Tips for growing plumbago successfully

Plumbago Flowers-plumbago-plant-care

Plumbago Flowers

Plumbagos are shrubs that produce a beautiful blue flower which causes this plant to stand out in many commercial and urban garden designs. This shrub thrives well in the tropics and can be seen in many home gardens so if you are looking for a plant that will add some colour to your spring garden then this may be the right plant for you.

The plumbago shrub is a native of South Africa but can also be found in Florida and Texas. These shrubs can reach a height of over 6 ft and can act as a screen plant or can be kept at a height of your preferences by keeping them nicely pruned. But how do I grow and care for this plant in my home garden? I am so happy that you asked. Here is how it is done.

Things you must know to grow this plant successfully

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Taking another look at this beautiful lady



Another name for the anthurium plant is called the Lady Jane, this is one Lady that is sure to get you excited with her beauty. The flowers of this plant come in many beautiful colours which can lighten up any area. I have worked with anthuriums over the years and have taken delight in bringing much-needed flavour to garden projects which gave that WOW.

The Lady Jane description

What I also love about this Lady is the charm that she brings with her beautiful glossy flowers and thick shiny leaves. The five-star resort where I was employed many years ago had both my team along with self-installed many of these plants throughout their garden areas including the interior.

A plant that stands alone

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Getting a shower with these garden beauties

Showers of gold-how- to- grow and- care- for- golden- thryallis

Showers Of Gold

The golden thryallis, showers of gold or golden showers is an ornamental plant which can really lighten up your garden with its beautiful yellow flowers. I have both worked and seen these plants in many garden projects that looked really amazing as it complemented many garden designs. The shower of gold is a native of Central America and Mexico, this sub-tropical beauty is also a warm season plant that will do well in your spring garden.

What I love about the shower of gold is how it stands out in a flower bed and is highlighted by the green backdrop of other garden plants. Golden showers look amazing when planted in masses and are also used as a border plant. The golden shower is a perennial plant which means this plant can be grown from season to season showering you continually with flowers of gold that are so dazzling.

How to grow and care for golden thryallis

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A tropical plant that will bring much-needed flavour to your garden

Bird Of Paradise-how-to-grow-a-bird-paradise-plant

A bird of paradise garden plant

The bird of paradise can brighten up any garden area. This exotic plant that is a native of South Africa produces beautiful colourful flowers which can give that WOW. I have worked with this flowering plant many times on garden projects and to be honest with you I have always been blown away at their amazing colours.

The leaves of the bird of paradise also resemble a banana tree but don’t be fool by this because this tropical beauty makes a good centrepiece or specimen plant which brings that tropical feeling. The five-star resort which I was employed at many years ago installed these babies throughout the property which brought that much-needed flavour giving that colour POP.

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Care and Growth of New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens Flowers

New Guinea Impatiens

A flower that is worth mentioning is the new guinea impatiens. I have worked with these flowering plants over the years and have seen the beauty and flavour new guinea impatiens brings. These garden beauties can really give that POP when planted in masses in assorted colours in the garden area, used as an undergrowth around coconut palms and other trees, in containers, low hanging baskets and so on.

New Guinea Impatiens can be grown in full as well as partial sunlight. Caution should be taken however because if the soil is allowed to dry out your Impatiens will wilt but a good drink of water or soaking will cause your plant to bounce back, therefore, it is good to ensure that the soil is moderately moist at all times.

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