Having success with the coral honeysuckle

Coral HoneySuckle

The coral honeysuckle is a garden beauty which is a native of the United States, the flowers of these garden plants are shaped like tiny trumpets which are a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies attracting them as they reach into these trumpet-like flowers extracting their nectar. If you’re in the market for a plant which will keep your garden buzzing with activity then the coral honeysuckle plant is the plant for you.

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Tips on how to grow and care for violas

Viola Flowers

A garden plant which is worth our attention is violas, these beauties can fill your garden with amazing colors which are just breathtaking. There are about 500 plus species of violas which gives you so much to choose from. Some species of violas is native to North America, the Andes, Hawaii, and Australasia.

Among this large family or group of violas are annuals, perennials, and biennials, violas are basically cool season plants. What I found out is these garden beauties are considered weeds, well if that is the case then these are weeds which I would love to install as a part of my overall garden design.

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Tips for taking care of cactus both out and indoors

Flowering Cactus

Cactus is most popular among garden plants, Cactus is well known for their ability to go weeks without water and even then when the time comes for them to get a drink they take in very little. If you were to ask anyone even a child to give the name of a plant that lives in the desert you will be sure to hear the word cactus.

The cactus plant belongs to the Cactaceae family that comprises some 1750 species which many of them can be found growing commercially, in our home garden and also indoors. This family is a large family which gives you so much to choose from.

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The growth and the care of the hybrid hibiscus

Red Hybrid Hibiscus

If you are looking for a plant which will flower in masses then look no further, the hibiscus plant is so amazing this tropical beauty has proven that it can light up your garden areas with its beauty and charm. There are many species of hibiscus which has a range of flower colors.

On many occasions, I have taken trips to some of the local plant nurseries and one plant which I am always sure to find is the hibiscus but what amazes me at times is to see the many flower style with dazzling and radiant color bloom these plants produce.

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The growth and the care of the flowering ginger plant

Red Ginger Plant-caring-for-ginger-plants

Red Flowering Ginger Plant 

Ginger plants have made a name for themselves, there are many species of gingers from ornamentals used in gardens, landscapes and interior plantscape designs to edible gingers that are used to flavor foods and other treats.

But why I also love the ginger plant is it is famous for being used for medical purposes. I remember as a child my parents would often us the edible ginger to make a tea for health-related issues. The edible ginger is well known for its health benefits and is used widely to promote natural healing. However, in this article, we will be looking at the growth and the care of ornamental gingers with their dazzling flower bloom.

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