Chrysanthemum Flower Care

How to Grow and Care for Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Flowers

A popular garden flowering plant that is so easy to grow and care for our chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums are sometimes called mums. There are hundreds of varieties of these garden beauties which you can find in many shapes and sizes. Native to northeastern Europe and Asia chrysanthemums will give color blooms that make both your outdoor gardens and interior inviting.

History records that chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as far back as the 15th century BC as a flowering herb. It’s said that “the yellow and white species of chrysanthemums are used in parts of Asia to produce a tea, used as a garnish and also added to some dishes. What is also amazing about chrysanthemums is that the flowers are crushed and the compounds are used as an active ingredient known as pyrethrins that attack the nervous system of insects causing death. Chrysanthemums have a rich history and there is much more than can be said about this garden beauty but let’s take a closer look at the growth and care of chrysanthemums.

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Daisy Flower Care

How to Plant and Grow Daisy Flowers Outdoors

Daisy Flowers

Brighten up your gardens and landscapes with daisy flowers, these garden beauties are native to North and Central Europe. There are many varieties of daisies that belong to the Asteraceae family, in fact, this number is said to be as high as 23,000 individual species. Daisies are large flowers with star-shaped heads, it’s believed that daisies were first cultivated as far back as 2,200 BC.

Some variety of daisies is considered to be annuals in colder regions while in warmer climates they are viewed as perennials. It’s said that “daisies are used in herbal medicine and can be eaten in salads” daisies can also be found growing in the wild and attracts pollinators such as bees. Install daisies in your garden and landscape and take advantage of these garden beauties that have so many benefits.

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How To Grow Dahlias

Tips for Growing and Caring for Dahlias

How To Grow Dahlia-yellow-dahlia
Dahlia flower

Bring more flavor into your garden by installing dahlias these garden beauties produces beautiful flower bloom and will go to work for you by blooming from midsummer through autumn. Dahlias are not bulbs as some believe but are tubers that resemble or look somewhat like carrots. There are some 42 species from which to choose.

Dahlias belong to the aster family and are bushy herbaceous perennial which is native to Central America and Mexico. Its believe that these garden beauties have been in cultivation since the 1700 hundreds which is a long time ago. Because of their varieties, the flowers of dahlias come in many sizes so for more on how to grow and successfully care for dahlias continue reading and fill your gardens with an array of colorful flower blooms that are so amazing.

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Amaryllis Plant Care Instructions

Growing Amaryllis both Out and Indoors

Amaryllis Red Blossom-amaryllis-plant-care-instructions
Amaryllis Red Blossom

The amaryllis plant can brighten up both your garden area and the interior plantscape, the flower of amaryllis is shaped like a bell and blooms in an array of colors. These garden beauties are native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Caribbean and South America. There is believed to be 75 genre and 1600 species in the Amaryllidaceae family.

Amaryllis is popular for being used in flower arrangements apart from the landscapes and gardens so let’s take a closer look at the growth and care of amaryllis.

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Aster Flower

How to Successfully Grow and Care for Aster Flowers

Admiral butterfly on aster flowers
Admiral butterfly on aster flowers

Extend the season of a colorful garden and landscape with the aster flowering plants, these garden beauties will bloom from late summer through fall helping you to keep your garden filled with colors as the winter months approaches.

What I love about asters is the many varieties and species which are available, aster will not only fill your garden with colorful blooms but is also a food source for wildlife such as bees, and butterflies, and also provides a home for small animals and birds during the winter months. Plants such as the white wood variety should be sown outdoors in late fall or early winter.

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Mexican Heather Plant Care

 Growing and Caring for Mexican Heather Plants

Mexican Heather-mexican-heather-plant-care
Mexican Heather

The Mexican Heather also know as false heather is a native to Florida and grows in most states. This ground cover produces dark green foliage with flower blooms of white, lavender, and pink. What I love about the Mexican Heather is that it produces small beautiful flowers in clusters that look truly amazing.

I have used Mexican heathers on many garden projects because they are a hardy type plant (drought-tolerant). This tropical beauty will color your gardens and landscapes giving that tropical look along with attracting butterflies. If your desire is to get a taste of the tropics then continue reading as we take a closer look at the right way to grow and care for Mexican heathers.

