Purple Fountain Grass Care

 Caring for the Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Grass-purple-fountain-grass-care
Purple Fountain Grass

I love the purple fountain grass because of its rich color along with its feathery display which I think makes this ornamental grass one of the more highly prized and favorites. This perennial beauty is not cold hardy and is best suited for zone 9. What I also love about the purple fountain grass is that it is so simple to care for.

There is a business establishment that I often pass which has several of these growing in a bed that looks like a rock garden. These grass are just going for themselves looking so healthy and beautiful. I am often amazed as I pass that area sometimes taking a look at them and admiring their beauty.

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Miscanthus Grass Care

Tips for Growing Miscanthus

Miscanthus ornamental grass

The world of ornamental grasses is so fascinating, these grasses have made such an impact on many landscapes and gardens. The Miscanthus Sinensis or maiden grass is another ornamental which has proven that it can spice up your garden with its amazing appearance. The Miscanthus is a native of Asia but can be seen growing throughout the United States. These grasses are used by many homeowners. Miscanthus can reach heights anywhere from 3-15 depending on the variety with feathery plumes which are showy.

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Pampas Grass Care

Growing Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass-pampas-grass-care
Pampas Grass

Another ornamental grass that is worth giving our attention to is the white pampas grass. This ornamental beauty is a native of North America. The plumes of the Pampas Grass is showy and will stand out in just about any landscape or garden design, the statement that this ornamental grass makes is so bold.

The Pampas Grass is truly an amazing plant with its soft puffs of feathery plumes that sit atop a slender stock that will take your garden to the next level. This ornamental grass is said to be used in many floral arrangements. The foliage (leaves) of this garden beauty grows full or in clumps. With a plant like this and its amazing display of white will give that WOW. For more on the Pampas grass continue reading as we learn how to grow and care for them.

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Pink Muhly Grass Care

Tips for Growing the Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass-pink-muhly-grass-care
Pink Muhly Grass

A grass that I have found to be very unique is the pink muhly grass. This ornamental beauty is a native of North America which has an amazing color that is so inviting. When in full bloom the muhly grass produces a pink color that is showy, I remember seeing this color many years ago and was very impressed with this display. Not to be in a rush however because the muhly grass produces this color only during the colder months so be patient because this beautiful display of pink is worth the wait.

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Red Fountain Grass Care

 Growing and Caring for Red Fountain Grass

Red Fountain Grass-red-fountain-grass-care
Red Fountain Grass

Ornamental grasses have found their way into the hearts of many garden designers, home and business owners. These grasses can give that much-needed flavor with a stylish appearance which is so amazing. I have work with some of them on many garden projects to create such pleasing designs.

I have seen red fountain grass used in my garden designs as I drive around the country, it is no wonder why these grasses are well-loved. The style in which they grow with a soft restful look as the leaves and the flowers is positioned in such a graceful manner makes this plant a must for your garden and landscape projects.

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How To Grow Ferns

How to Care for Ferns


It is a common thing to see ferns growing in the wild, some of these places include the rainforest and also woodlands. This tropical to sub-tropical beauty belongs to a family of nearly 12,000 species. I have used these garden materials on many interior plantscape projects to create beautiful garden designs.

If you have an interest in the growth and care of ferns then this may be the post for you. What I love about nature is nature has so much to offer so let’s connect with nature by giving nature a helping hand as we take a closer look at these amazing garden wonders that have caught not only the attention but the hearts of so many people.

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Geiger Tree Information

 Geiger Tree Growing Tips

Geiger tree-geiger-tree-information
Geiger Tree

The Geiger tree is a warm-season plant that is native to the West Indies, South Florida, and the Caribbean, this tree is a beautiful garden plant that shoots amazing orange flowers. The Geiger tree can really highlight your garden area, makes a good garden plant if you are living in coastal areas because these plants can hold up well when exposed to the salt sprays. This plant it seems is tailor-made to coastal areas because they do well in salty soils.

The Geiger tree, however, is a slow grower so much patience is needed when growing this plant, the good part to this story is that if you are looking for a low maintenance plant, investing in this garden beauty is worth the effort. Another feature is the rounded dense canopy which will give that much-needed flavor.

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Bromeliad Propagation Methods

How to Successfully Propagate Bromeliads

Bromeliad-bromeliad- propagation-methods

Bromeliads are a plant wonder which can create wonder. I have worked with these garden beauties over the years and to be honest with you bromeliads are worth the investment. The bromeliad family is very huge in fact there are some 2, 700 species of bromeliads with their individual beauty and uniqueness.

