Vintage Garden Ideas

Out with the New and in with the Old

Old blue car-vintage-garden-ideas
An antique car with garden flowers

That is correct it is no mistake, out with the new and in with the old, of cause this is a phrase that I have reversed. It is good to get away from the new at times and embrace the old because it brings such a different flavor that is eye-popping, yes I know that sounds strange or off but it is good going back to the old because the old bring that WOW in making such a difference and a big BANG.

Having a modern-day garden is great and does have heads turning but I believe in like manner that having a vintage garden can have that seam effect and in some cases stand out more than modern-day gardens. What is a vintage garden and how can I have a garden like this? I am so happy that you asked and this is what we will be discussing in this article.

Vintage garden ideas

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Cottage Garden Ideas

Cottage Garden Design in 1800 hundred

Cottage garden-cottage garden ideas
Cottage Garden

English or cottage-style gardens are very unique which brings with it much flavor with its beauty and appeal that is filled with beautiful flowers giving off such a pleasant aroma. Cottage gardens can be fun and adventurous with their many garden features and narrow curvy paths or walkways made of pebbles, rocks, or concrete which gives not only that beautiful scenery but that sense of being in an old English setting.

History of cottage garden

Cottage gardens have a rich history, in fact, it is believed that these gardens arose in the old English days back in the 1800 hundreds when British peasants installed these gardens around their homes planting fruits, vegetables, herbs along with flowering plants, beehives, and livestock that provided food for their families.

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Window Box Planting Ideas

Window Box Planting Ideas for Spring

Window Box-window-box-planting-ideas
Window Box

Spring is such a wonderful time when nature awakens from her long nap as our gardens and landscapes are painted with colors of beautiful flowering plants that give such
wonderful feelings. I have spent many days in the garden during this time of year taking in all that beauty as

I listened to the birds chirping flying about in the beautiful open sky or taking a rest in a tree nearby, butterflies in their array of colors flying back and forth about their daily task as bees are busy flying from plant to plant.

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How To Make A Kokedama Hanging Garden

A Garden that can Fit into Your Living Room

Hanging plants-how-to-make-a-kokedama-hanging-garden
Hanging Plants

What I love about landscape and gardening is there is something for everyone, no matter how small space, or whatever other challenges you are facing there are always ways to work around that and connect with nature in a most awesome way giving nature a helping hand as you beautify your surrounding with plants.

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Energy Efficient Garden

Gardening To Save $$$$

Beautiful garden plants-energy-efficient-garden
Garden Flowers

I don’t know if you were like me but many years ago when first introduced to energy-efficient gardening I was so amazed, I sat in the classroom and listen to my mentor as he taught this most amazing lesson because I did not know that monies could be saved by installing plants. Now That’s smart gardening.

This should be the goal of every home and business owner and that is to design and construct gardens with the intention of saving a few dollars. But for some, it is just for beauty and that’s fine

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Relaxing With Gardening

Creating a Garden Oasis

Colorful flowering garden-relaxing-with-gardening
Rainbow flower garden

There are so many benefits to the construction of a garden. For example, a garden can be constructed for food production, beauty, increasing property value and so on. In this article, however, we will be looking at the positive mental effect that a garden can bring.

Billions of dollars are spent every year in the plant and gardening industry because of the value garden plants bring. I can personally say that because I have been in this field now for more than 22 years. Gardening

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Benefit Of Mulching

Mulches and an Added Benefit

Brown mulch-benefit-of-mulching
Brown Mulch

I have worked with mulches on many garden projects and the benefits are really great. Mulches can give that detailed look adding to the overall appearance of your landscape.

But the neat thing about mulches is mulches serve so many purposes that are also of great benefit to a plant’s life.

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Leaves And Their Many Uses

The Benefits of Leaves

Colorful plant leaves-leaves-and-their-many-uses
Variegated Leaves

It is just so amazing of the many uses that we get from leaves, in fact, the list seems to be endless. Some examples of leaf use include leaves which are used for MEDICINE and aid the human body in so many ways by fighting disease.

leaves are used for cooking to give your foods that good flavor. An example of this group of leaves is HERBS.