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How to get Lilacs to Flower

Causing Your Lilac to Bloom

Lilac Flower Plants

The presence of lilacs in your garden will give a nice fragrance adding to the overall appeal of your garden design. These spring and summer beauties come in an array of colors, lilacs can reach heights anywhere from 5-15 ft, lilacs are hardy plants and can be used in wildlife gardening to attract butterflies.

What I love about lilacs is their low maintenance and the flowers can be used as cut flowers to bring that fragrance indoors. There are early, mid and late-season lilacs, these garden beauties originated in Southeastern Europe and are said to be a popular part of the Mediterranean culture so if you are excited about the growth and care of lilacs including getting them to bloom then continue reading to find out how.

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Plants With Colorful Leaves

A Colorful Garden Year Round

Petra Croton

The world of garden plants are amazing, there are so many to choose from with their various shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. There are flowering plants and then there are plants with colorful leaves. Though many flowering plants have beautiful and exotic flowers the drawback is that once these flowers lose their bloom there is that waiting period for new flower bloom to appear leaving a garden with nothing but green whereas with plants that have colorful leaves you can have a colorful garden year-round.

I have worked on many garden projects both out and indoors and have seen the effects and the benefits of installing plants with colorful leaves. Here is a list of 10 plants that is sure to rock your world with their beauty and charm as they brighten not only your landscapes and gardens but your day as well.

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How To Care For Peonies

A Complete Guide for Growing Peonies

Peony Flowering Plants-
Peony Flowering Plants

Brighten up your garden and landscape area with peonies, these garden beauties are really amazing with their large showy flower. Peonies can also be used as cut flowers in floral arrangements. Some varieties give a mild fragrance, besides their cluster of blooms the glossy green leaves add to its overall appeal.

Peonies are a real show stopper so make your garden the talk of the neighborhood by adding these garden beauties so come with me as we take a closer look at the growth and care of peonies.

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Companion Planting With Flowers

Flowering Plants that Help each Other

Spring Flowers-campanion-with-flowers
Spring Flowers

The use of flowering plants in our gardens and landscapes can give that WOW, it’s so amazing how plants that produce flowers give not only a colorful tropical look but an appearance of a garden oasis that is so peaceful and inviting.

I remembered a few years ago working on a garden project which really needed lots of colors, this area was a high-traffic area. The contractors who did the job installed lots of plants where only a few gave colors but the majority of those plants did not produce flowers.

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Care For Roses In The Fall

Preparing Your Rose Bush for Next Season


In my opinion, roses are the queen of flowers, these garden beauties are very elegant and will bring that touch of class to a garden and landscape design. Roses are popular and are grown in many home gardens or purchased in floral arrangements to brighten up that special someone’s day but as the winter months approach, it brings with it not only the change in temperature but also moist conditions which can have an adverse effect on your rose bush.

Roses that are grown in the home garden, however, must be groomed during the fall months so when the following season arrives your rose bushes will perform at their best bursting with healthy flower bloom which will make you proud.

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Care Of Daylilies Plants

Daylilies Planting Tips and Care

Yellow and Red Daylily-care-of-the-daylilies-plants
Yellow and Red Daylily

From Central Europe and the Orient, the daylilies have made a name for themselves by making an impact on many garden and landscape designs, there are believed to be more than 2500 hybrids to choose from so from these numbers there is no shortage which can give that WOW. Daylilies bloom in late spring and summer depending on your zone.

The daylilies look great planted in masses, the ideal time to plant daylilies is in early spring and the fall months. The daylilies will brighten up your world creating a pleasing effect that is so inviting, these flowering plants are so amazing and is enjoyed by many in the home garden. Let’s take a closer look at the daylily and how they can fit into your garden and landscapes.

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Hoya Plant Care

Hoya Plant Care Guide

Hoya Flowers-hoya-plant
Hoya Flowers

Bring nature indoors by installing hoya garden plants which can make a BIG difference, Interior plantscape is pretty amazing I have worked on many interior projects and have seen what can happen when the right garden plants are chosen and arranged in such a way to make a bold statement.

