Giving your garden that color pop


Colorful Periwinkle

Create a garden design that is bursting with colors by installing periwinkles. Periwinkles are very popular among many homeowners and garden designers. I have seen these garden beauties in so many gardens making a beautiful impact. Besides their beautiful color what I love about the periwinkle is they are ground covers which can block out weeds, also this plant on reaching maturity can survive on very little water.

What causes the periwinkle to stand out in a garden design is to have a mixture of colors growing in masses, an effect like this is very pleasing to the eyes making a major impact. But how do we grow and care for these garden beauties that can really bring that much-needed flavor to your garden and landscape?

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Bringing that Sizzle to your landscapes and gardens with this HOT garden beauty

Red Hot Hibiscus-red-hot-hibiscus-care

Red Hot Hibiscus

Bring that sizzle to your landscapes and gardens with the red hot hibiscus. This tropical beauty is HOT and will bring that much-needed flavor with its beautiful flowers and variegated leaves, the red hot hibiscus has made a name for its self.

What I love about this plant is having that constant color year round. When the flower bloom period has passed the red hot hibiscus still adds that sizzle and dazzle with its colorful leaves. A plant like this is worth having as a part of your garden and landscape design.

I was first introduced to the red hot hibiscus many years ago as a groundsman working for a five-star resort. From the minute I saw this beauty I fell in love, it was love at first sight and to this day I am still in love with these garden beauties because they are so HOT, sounds like a love affair doesn’t it, I know what you are thinking but I can assure you that I have all my marbles.

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A tough plant that is low maintenance

Green Island Ficus-how-to-grow-green-island-ficus

Green Island Ficus

The green island ficus, for the most part, is a gardener’s favorite. This garden beauty with its round shiny green leaves is a low-maintenance plant that can save you time and work in the garden. I have seen these plants over the years making their mark in so many gardens and landscapes designs.

What is also great about this plant is that it is a slow grower so no need to worry about constant pruning. The green island ficus is also drought tolerant meaning it can survive on very little water and the added bonus is it is also salt tolerant so if you are living in a coastal area and looking for a plant that can survive the salt sprays which are carried by the wind then this is the plant for you.

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How to successfully grow and care for a travelers palm

Travelers Palm-planting-care

Travelers Palm

Grown for its charm and style the travelers palm is a tropical beauty that is native to Madagascar. History has it that this palm got its name from travelers who traveled long distances which became thirsty and would use a knife or sharp object slice into the leaves drinking the water that was stored. It is said that the travelers palm can store up to half a gallon of water. Now that’s a lot to quench once thirst traveling long distances, especially during the summer time.

The travelers palm can be mistaken for a large banana tree to the inexperienced but the unique design along the midsection is a clear indication that this is not a banana tree. The travelers palm can grow very large therefore sufficient space should be provided when installing this plant. What also makes the travelers palm unique is the creamy white flowers that it produces.

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Bringing that royal touch to your garden and landscapes

Crown Of Thorns-growing-crown-of-thorns

Crown Of Thorns

The crown of thorns is a garden beauty which is a native of Madagascar that gives that royal touch If you are looking for colors then this garden plant will surely spice up your life. I have worked with the crown of thorns on many garden projects and have never been disappointed. Driving around the country I have seen these garden plants gracing many garden and landscape design.

There are some crown of thorns that are dwarf, the flowers of the crown of thorns are red and yellow but don’t be fool by these beauties because the name says it all, the crown of thorns are covered with thorns and if you are not careful can leave you with a painful experience so when installing and caring for these plants caution should be taken.

What I love about the crown of thorns is it can withstand the heat and they are drought tolerant, also the flowers of the crown of thorns are small and fashioned in such a way that really causes this garden beauty to stand out. For more on how to grow the grow the crowns of thorns and where to install them continue reading.

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