor. So what we did first was to come up with a plan of action such as

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Slopes And Hillside Gardens

Creating Your Garden Paradise

Pansies violet-slopes-and-hillside-gardens
Pansies Violet

Creating your garden paradise from a slope or hillside can give that WOW. These garden spaces provide you with the opportunity to get those creative juices flowing as you construct a garden that is unique in style with such flavors that will have your imagination running wild as you see the endless possibilities of creating a thing of beauty.

However, constructing a garden on a slope or hillside calls for much thought and planning because what you want is a garden that is not only your oasis but a garden that is well suited for these areas.

Things to consider

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How To Grow A Tropical Garden

Getting a Taste of the Tropics

Tropical Plants-how-to-plant-a-tropical-garden
Tropical Plants

I love the tropics with its white sandy beaches, beautiful blueish-greenish crystal clear waters, nice sunny days as the breeze blows so gently with many tropical plants in an array of colors which seems to make the tropics seem like a fairytale story.

I live in a tropical region, this has been my home from the date of birth. I have spent many days taking in all the beauty this island paradise has to offer. Visitors from countries worldwide visit these shores spending thousands of dollars to have this kind of experience or should I say to get a taste of the tropics.

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Building A Berm

Creating an Appeal for Your Garden and Landscapes

Building a berm-garden-flowers
Building A Berm

While planning a garden will create interest and beauty for that drab or dull area it is good to have a design that will give that WOW. Too often in the planning or designing process, it is never considered that the ground itself can further enhance the appearance of our garden design by shaping it in such a way that will not only create beauty but interest.

I have seen such designs over the years and to be honest with you these designs were really eye-catching taking those gardens and landscapes to the next level.

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Hydroponics Garden

Another Solution to Increasing Food Production

Hydroponic Gardens-growing-garden-plants
Hydroponic Gardens

Another solution to increasing food production is a method that’s known as hydroponics. What is hydroponics? and when did it all start? Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without the use of soil, this method is also known as soilless growing.

The process involves growing plants in nutrient-rich water. That means no digging in the soil which at times can be tiring along with having to do a soil test and adding soil amendments.

Hydroponics is said to have had its humble beginnings around the 15th century now that is a long time ago. This method is not new but has been around for a while as we can see even though there have been some changes and improvements throughout the years the principles or basics still apply.

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Decorating With Poinsettias

Bringing that Holiday Cheer


It will soon be that time again with Christmas turkey, ham, hot chocolate, Christmas stockings by the fireplace oh and we can’t forget the mistletoe, family, friends, and all that great stuff that gives such a great cheer.

This time of the year brings with it such joy and gladness as persons move back and forth making plans, crowded malls, Christmas carols, snowmen, classic Christmas movies like a Christmas Carol, and so on makes this season so festive.

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Backyard Gardening

$aving Money Through Backyard Gardening

Pumpkin Patch- backyard-gardening
Pumpkin Patch

A cool way to save money, connect with nature while spending time with family is to start a backyard garden that has so many benefits. Many homeowners are ripping out some of their flower beds as beautiful as they are and as painful as this may seem to install gardens such as vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees.

Backyard gardens in this respect have become popular as many weekend warriors are taking advantage of these types of gardens because it is a win-win situation that is worth the investment.

As a kid growing up backyard gardens were so popular but with the passing of time these gardens had disappeared and were replaced with flower and ornamental gardens but in this day and time, there has been a resurgence as many homeowners have taken an interest in growing their food crops.

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Plants That Hide Outdoor Structures

Bringing beauty to that eyesore

Mandevilla Vine-vines-in-the-landscape
Mandevilla Vine

There is nothing like an eyesore that takes away from something which was meant to beautify and give that wow, it is like being dressed in a nice suit, hair well-groomed but wearing shoes that are old, dirty, and worn out with holes.

It does not matter how well dressed and groomed that person maybe because of the condition of their shoes it will take away from what that person was hoping to create. Those worn-out shoes would be distracting and so it is with certain outdoor structures and features.