There are so many plants to choose from which can really take your interior to the next level in this article however we will be looking at the hoya plant which has gained so much attention seeing how to care for them getting the most use out of them making a BID difference.

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Companion Plants

Garden Plants That  Complement Each Other

Vegetables And Herbs-companion-plants
Vegetables And Herbs

In this day and time, there are many approaches to gardening, each method brings along with it a set of rules or practices which will give us the success we are looking for. It is the goal of many gardeners whether as a beginner or one who has been in this field for a while, whether on residential or commercial projects not only to reap a good harvest but to contribute to the ecosystem by bringing balance.

In this article, however, we will be looking at another method of gardening that is so popular with its many benefits that is companion planting or choosing and grouping plants in a garden area that will complement each other

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Benefits Of Native Plants

  Advantages of Using Native Plants

Tulips Flowering plants

There are so many species of garden plants that it is just mind-blowing, these plants come in all manner of shape and sizes. But a key to gardening successfully is growing plants that are native to your climate or you tend to run the risk (Plants that are not native to your climate) of working with plant material which can cause a lot of time and money.

The use of native plants is so important because it contributes to the balance of our ecosystem, which not only humans but wildlife depends on. How simple can life be only if we take advantage of garden plants which are native to our climate? Here are a few facts as to why we should always go native.

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Edible Succulent Plants

7 Succulents Plants that are Edible

Aloe Plants

Growing our very own foods is so important not only is this a great way to connect with nature outdoors, growing our food crops provide the opportunity of getting that much-needed exercise, saving that hard-earned dollar, and growing foods that are not contaminated.

Edible gardens are popular in this day and time as many homeowners are taking advantage of these garden types, there are so many food crops that can be grown but what I find to be so amazing is there are edible succulents that can boost our health.

No longer are we limited by ornamental succulents but edible succulents are here providing us with the opportunities to live a healthier life so come go with me as we enter the exciting world of edible succulent plants.

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Florida Drought Tolerant Plants

Low Maintenance Plants that will $ave You Money

Yellow Stripped Agave-agave-plant-care
Yellow stripped Agave

Tropical South Florida is known as the sunshine state, the weather can become pretty warm in the summer and fairly humid during this time, this is the time of the year when beachgoers head for the beach to take a dip getting relief from the summer’s heat. Many homeowners can be found in their gardens doing what they can to ensure that their gardens plants are well taken care of, this is also the time to keep an eye on our garden plants keeping them well watered.

High maintenance plants, especially during this time, should be monitored, the flip side of the coin, however, is if your desire is to spend less time in your garden because of the summer’s heat while saving a few dollars then the solution is to invest in low maintenance plants.

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How To Care For Sunflowers

Growing Sunflowers the Right Way


Sunflowers are a popular plant which is native to North America and has been around for quite some time, there are about 60 species with which you can choose, I remembered as a child hearing about and seeing these garden beauties. What makes the sunflower stands out among garden plants is how large it grows with its bright yellow flowers.

In my yard I had a small bed of sunflowers that we once grew as a hedge, these plants can grow anywhere from 1-15 feet. Every time we cut them back they would grow again, hurricane Matthew back in 2016 was a category 4 which did a number on our sunflowers but what amazed me was that though they were badly damaged within a few short months they bounced back as if they were never touched.

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How to Grow and Care For Verbena

Succesful Growing Tips of the Growth and Care of Verbena

Verbena flowering plants

A plant that will add to the overall flavor of your garden and landscape design is the verbena, this garden beauty can make it happen by taking your garden to the next level. Verbenas are popular among landscape designers and are used to create that garden oasis.

The flower of the verbena sits atop the stem perfectly arranged in bright stunning colors which makes this garden beauty a show stopper.

These colors range from red, yellow, pink, white, purple, and multi-color which blooms from early summer to fall so for more on the verbena flowering plant let’s take a closer look.

