A Complete Guide for Growing Peonies

Peony Flowering Plants-

Peony Flowering Plants

Brighten up your garden and landscape area with peonies, these garden beauties are really amazing with its large showy flower. Peonies can also be used as a cut flower in floral arrangements. Some varieties give a mild fragrance, besides their cluster of blooms the glossy green leaves add to its overall appeal.

Peonies are a real show stopper so make your garden the talk of the neighborhood by adding these garden beauties so come with me as we take a closer look at the growth and care of peonies.

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Flowering Plants that Helps each other

Spring Flowers-campanion-with-flowers

Spring Flowers

The use of flowering plants in our gardens and landscapes can give that WOW, it’s so amazing how plants which produce flowers gives not only a colorful tropical look but and appearance of a garden oasis which is so peaceful and inviting.

I remembered a few years ago working on a garden project which really needed lots of colors, this area was a high traffic area the contractors who did the job installed lots of plants where only a few gave color but the majority of those plants did not produce flowers.

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Preparing your Rose Bush for Next Season



In my opinion, roses are the queen of flowers, these garden beauties are very elegant and will bring that touch of class to a garden and landscape design. Roses are popular and are grown in many home gardens or purchased in floral arrangements to brighten up that special someone’s day but as the winter months approach, it brings with it not only the change in temperature but also moist conditions which can have an adverse effect on your rose bush.

Roses that are grown in the home garden, however, must be groomed during the fall months so when the following season arrives your rose bushes will perform at their best bursting with healthy flower bloom which will make you proud.

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Daylilies Planting Tips and Care

Yellow and Red Daylily-care-of-the-daylilies-plants

Yellow and Red Daylily

From Central Europe and the Orient, the daylilies have made a name for its self by making an impact on many garden and landscape designs, there is believed to be more than 2500 hybrids to choose from so from these numbers there is no shortage which can give that WOW. Daylilies bloom in late spring and summer depending on your zone.

The daylilies look great planted in masses, the ideal time to plant daylilies is in early spring and the fall months. The daylilies will brighten up your world creating a pleasing effect that is so inviting, these flowering plants are so amazing and is enjoyed by many in the home garden. Let’s take a closer look at the daylily and how they can fit into your garden and landscapes.

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Solving Container Grown Plant Problems

Container Plants-problems-with-container-plants

Container Plants

Growing Plants with the help of containers is not new but has been around for sometimes, this method is known as container gardening and does have its advantages but like any other garden types, there are challenges that must be addressed to have success.

I have spent many years in the landscape and gardening field and one of those areas where I worked most of those years was working as an interior plantscape designer and plant technician where I was faced with the good the bad and the ugly. But before we discuss container plant problems lets take a closer look at the advantages of growing plants from containers.

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