Garden designs with golden dewdrop

Bontical Name

The botanical name for this shrub is called the Duranta Erecta.

Golden Dewdrop-golden-duranta-plant-care

Golden Dewdrop

The golden dewdrop or the golden duranta is a perennial shrub, this plant with its yellow leaves and small purple flowers can really put on a show, what I love about the golden duranta is its colourful leaves and flowers which means installing these garden beauties in your landscape and gardens will give you that constant colour. As the bloom season passes for this garden beauty the leaves will continue to maintain its colour of yellow until the next bloom season when a beautiful mass of tiny purple flowers reappears.

I have worked with these plants on a few garden projects which give that WOW. But be careful however because this perennial shrub has tiny prickles, if not handled with care can give a painful experience, how do I know because this was my experience on many occasions when working with them. What is also good to know is the golden duranta attracts wildlife such as butterflies.

But how do we make this garden beauty a part of our landscape and spring garden? Keep reading to find out, trust me you will be amazed how simply golden dewdrop is easy to grow and maintain.

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Bring flavour to your garden with this garden beauty



The firebush is a woody plant that is native to Central America, South Florida and the West Indies. The flower which the firebush produces is very beautiful and unique with a mixture of yellow and red-orange colour. This woody shrub can reach a height of 15 ft and will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Several of these plants are grown at our international airport that graces many of our garden areas. The firebush is a hardy plant and can withstand the heat so if you are looking for a beautiful garden plant with amazing flowers then the firebush is the plant which will bring that much-needed flavour. There is also a dwarf variety which can be purchased from your garden plant nursery.

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A garden beauty that is worth the investment


Gardenia Flowers

The gardenia plant produces beautiful milk-white flowers which have an amazing fragrant. These plants really stand out in a garden area when they are in full bloom. I Have a gardenia in my front yard that has been growing for some years now and during those seasons when this plant is in full bloom the clusters of white flowers that is produced is very pleasing to the eyes that you can’t help but enjoy this beautiful display.

Many homeowners have gardenias as a part of their garden design, I was not aware of this until travelling back and fort passing many homes and seeing them beautifully growing in their front yards. If you are interested in growing and caring for these garden beauties then follow these simple steps for growing gardenias success.

Things you need to know

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A rose that can withstand harsh conditions

Desert Rose-desert-rose-plant-care

Desert Rose

If you are looking for a plant that is easy to maintain yet produces beautiful flowers then the desert rose is the plant for you. Many years ago I had the wonderful task of maintaining a few of these plants for a  private home which sat on a beautiful golf course that had such a breathe taking view this home was stylish and very classy. I would spend days installing, cleaning, grooming, watering and fertilizing the garden plants that graced this mansion.

One of the plants that the homeowners had as part of their interior plantscape was a few desert roses that we paid very little attention to. Believe me when I tell you that we gave more attention to the other plants why because the desert rose plant is a low maintenance plant which can save you time and money, just install them and they will go for themselves. With that said we will be looking at the care of the desert rose plant.

Desert rose plant care

Things you must know about the desert rose plant

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Garden tips for growing snow bush

Snow Bush-snown-bush

Snow Bush

The snow bush plant has been a favourite for many years. The variegated leaves that are a splash of white, light pink-reddish and green causes this plant to stand out as it displays its colours giving that soft touch. This tropical beauty can be used as a hedge or can be grown as a stand-alone or specimen plant.

I have seen snow bush in many home gardens. The five-star resort where I was employed many years ago had several of these snow bushes installed throughout their garden areas which looked really great. The snow bush can hight light a garden that has a lot of green for its backdrop, installing this plants more to the front will give that WOW. The snown bush is worth the investment so with that said let’s take a closer look at some gardening tips for growing snow bush.

Garden tips for growing snow bush

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