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How To Plant Grow And Care For Pansy

Gardening Tips to Grow Pansies

Pansies flowering Plants

Fill your garden with bright beautiful colorful plants by growing and caring for pansies, these cool-season annuals can bring that much-needed flavor that will make your garden area and landscapes so inviting. Pansies are a favorite of many homeowners.

There are many cultivars from which to choose to give you the choice to mix and match adding to your garden paradise. Pansies come in an array of colors with their heart shape flower petals.

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Coral Honeysuckle Care

How to Grow Coral Honeysuckle

Coral HoneySuckle

The coral honeysuckle is a garden beauty that is a native of the United States, the flowers of these garden plants are shaped like tiny trumpets which are a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies attracting them as they reach into these trumpet-like flowers extracting their nectar. If you’re in the market for a plant that will keep your garden buzzing with activity then the coral honeysuckle plant is the plant for you.

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Viola Plant Care

Tips on how to Grow and Care for Violas

Viola Flowers

A garden plant that is worth our attention is violas, these beauties can fill your garden with amazing colors that are just breathtaking. There are about 500 plus species of violas which gives you so much to choose from. Some species of violas are native to North America, the Andes, Hawaii, and Australasia.

Among this large family or group of violas are annuals, perennials, and biennials, violas are basically cool-season plants. What I found out is these garden beauties are considered weeds, well if that is the case then these are weeds that I would love to install as a part of my overall garden design.

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Hybrid Hibiscus Care

 Caring for the Hybrid Hibiscus

Red Hybrid Hibiscus

If you are looking for a plant that will flower in masses then look no further, the hibiscus plant is so amazing this tropical beauty has proven that it can light up your garden areas with its beauty and charm. There are many species of hibiscus which has a range of flower colors.

On many occasions, I have taken trips to some of the local plant nurseries and one plant which I am always sure to find is the hibiscus but what amazes me at times is to see the many flower style with dazzling and radiant color bloom these plants produce.

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Caring For Ginger Plants

 Caring for the Flowering Ginger Plant

Red Ginger Plant-caring-for-ginger-plants
Red Flowering Ginger Plant 

Ginger plants have made a name for themselves, there are many species of gingers from ornamentals used in gardens, landscapes and interior plantscape designs to edible gingers that are used to flavor foods and other treats.

But why I also love the ginger plant is it is famous for being used for medical purposes. I remember as a child my parents would often us the edible ginger to make a tea for health-related issues. The edible ginger is well known for its health benefits and is used widely to promote natural healing. However, in this article, we will be looking at the growth and the care of ornamental gingers with their dazzling flower bloom.

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Shrimp Plant Care

 Successfully Growing and Caring for the Shrimp Plant

Yellow Flowering Shrimp Plant

The shrimp plant is a tropical shrub that is truly amazing, when first introduced to these plants many years ago I was totally blown away by the flowers this plant produces which is so unique because the flowers resemble a shrimp believe me the shrimp plant is a garden wonder that will work wonders for your garden and landscape areas.

These garden beauties can produce flower bloom by the masses year-round, the shrimp plant is native to Mexico and can be grown in zones 8-11.

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How To Grow Aglaonema

 Caring for Aglaonemas Both Out and Indoors

Aglaonema In A Basket

Growing and caring for aglaonemas is truly amazing, I have cared for many of these garden beauties on the interior and what I love about aglaonemas is that they are very easy to care for. These plants are not fussy making maintenance a breeze.

Aglaonemas can be grown and cared for both in and outdoors and there are many species of them that give you the option to choose from. These plants are also known as Chinese evergreens which will work wonders for you so for more on these garden beauties take a trip with me as we explore the fascinating world of aglaonemas which are a garden wonder.

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Canna Lily Care

Growing and Caring for Canna Lilies

Orange Canna Lily Flowers

The canna lily is an amazing plant that stands in a class all by itself, these garden beauties can work wonders, how do I know well because I have worked with them on many garden and landscape designs and have seen what they can do and boy can they dazzle with their beauty and charm.

The canna lily produces beautiful flowers that come in an array of colors and in my humble opinion these plants are a show stopper as they show off their flower bloom which is like non-other. What I love about canna lilies is they give that feeling of being in the tropics so for a tropical look the canna lily will give you what you are looking for.

