How to care for ferns



It is a common thing to see ferns growing in the wild, some of these places include the rainforest and also woodlands. This tropical to sub-tropical beauty belongs to a family of nearly 12,000 species. I have used these garden materials on many interior plantscape projects to create beautiful garden designs.

If you have an interest in the growth and care of ferns then this may be the post for you. What I love about nature is nature has so much to offer so let’s connect with nature by giving nature a helping hand as we take a closer look at these amazing garden wonders that has caught not only the attention but the hearts of so many people.

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Preparing your house plant for the great outdoors

Indoor Plants-how-to-harden-off-houseplants

Indoor Plants

A challenge for many beginner gardeners is having the know-how of hardening off indoor plants for the great outdoors. Some because of a lack of knowledge in this area have paid the price dearly or should I say their plants paid the price which was so unfortunate. Indoor plants are grown in a controlled environment and because of this, their response is quite different when they are placed outdoors.

Plants which are acclimated or groomed for the indoors are grown as such to adapt to this kind of environment so to taking them and placing them outdoors will be doing both you and them a great injustice. I have seen the results of indoor plants that were treated this way. From indoors directly outdoors and to be honest with you the end result was not pretty.

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How to successfully propagate bromeliads

Bromeliad-bromeliad- propagation-methods


Bromeliads are a plant wonder which can create wonder. I have worked with these garden beauties over the years and to be honest with you bromeliads are worth the investment. The bromeliad family is very huge in fact there are some 2, 700 species of bromeliads with their individual beauty and uniqueness.

If you are looking for hardy type plants with an array of amazing colors then look no further bromeliads are the plant for you. Bromeliads can both be grown out an indoors to give that color pop. I have seen first hand what they can do when they are incorporated in a garden design.

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A Plant Everyone Should Have

Jasmine Plant-jasmine-plant-care

Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is a gardeners choice. This tropical sub-tropical beauty has an amazing fragrance and what makes the jasmine more unique is that there are over 200 hundred species making the jasmine a very huge family. The jasmine also produces beautiful white flowers so if you are ever thinking of installing a beautiful fragrant plant the jasmine is the plant for you.

My wife and I brought a jasmine plant a few years ago and planted it near our bedroom window and there are times in the stillness of the evening when the weather is cool and cozy the beautiful aroma that comes through our bedroom window from her jasmine plant is pretty amazing. So sit back and continue reading on how to grow these fragrant beauties both in and outdoors.

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ZZ Plant the Easy Plant

ZZ Plant-zz-plant-care

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant will give you a BANG for your BUCK. This garden beauty can really withstand drought conditions and still look as beautiful and healthy as ever. The scientific name for the ZZ plants is Zamioculas Zamiiffolia, now I don’t want you to get tongue twisted trying to pronounce this name so we will just stick to ZZ which is so easy.

The ZZ plant is a tropical plant that is native to eastern Africa, the ZZ plant is also a perennial plant which means you can care for this garden beauty from year to year with amazing results. The leaves of the ZZ plant is green, small and glossy, I have had success with them over the years creating beautiful designs installing them with other garden plants or planting them as a stand-alone or specimen plant.

In this article, we will be looking at how to grow the ZZ plant both out and indoors, trust me you will be amazed at how easy these plants are to care for and hopefully by the end of this article you will be convinced to invest in this plant that is so easy to grow. With that said here, we grow.

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