How to successfully grow and care for the shrimp plant

Yellow Flowering Shrimp Plant

The shrimp plant is a tropical shrub that is truly amazing, when first introduced to these plants many years ago I was totally blown away by the flowers this plant produces which is so unique because the flowers resemble a shrimp believe me the shrimp plant is a garden wonder that will work wonders for your garden and landscape areas.

These garden beauties can produce flower bloom by the masses year round, the shrimp plant is native to Mexico and can be grown in zones 8-11.

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Growing and Caring for Aglaonemas Both out and Indoors

Aglaonema In A Basket

Growing and caring for aglaonemas is truly amazing, I have cared for many of these garden beauties on the interior and what I love about aglaonemas is that they are very easy to care for. These plants are not fussy making maintenance a breeze.

Aglaonemas can be grown and cared for both in and outdoors and there are many species of them which gives you the option to choose from. These plants are also known as Chinese evergreens which will work wonders for you so for more on these garden beauties take a trip with me as we explore the fascinating world of aglaonemas which are a garden wonder.

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Growing and caring for a yucca plant

Yucca Plant

A perennial evergreen plant that is drought-tolerant which can be grown both out and indoors is the yucca plant. There is said to be more than 20 species of these garden beauties which gives you a lot to choose from. I have worked with the yucca plant on many interior plantscape projects to create beautiful designs.

The yucca plant is native to Mexico and the United States and can be found in many home gardens, these garden beauties are not fussy at all and are low maintenance. What I also found interesting about the yucca is that the extract from these plants is used in herbal dietary supplements, alternative medicine, and soaps. For more on the growth and the care of the yucca plant continue reading.

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Learn all about the growth and care of canna lilies

Orange Canna Lily Flowers

The canna lily is an amazing plant that stands in a class all by itself, these garden beauties can work wonders, how do I know well because I have worked with them on many garden and landscape designs and have seen what they can do and boy can they dazzle with their beauty and charm.

The canna lily produces beautiful flowers which come in an array of colors and in my humble opinion these plants are a show stopper as they show off their flower bloom which is like non-other. What I love about canna lilies is they give that feeling of being in the tropics so for a tropical look the canna lily will give you what you are looking for.

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How to grow and care for cosmos


Do you want a garden that attracts wildlife, a garden that is buzzing with excitement and fullied with activity? can you imagine seeing bees moving about your garden collecting pollen, what about butterflies with their beautiful colors flying about so gracefully or how about birds taking care of their young and singing so sweetly in the cool of the summer’s breeze? then look no further. Cosmos can give you all of this.

Cosmos are flowering annuals which are native to Mexico and is so easy to grow, these garden beauties will bloom for months keeping your garden looking so amazing. The flowers of cosmos sit atop long slender stems which give this garden beauty its uniqueness.

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