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Pentas Plant Care

How to Grow and Care for Pentas

Pink Pentas Flowering Plant

The world of plants is truly amazing because there is so much to choose from with their style, shape, and colors that can have your gardens and landscapes looking so polished and beautiful. Among many of the garden, plants that deserve our attention is the Pentas. I have worked with Pentas on several garden projects and just love these garden plants and how they perform.

Pentas are also known as the Egyptian Star, these garden beauties produce many flowers that come in an array of colors from purple, white, red, dark pink, and so on. What also makes Pentas so unique is the small star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. Pentas can be grown as annuals or perennials and can be planted in a wildlife garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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Chenille Plant Care

Garden Tips on Growing the Chenille Plant

Chenille Flower Plant

As a child, I was always Fascinated with the chenille plant that we called cattail.  The chenille garden plant produces a very interesting flower that resembles a cattail hence the name that fits this garden beauty so wonderfully. My father who is now deceased worked as a gardener and handyman and as far as I can remember I along with my sister and brother who is older than I am, went with our dad on Saturdays to work, His responsibilities were to take care of a few properties which was so much fun.

On one of these properties were many chenilles which grew that we played with. It is so amazing as kids how we can use our imagination and create anything and have so much fun, my how time flies it was just like yesterday the good part, however, is to always have those memories and cherish them.

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Yellow Elder Flower

Successfully Caring for the Yellow Elder Flower

Yellow Elder Flowers

The yellow elder is the national flower of the Bahamas, this garden beauty is native to South America, Florida, West Indies, and Mexico this garden beauty produces beautiful flower bloom year-round. It is recorded that the yellow elder plant is used for medical purposes such as helping to regulate digestive problems, is used to eliminate parasitic worms from the body, is said to be used in the production of anti-syphilis drugs, etc…

What I found interesting, however, is there is another tree that also survives in the same climate as the yellow elder known as the yellow tabebuia that produces yellow followers which is extremely gorgeous. During the spring and summer months, the yellow tabebuia tree is a real show stopper especially when they are planted in a row as they lined the street, this is a coda moment where you want to take your camera out and just start snapping photos. If your desire is to attract wildlife to your gardens such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds then this plant will be the right fit for you.

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Angel Trumpet Plant Care

A Complete Guide to Growing Angle trumpets

Yellow angel trumpets

The angel trumpet is a tropical-subtropical plant that is a native of South and Central America, These garden beauties can reach a height anywhere from 6-12 ft. What I find so amazing about the angel trumpets are the flowers that it produces.

These flowers can get the attention I believe of just about anyone, the flower which is produced seems to be upside down in the form of a bugle. What also is unique about the flowers is the fragrance which it produces.

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Coleus Plant Care

Tips for Successfully Growing Coleus

Coleus Garden Plants

A garden plant that I have grown to love over the years is coleus, coleus is so beautiful and just simply amazing. These garden beauties come in an array of colors that is so stunning, what makes these plants even more unique is the variegated leaves which means you can have a colorful garden all year long.

The burst of colors which these plants produce WOW I am telling you, you will be so happy that you made the investment with these garden beauties.  I have worked with coleus on several garden projects and have never been disappointed with the results.

Driving around the country the presence of coleus can be seen as they grace many gardens and landscape designs with their beauty these plants are truly a gardener’s choice. So if you are on the hunt for garden plants that can work wonders giving that much-needed flavor then look no further your search is over because you have found what you have been looking for. Come go with me as we take a closer look into the world of coleus.

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Care of Geranium

Tips on Successfully Grow Geraniums

Geraniums-care-of geranium-plants

Geraniums are great to add to your gardens and landscapes designs, my former place of employment every few months would order a 40-foot container of plants, and among those plants which were ordered many were geraniums. Geraniums will work wonders by beautifying both your gardens, landscapes, and interior plantscapes. Geraniums look great when installed in a plant bed giving that needed flavor with its beautiful flower bloom.

If you are looking for a plant that will spice up your landscape and garden area including the interior then look no further the geranium has come to the rescue to brighten your day as you get a taste of these garden beauties.