From ancient times cultures, worldwide has and are still depending on leaves for their survival. There are thousands of plants and trees which are too numerous for this article to name and give a description of

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Planting A Moringa Tree

Steps to Planting a Moringa Tree

Hello, friends, it has been a while since I wrote about planting a tree. In this article, we will be looking at planting a moringa tree and how to care for it. The moringa tree is very popular here where I live in the Bahamas and is widely used for its health benefits.

Leaves of the moringa tree-planting-a-moringa-tree
Moringa tree budding

I first learned about this plant a few years ago because of how excited the natives were in talking about it. In my upcoming article, we will be looking at the health benefits of the moringa plant, however, in this article as stated earlier we will be looking at how to plant and care for the moringa tree.

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Urban Garden Support

How to Create an Urban Garden

A hot trend that’s taking over cities and countries by storm if I can use that word is urban gardening, urban gardening has become popular because it focuses on the development and maintenance of gardening through the effects of the community to ensure that there would always be an abundance of fresh food for the community.

Herbs growing in plant pots-urban-garden-support
Growing garden herbs in pots

Many cities and countries are starting to look like a mini forest as plants begin to emerge from concrete jungles atop building roofs, porches, patios, and even vacant lots. Urban gardens can be of any size, whether planting plants in pots that is a twist of container gardening.

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Aquatic Plants That Purify water

Using Plants to Clean Water

I have written two posts thus far concerning ponds. One on creating a fish pond and the other on cleaning your fish pond. In this article, however, we will be looking at how to purify your pond water naturally by adding plants. A fish pond adds a touch of class to our landscape and gardens as we discuss

Pond plants-aquatic-plants-that-purify-water
Pond Plants

in previous articles, you can check them out here. Build your fish pond and Cleaning your fish pond.

One of the main features of having a pond is seeing and enjoy your colorful friends as they swim gracefully by, there are plants that can help us to accomplish this. Can you imagine having a pond that is murky and blurry you won’t be able to enjoy it?

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Health benefits of plants

The Importance of Garden Plants

In this article, we will be looking at plants and how they can benefit us. To some people, plants are just plants and nothing else, but if they were to really do research on plants they will be amazed by just how much we depend on plants both humans and animals.

Animal kingdom

Deers eating leaves from tree-health-benefits-of-plants
Deers eating

In the animal kingdom, animals such as cows, chickens, sheep, etc… depending on seeds and hay as foods that all come from plants.

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Tree uses and benefits

Using Trees in the Landscapes and Gardens

Tree Uses And Benefits-a-tree
Sparrow in a tree

It is very interesting to know how trees have served us from the days of our ancestors. Trees have always and are still benefiting us in so many ways and the truth of the matter is humans are depending on trees to survive.

But sadly over the years trees including some forest have been totally destroyed to make way for buildings and other projects. But what we need to understand is trees help bring balance to the environment.

I believe one reason why our planet is becoming unstable is that of the destruction of trees.

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Raised bed gardening ideas

Creating a Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden Ideas- a raised bed garden
A raised bed

Many homeowners are faced with the challenge of installing a garden because of limited space, heavy shaded structural areas, poor soils that are hard to work with, or living near a beach area where the salt sprays can be damaging plants.

Do not despair because you have come to the right place as I seek to resolve your garden problems and you can have that garden you always wanted, whether a vegetable, a herb, or a flower garden, with some creative thinking you will be well on your way by installing one or more, raised beds.

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Home Garden Success Made Easy

Home Garden Ideas

When it comes to having a successful garden where do we start?

Gardening know-how

Garden vegetables

When it comes to constructing a successful home garden the first thing to consider is what type of garden you want and at what location. There are many types of gardens to choose from.

You can have a vegetable garden, a fruit garden, or even a herb garden or you may just want a garden consisting of flowering plants. But whatever type of garden you desire, remember that location plays a major role in your gardening success.

