Learn how to Garden like a Pro with Shade Gardening

Hanging Basket For The Shade-hanging-plants

Plants for hanging baskets

The summer months are here this is the time of year when the weather gets pretty warm and in some cases sizzling hot, as we head out into our gardens let’s do all that we can to protect ourselves by wearing the proper protective gear along with staying hydrated.

Summertime can be really exciting as our landscapes and gardens are painted with a variety of flower bloom that brings that much-needed flavor causing our garden oasis to come to life with an array of different shades of colors that complement each other creating a garden-like paradise setting that makes home so inviting.

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Straw Bale Gardening Beginner’s Guide

Straw Bale Gardening-straw-bale

Straw Bale

Strawbale gardening or hay bale gardening is not new this method of growing plants has gained popularity over the years and has proven to be beneficial in so many ways. Below we will be discussing how to install a straw bale garden along with the advantages and disadvantages of these garden types.

How to construct a straw bale gardening

What you will need.

  •  Straw Bale
  •  Seeds
  • Seedlings
  •  Potting mix
  •  Fertilizers
  •  Trowel
  • Compost

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How to Grow and Care for Daffodils

Daffodil Flower Care-daffodil-tahiti

Daffodil Tahiti

Daffodils are a hardy perennial plant that will not only brighten your garden but is a popular plant that will let you know that spring is here. These garden beauties can last for years with little care which I think is a great investment especially if you don’t have much time to work in your garden.

You can also brighten up your interior by growing and caring for daffodils on the inside, there are more than 50 species of these garden beauties giving you a whole range to choose from. For more on the growth and care of daffodils, let’s take a closer look.

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Growing and caring for bluebell flowers

Bluebell Flowers-blue bell flowering plant

Bluebell Flowering Plant

I thought to write an article of the bluebell flowers not only because of its beauty and ease of care but because I once lived in an area where the street was named after the bluebell flowering plant that was called bluebell avenue. In fact, the name of the subdivision was garden hills and every street name was given the name of a garden plant which I think is so unique.

The bluebell flowers is a perennial bulbous plant that can be found growing in woodlands, glades, rocky hillsides, meadows, and in a more control environment like our home gardens. These garden beauties belong to the family Asparagaceae there are 11 species of bluebells, the name of this flowering plant is derived not only for its color although they can be found in colors of white, deep purple and pink but because the flowers are bell-shaped and grow in clusters.

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Tips on how to Grow and Care for Dandelions


Dandelions Plant

A plant that I have heard so much about over the years is dandelions in fact from a very young age the name of this plant was one that I was all too familiar with. There is a preschool that is named after this plant (dandelion preschool) that two of my sons attended at one time. The dandelion is a popular plant among gardeners and has been hailed as being a weed that will take over your lawn if not properly managed but what I have discovered is dandelions are a good source of nutrients that will help greatly in promoting our health.

The dandelion plant can be eaten entirely from the leaves to the stems, flowers, and even the roots. This plant can be viewed as a wonder plant that has so many benefits.

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