Planting Location

In order for your geranium to perform at their best installing them in an area that gets full sunlight is a must.

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Begonia Plant Care

Tips on how to Successfully Grow Begonias

Begonias flowering plants

Begonias are garden beauties that can brighten your gardens, landscapes, and interior plantscape. I have worked with begonias over the years and have seen the results they bring. These plants are truly amazing and will give that much-needed flavor with their beautiful flowers and soft texture makes begonias a must for your garden.  Begonias can be planted directly into the soil, can be installed in containers, and can also be placed in hanging baskets that look so great. The foliage or leaves of the begonias are like none other, set in a style that grows uniquely.

If you think these plants are worth the investment Then I encourage you to continue reading as we discuss how to grow and care for begonias that have made a name for themselves and are used in so many gardens and interior plantscape designs to give that WOW which I believe is so amazing.

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African Iris Care

Growing and Caring for African Iris

African Iris-african-iris
African Iris

The African iris is a native of South Africa, this garden beauty can be found near marsh areas. I love the iris plant because of the bloom which is a mixture of yellow and purple. The African iris belongs to a family of 300 species which is a large family, I have worked with this plant over the years and have always been impressed with its beauty. Installing a bed of African iris followed by adding a 2-inch of layer wood chips or bark nuggets looks really amazing.

Personally, I have not had any problem with these plants and recommended that you give them a try. If you are interested in installing the iris plant in your garden bed then continue reading as we take a closer look at how to successfully grow and care for the African iris.

A complete guide to growing and caring for the African Iris

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Hydrangea Cluster-hydrangea-plant-care

Hydrangea Plant Care Guide

Hydrangea Flowering Plant

My sister is about to build her dream home so we got into a discussion the other day about creating a garden and one of the plants which she mentioned was the hydrangea. She really placed a lot of emphasis on this plant saying she would love some of these installed in her garden so thinking back on that talk which we had about these garden beauties I have decided to dedicate this post on how to successfully grow and care for hydrangeas.

With their mass of beautiful flowers, hydrangeas will bring that charm and much-needed flavor. The flowers of the hydrangeas grow in clusters with an array of colors, the beautiful display of these flowering plant is eye-popping. These garden beauties can grow anywhere from 6-8 ft in height and width.

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How To Care For The Salvia Plant

How to Successfully Grow Salvias

Salvia Flowers-how-to-care-for-the-salvia-plant
Salvia Flowering Plants

For all, you weekend warriors that are looking for a plant that will spice up your gardens this spring and also during the summer months I recommend installing salvias. Salvias can give that WOW especially as they are planted in masses mixing the various colors. I have used these plants on many garden projects and have been pleased with the results. There are many types of salvias which means you have many to choose from which I think is pretty cool.

If you are planning a wildlife garden then your choice of installing purple salvias will attract both butterflies, honeybees, and hummingbirds. Salvias are also drought tolerant which again makes this garden beauty a SUPERSTAR  so if this sounds good and you would love to make these plants a part of your overall garden design then come on this journey as we enter the fascinating world of salvias.

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Celosia Plant Care

Growing and Caring for Celosia

Celosia Flowers-celosia-plant-care
A butterfly on a celosia plant

Celosia is one of my favorite plants that I have worked with for many years. These tropical garden beauties look great planted in masses especially when the colors are mixed it gives a dazzling effect. A private club where I was employed many years ago used celosia in great abundance these plants were seen in many areas of the property painting the landscape and gardens with an array of colors. What I also love about these plants are feathery-like flowers which are so unique and can stand out in garden designs.

This shop stopper once installed will sure turn heads. The celosia goes by many common names such as Flamingo feather, wool flowers, and cockscomb flowers. The colors these flowers produce are pink, purple, red, yellow, white, and orange. If you want to learn more about these amazing plants then continue reading as we discussed how to successfully grow and care for celosia.

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Tulip Plant Care

 Successfully Planting and Care for Tulips


I would like for you to take a journey with me as we tiptoe through the tulips. Tulips are just simply amazing and can be grown both out and indoors. These garden beauties have made a name for themselves and have been around for quite some time. Tulips are a native of central Asia but have found their way into the warmer climates like South Florida.

