A Complete Guide to Growing Amaryllis both Out and Indoors

Amaryllis Red Blossom-amaryllis-plant-care-instructions

Amaryllis Red Blossom

The amaryllis plant can brighten up both your garden area and the interior plantscape, the flower of amaryllis is shaped like a bell and blooms in an array of colors. These garden beauties are native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Caribbean and South America. There is believed to be 75 genre and 1600 species in the Amaryllidaceae family.

Amaryllis is popular for being used in flower arrangements apart from the landscapes and gardens so let’s take a closer look at the growth and care of amaryllis.

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Air Plant Care Guide



We hear of shrubs, perennials, annuals, groundcovers and so on but there is also a group of plants known air plants. What are air plants and how do we grow and care for them in our gardens and landscapes? In this group or family of air plants, we get the name tillandsia, tillandsia is a genus of about 650 species of flowering plants, evergreens, and perennials that receives the majority of their nutrients from the air that circulates around them.

These species of plants are native to the Caribbean, south-eastern United States, mid-Argentina, northern Mexico and Mesoamerica growing in deserts, forest, and mountain areas. For more on tillandsia let’s take a closer look.

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How to Successfully Grow and Care for Aster Flowers

Admiral butterfly on aster flowers

Admiral butterfly on aster flowers

Extend the season of a colorful garden and landscape with the aster flowering plants, these garden beauties will bloom from late summer through fall helping you to keep your garden filled with colors as the winter months approaches.

What I love about asters is the many varieties and species which are available, aster will not only fill your garden with colorful blooms but is also a food source for wildlife such as bees, butterflies, and provides a home for small animals and birds during the winter months. Plants such as the white wood variety should be sown outdoors in late fall or early winter.

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Grow and Care Guide

lantana Flowering Plant-lantana-plants

Lantana Flowering Plant

Lantanas are beautiful plants that produce small clusters of flower blooms, there are many varieties that will give your gardens and landscapes that color pop. The lantana which is and evergreen runs like a vine as it matures although it has been classified as a shrub.

This garden beauty will attract wildlife such as butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other bird species. The lantana is a hardy plant that can withstand the drought as well as salt sprays in coastal areas. Lantanas carries and aroma that is mild and pleasant although the fragrance may not appeal to some.

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How to Successfully Grow Blue Daze Evolvulus

Blue Daze-blue-daze-care

Blue Daze Flowering Plant

How would you love to have blue daze? not blue days but blue daze as apart of your garden and landscapes, these garden beauties can brighten your day with its beautiful flowers though small which can be an eye-catcher adding to the overall design of your landscape and gardens.

The blue daze evolvulus flowering plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil. This perennial beauty is evergreen and a member of the morning glory family. Another name for the blue daze is the dwarf morning glory.

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