Have you ever seen a home that is so beautiful as you observe it with much admiration then out of nowhere it catches you by surprise or hits you like a lightning bolt, a structure or feature that leaves you with your mouth hanging open, probably wondering what was the homeowner thinking off or why didn’t they fix that problem which is so distracting? What are some features even though serving a purpose is an eyesore?

Some features that may be visible and distracting

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Vines In The Landscape

Using Climbers to Create Beauty

Creeping Vines-vines-in-the-landscapes
Creeping Vines

The world of plants is so diverse that it’s mind-blowing. There are thousands to choose from with their varied styles, colors, and growing habits that it’s possible to create gardens that meet your needs providing you with the opportunity to create your dream garden.

Among the thousands of plants that grace our landscapes, vines are among this group that have so much to offer. I have worked with many species of vines over the years on many garden and landscape projects that made such an impact enhancing the overall design.

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How To Make A Plastic Bottle Garden

Taking Your Garden to the Next Level

Tips and tricks with using plastic bottles

Plants-planted-plastic-bottle-plastic bottle garden
Plastic bottle garden-creating-extra-space

It is so wonderful to know that we can take our gardens to the next level and save money at the same time. Who would have ever thought that just a few years back we would have all of these amazing ideas that work wonders in our gardens?

I believe the generation past would be surprised to see how far we have come in improving our gardens by using many household products that are found around our home. These new ideas are great because we get to save and reuse these plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the garbage, using them in creative ways in our gardens. By getting creative we are saving $$$$$$$ and I believe because of that this is smart gardening.

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Fall Gardening Ideas

Great Ideas for Your Fall Garden

Rain -bow- color-garden-fall-gardening-ideas
A rainbow flower garden

It is so amazing how time flies and as the saying goes.” time waits on man” Just the other day we were preparing for the winter season ensuring that our gardens were taken care of as we entered the winter months.

Then came spring that painted our landscapes and gardens with an array of colors as our garden plants were in full bloom, also it was so wonderful to hear the birds singing and watching them as they flew so freely in the open sky. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, butterflies, and bees going about their daily activities moving from plant to plant collecting pollen or taking a rest as all of nature seem to come alive during this time of the year.

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When To Plant A Garden

 Four Gardens that are Perfect for All Seasons

Colorful garden plants-when to plant a garden
Flower Garden

Constructing a garden can be rewarding both mentally and physically because installing a garden involves our minds and bodies. With our minds we envision what we want and then we put together a plan and with our bodies, the actual work is carried out so we are exercising our brainpower by putting it to work along with our bodies.

Another benefit of constructing a garden is reaping the rewards of our hard work, sitting back and enjoying our accomplishments whether it be a vegetable or herb garden or maybe a flower garden but whatever garden we choose we can reap the fruits of our labor.

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Balcony Gardening Ideas

Gardening above the ground

Container Plants-balcony-garden-ideas
Container plants

Living above the ground can be pretty amazing as you get to enjoy that scenic view of the setting or the rising of the sun, you may be living in the city as you get to see all that is happening around you including the beautiful lights at nighttime or you may be living in the country with a perfect view of beautiful mountains, clear blue skies with white clouds as you enjoy the beauty of all that nature has to offer.

It is so wonderful to have this kind of experience and even though I am not living above the ground I have had the awesome experiences of many balcony views even gardening from way up high as I took in such amazing sights overlooking many beautiful landscapes, gardens including the ocean.

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Cold Frame Garden

Extending the Growing Season for Harvest

The fall and winter seasons are that time of year when leaves fall from many of the beautiful trees that grace our gardens and landscape as much work has to be done with the raking of leaves and other fall activities.

Then there is winter that follows close by with its many chills as the ground is matted with snow, birds fly south as bears go into their long-awaited rest and many flowering plants refuse to bloom. This is the time of the year when making a snowman, slay rides, hot chocolate, pulling out those boots, coats, scarf, gloves, and other delights that warm the heart.

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