Trim Red Fountain Grass

How to Trim Red Fountain Grass

Trim Red Fountain Grass-red-fountain-grass
Red fountain grass

The red fountain grass is my favorite out of fountain grasses, this garden beauty is also viewed by some as purple fountain grass. The red fountain grass is widely used on many landscape and garden projects for its showy flowers and red foliage, this ornamental plant is native to the middle East, Africa, and southeast Asia.

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Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Pruning

 Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Care

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass-hameln-ornamenal-grass
Hameln dwarf fountain grass

There are said to be 31 species of ornamental grasses, I have worked with many of them on garden projects and have never been disappointed. What I love about ornamental grasses is once they reach maturity they are drought-tolerant, these low-maintenance plants are easy to care for and will go to work for you.

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Propagate Mandevilla Cuttings

Propagating Mandevilla Cutting Successfully

Propagate Mandevilla Cuttings-mandevila-flowers
Pink Mandevilla Flowers

In our last article, we discussed how to successfully propagate the Mandevilla plant from seeds, if you haven’t read it as yet here is the link. Growing Mandevilla from seeds, in this post however we will be taking a look at successfully propagating Mandevilla from cuttings. The Mandevilla plant as we know is a tropical to subtropical beauty that produces an abundance of flowers that grows on a vine.

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Growing Mandevilla From Seed

Growing Mandevilla From Seed-pink-flowering-mandevilla-vine
Pink Mandevilla flowering plant

How to Grow Mandevilla from Seed

The Mandevilla is a genus of tropical and subtropical flowering vines in the family Apocynaceae, these plant species are native to South America, Central America, West Indies, and the Southwestern United States.  Many species are said to also originate from the forest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Mandevilla plant grows as a vine producing an abundance of flowers.

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Magnolia Tree will not Bloom

Getting your Magnolia Tree to Bloom

White Magnolia Flower-magnolia-tree-will-not-bloom
White Magnolia Flower

The beautiful flower blooms of magnolias are so stunning, these trees will bring that much need flavor to your gardens and landscapes brightening your day. Magnolia Grandiflora also knows as bull bay or Southern magnolia belongs to the family Magnoliaceae and is native to Southeastern North Carolina to Central Florida and West to East Texas. There are 12 common species of Magnolia trees and Shrubs.

However, the magnolia trees that are broadleaf evergreens can reach heights of 20-25 ft, others can grow as tall as 80 ft, magnolia trees are showy and can be used as a stand-alone or specimen plant. The magnolia is not fussy at all meaning that it’s a low maintenance tree, each species has its preferred zone so before purchasing and installing ensure that the choice of your magnolia can thrive in your zone.

As beautiful as the flower bloom what do you do if your magnolia tree fails to bloom? this has been the issue and challenge of many persons, in this article however we will be addressing these issues so that your magnolia tree will produce elegant flowers in abundance.

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