Tulips are so beautiful and will paint your gardens and landscapes with colors that are eye-popping. These plants are a gardener’s favorite, what I love about the blooming of tulips is a sign that spring is here. So if your desire is to have a garden that is bursting with colors signaling that spring is just around the corner then continue reading as we not only enter the fabulous world of tulips but learn how to successfully grow and care for them.

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Petunia Plant Care

 Growing and Caring for Petunias


Petunias are garden beauties that come in an array of colors, these blooms let us know that spring and summer is here. The first time I was introduced to these garden plants was many, many, many, years ago WOW how time flies, at that time I was working for a private club which was one of those upscale getaways. Only those that were rich or well off stayed at this place, this club had everything it seemed from spas, pools for kids and adults, tennis courts and so on, it was a club that was really nice and it still is to this day even though I am no longer employed there.

Back then I was a groundsman along with my then team and supervisor which did a pretty good job in maintaining the many gardens at this club. One of the plants which we used in abundance was petunias because of its soft texture and beautiful colors was a show stopper which lit up the garden areas.

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How To Plant And Care For Marigolds

Learning How to Grow Marigolds Successfully

Butterfly resting on marigolds

A great way to bring life to your garden is by installing plants that have colorful blooms, Have you ever seen a garden with nothing but green what were your thoughts? there is just something about including flowering plants in a garden. The burst of colors is really awesome and puts you in a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

Garden flowering plants do have their place, I have worked on many garden projects apart from maintaining them and one plant which I have worked with on many designs was the marigold. These plants are a real beauty with their bright colors that can soften up a garden area giving that WOW.

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Mandevilla Plant Care

Tips on Growing Mandevilla

Mandevilla Vines-mandevilla-plant-care
Mandevilla Vines

The Mandevilla is a tropical beauty that deserves our attention, this vine is native to South America and can be seen growing in many gardens in tropical regions. I first was introduced to the Mandevilla vine many years ago as a groundsman where I was employed at a five-star resort. When first introduced I was blown away by the number of flowers these plants produce and how beautiful they were.

Since then I have become a lover of these plants. The Mandevilla produces glossy green leaves and flowers which come in many colors. This summer and spring beauty can brighten up your garden area bringing that much-needed flavor. Can you imagine growing this vine on your fence as they gracefully climb? what a delight to have a fence that is covered with lots of flowers. This will truly be a show stopper as many that pass by is captivated by their beautiful display.

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Frangipani Care

Tips on Growing the Frangipani Tree


The frangipani tree is an amazing plant that produces beautiful flower bloom. The colorful bloom of these flowers sets the stage of having the feeling of being in the tropics with an amazing fragrance which makes this plant a must for your garden and landscapes. This garden beauty can be seen growing on a wide scale in tropical regions, as I move about the country one of the things which I often notice is that the frangipani is used in so many home gardens and commercial landscapes.

Frangipani trees can give you the colors that you are looking for especially in a garden where there is a lot of green which can really highlight that area. The frangipani tree is native to Central America which grows quite fast and can reach heights of up to 30 ft. So continue reading as you learn how to grow and care for this tropical beauty that has made its mark and a name for itself.

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Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass

 Caring for Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass

Dwarf Fountain Grass-hameln-dwarf-fountain-grass
Hameln dwarf fountain grass

The world of ornamental plants is just simply amazing and the good part is there is so much to choose from so there is something for everyone. Ornamental grasses have taken the spotlight for many years and these grasses are continuing to gain recognition from many garden designers and homeowners. What I love about these grasses is their ease of growth and how so many of them are drought resistant along with having no major garden pests and disease issues.

These grasses will make an added feature for low maintenance gardens for the homeowner who is always on the go, want a garden but don’t have time to maintain them, a garden that will save both time and money, adding ornamental grasses is a benefit you don’t want to miss out on. In this article, however, we will be discussing another ornamental grass that has made its mark, this grass is the Hameln dwarf grass so if you are interested then continue reading as we take a closer look at this garden beauty.