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How to grow an organic garden

Why organic gardening?

Garden vegetable groups-how-to-grow-an-organic-garden-at-home
Garden Vegetable

This is a good question, why is the world turning to organic gardening? what is the big buzz all about? and what are the benefits of having an organic garden? first, growing organically means growing crops without the use of synthetic pesticides, because these pesticides can contaminate the foods we grow.

Secondly, the use of synthetic pesticides can and have contaminated the air causing humans as well as animals to become ill, and thirdly having our own organic garden in our backyard will save us money. So we can see then that growing organically will benefit us in many ways.

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Plant Nutrients

The Importance of Fertilizers

Plant Nutrients-christmas-cactus
Christmas cactus flowers

Plant nutrients are essential in order for plants to survive and grow healthy. Therefore it is important that we provide our plants with suitable nutrients so they can perform at their best. A lack of these vitamins will cause your garden plants not only to become stressed but your plants will also become susceptible to insects and disease.

These vitamins/nutrients are found in the soil but because they are in such small amounts, human effort is needed to help make up or supply plants with the right amount of nutrients.

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Organic gardening

The Importance of Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening-tomatoes
Tomato plant

With the world becoming more health conscious day by day, people are facing the reality from countries all over the world that in order to look healthy, be healthy and stay healthy we have to find means and put into practice those measures to improve our lifestyle. Every year hospitals and doctors’ offices are filled with hundreds of thousands of people with different health issues.

And while it is true that the many measures we implement to improve our lifestyle does not guarantee 100% good health, yet there is a lot that can still be done to at least improve our health and save us from that dreaded trip to the doctor’s office.

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Learning about Biennials and Their Care

We will be looking at biennials in this article and how we can use them around our home gardens. Biennials are flowering plants that spend their first year putting forth leaves, stems, and roots. Then they go through a period of overwintering or they go into a dormant state, the second year these plants put forth or produce flowers. Like annuals and perennials, biennials can also give us our share of colors that we can add to our garden and landscapes.

Plants in garden pots-biennials
Container Gardening

Make sure to learn as much as possible about your plants to get full use of them. Read instructions and follow carefully or you can ask your nurseryman.

Here are a few names of biennials that will really brighten up your garden area.

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Xeriscaping Gardens

Do you want a garden that is low maintenance, requires little watering and the pest problem is like nill? then xeriscape is the direction that you would want to head in. Also if you want to plant a garden but your concern is the increase in your water bill, then xeriscaping is the garden for you.

The advantage of this type of garden is water conservation but the disadvantage is there are only a certain variety of plants that meet this type of garden requirements. You may have to choose plants which you are not too happy about. Your selection must be plants that are drought tolerant or as we said a bit earlier, plants that require very little water.

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Container Garden-Gardening in small spaces

Creating a Garden in Small Spaces

Do you feel limited by the amount of space you have but desire to have a garden of your own? You may be living in an apartment building or a condo and there just isn’t enough space for a garden. Don’t give up on your dream of having your own garden, there is still hope.

Garden plants in garden window box-container-gardens
Plants in a window box

Container gardening is the recommended way to go. Growing plants in pots and containers on your porch or patio are one way you can optimize every square inch of space. Adding plants to the bedroom balcony or growing herbs on the kitchen counter just takes a little imagination and some creative thinking and the rest is history.

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Creating a flower Garden

Tips to Create a Flower Garden

Flowering garden-flower-gardens
Rainbow Flower Garden

One of the things that add beauty, color, and charm to many events is the floral arrangements that decorate these events. Can you imagine a wedding without flowers or Valentine’s Day without roses?

We use flowers to express our love, our appreciation, to express well wishes, and so on.

Flowers can also transform our surroundings whether indoors or outdoors. It can really give that touch of elegance. So with that being said, our focus will be on creating a flower garden that will not only add beauty or attract some wildlife but also cause your grounds to be the talk of the town.

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