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Feather Reed Grass Care

 Growing the Feather Reed Grass

Feather Reed Grass-feather-reed-grass-care
Feather Reed Grass

Installing ornamental grasses within your garden and landscape can really work wonders. These grasses are used by so many homeowners to bring the much-needed flavor. I have worked with ornamental grasses on many garden projects and have never been disappointed. For those of you who are tired of the way things are in your garden can try planting some of these grass types which I think you will get a delightful surprise that is really amazing.

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Growing Blue Fescue Plants

Growing and Care of the Blue Fescue Plant

Blue grass fescue festuca-growing-the-blue-fescue-grass
Blue grass fescue fescue

The blue fescue is an ornamental grass that deserves our attention. This plant gets its name from the color of its blades or leaves which are blue-grayish. Zones 4 through 8 are ideal for this ornamental wonder. The blue fescue makes an added attraction that can bring that WOW, this evergreen beauty has tipped steams which produces tall flowers. Investing in these perennials is worth every dollar.

This fescue which is a show stopper grows in clumps and is very versatile so if you are interested in growing and caring for these ornamental grasses then continue reading as we journey in the world of these garden wonders.

Planting Location

Because the blue fescue grass loves full sun it is best to provide a location for them that meets this description. These grasses should be placed 8-10 inches apart.

 Soil Type

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Foxtail Barley Grass

Tips for Growing the Foxtail Barley

Foxtail Barley-foxtail-barley-grass
Foxtail Barley Grass

A grass that is sure to turn heads is the foxtail barley grass. This grass is a real show stopper with leaves that are arching and beautiful colors that will lighten up your garden and landscapes.  I love this grass because it is real showy and has such charm.

The foxtail barley can be found growing in pastures, railroads, the edges of marshes, poorly drained fields, coastal beaches, and along roadways. This plant can reach heights of one to three feet at maturity.

Native to North America the foxtail barley can be grown as an annual or perennial. There are some things to consider however when growing these grasses which we will be taking a closer look at so if you are interested in growing this beauty then continue reading as we enter the exciting world of the foxtail barley that has gotten so much attention.

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Zebra Grass Care Maintenance

  Caring for the Zebra Grass

Zebra Grass-zebra-plant-care-maintenance
Zebra Grass

The zebra grass is an ornamental beauty that is native to Japan, this grass has a unique appearance because if you are not familiar with this plant you may think that it has a disease when in reality this is how this plant grows. The striped foliage (Leaves) is a show stopper and will get the attention of just about anyone.

This garden perennial does not take to the colder months and will die back during this time but not to worry because during the growing season it will re-sprout. The zebra plant is also known as Japan silver grass. Besides the stripes what makes this plant so unique is the slender long leaves. Zones 5-9 is ideal for this plant.

The zebra grass will give your garden and landscapes that much need flavor so if you are looking for a plant that is showy and easy to maintain then the zebra grass may just be the plant for you. Below we will be discussing how to grow and care for the zebra grass.

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Sea Oats Care

How to successfully Grow Sea Oats

Sea Oats-sea-oats-care
Sea Oats

The name of this plant speaks for itself which is the sea oats, the sea oats are a favorite to install in coastal areas which can take the salt sprays. If you have ever driven along coastal areas and seen these plants now you know if you haven’t why they are used in great abundance along the shorelines.

Too some sea oats may not be that showy but the good news is this plant has its place and serves its purpose by helping to withstand the salt sprays as mentioned, sea oats also aid in soil retention. The sea oats is a perennial plant which means you will have this plant at your service year-round which I think is a great investment for your hard-earned dollar and time.

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White Fountain Grass

 How to Care for the White Fountain Grass

White Fountain Grass-white-fountain-grass
White Fountain Grass

The white fountain grass was the first ornamental grass that I was introduced to many years ago since then I have learned about so many other ornamental grasses which are grown and made available for our use. The white fountain grass is another ornamental beauty that is worth our attention.

This grass has also earned its way on the list of ornamental grasses that has and is making an impact. I have seen these plants used on so many landscapes and garden designs as I drive around the county. The five-star resort where I was employed several years ago used these grasses on its grounds to create beautiful designs.

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