If you are looking for hardy type plants with an array of amazing colors then look no further bromeliads are the plant for you. Bromeliads can both be grown out and indoors to give that color pop. I have seen first hand what they can do when they are incorporated into a garden design.

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Jasmine Plant Care

Jasmine Plant Growing Guide

Jasmine Plant-jasmine-plant-care
Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is a gardener’s choice, this tropical sub-tropical beauty has an amazing fragrance and what makes the jasmine more unique is that there are over 200 hundred species making the jasmine a very huge family. The jasmine also produces beautiful white flowers so if you are ever thinking of installing a beautiful fragrant plant the jasmine is the plant for you.

My wife and I brought a jasmine plant a few years ago and planted it near our bedroom window and there are times in the stillness of the evening when the weather is cool and cozy the beautiful aroma that comes through our bedroom window from her jasmine plant is pretty amazing. So sit back and continue reading on how to grow these fragrant beauties both in and outdoors.

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ZZ Plant Care

ZZ Plant Grow Guide

ZZ Plant-zz-plant-care
ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant will give you a BANG for your BUCK. This garden beauty can really withstand drought conditions and still look as beautiful and healthy as ever. The scientific name for the ZZ plants is Zamioculas Zamiiffolia, now I don’t want you to get tongue twisted trying to pronounce this name so we will just stick to ZZ which is so easy.

The ZZ plant is a tropical plant that is native to eastern Africa, the ZZ plant is also a perennial plant which means you can care for this garden beauty from year to year with amazing results. The leaves of the ZZ plant are green, small, and glossy, I have had success with them over the years creating beautiful designs installing them with other garden plants, or planting them as a stand-alone or specimen plant.

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Periwinkle Plant Care

Tips for Growing Periwinkle

Colorful Periwinkle

Create a garden design that is bursting with colors by installing periwinkles. Periwinkles are very popular among many homeowners and garden designers. I have seen these garden beauties in so many gardens making a beautiful impact. Besides their beautiful color what I love about the periwinkle is they are ground covers that can block out weeds, also this plant on reaching maturity can survive on very little water.

What causes the periwinkle to stand out in a garden design is to have a mixture of colors growing in masses, an effect like this is very pleasing to the eyes making a major impact. But how do we grow and care for these garden beauties that can really bring that much-needed flavor to your garden and landscape?

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Red Hot Hibiscus Care

Successful Tips to Growing Red Hot Hibiscus

Red Hot Hibiscus-red-hot-hibiscus-care
Red Hot Hibiscus

Bring that sizzle to your landscapes and gardens with the red hot hibiscus. This tropical beauty is HOT and will bring that much-needed flavor with its beautiful flowers and variegated leaves, the red hot hibiscus has made a name for its self.

What I love about this plant is having that constant color year-round. When the flower bloom period has passed the red hot hibiscus still adds that sizzle and dazzle with its colorful leaves. A plant like this is worth having as a part of your garden and landscape design.

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How To Grow Green Island Ficus

A Tough Plant that is Low Maintenance

Green Island Ficus-how-to-grow-green-island-ficus
Green Island Ficus

The green island ficus, for the most part, is a gardener’s favorite. This garden beauty with its round shiny green leaves is a low-maintenance plant that can save you time and work in the garden. I have seen these plants over the years making their mark in so many gardens and landscape designs.

What is also great about this plant is that it is a slow grower so no need to worry about constant pruning. The green island ficus is also drought tolerant meaning it can survive on very little water and the added bonus is it is also salt tolerant so if you are living in a coastal area and looking for a plant that can survive the salt sprays which are carried by the wind then this is the plant for you.

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Travelers Palm Planting Care

How to Successfully Grow and Care for Travelers Palm

Travelers Palm-planting-care
Travelers Palm

Grown for its charm and style the travelers palm is a tropical beauty that is native to Madagascar. History has it that this palm got its name from travelers who traveled long distances which became thirsty and would use a knife or sharp object to slice into the leaves drinking the water that was stored. It is said that the traveler’s palm can store up to half a gallon of water. Now that’s a lot to quench once thirst traveling long distances, especially during the summertime.

The traveler’s palm can be mistaken for a large banana tree to the inexperienced but the unique design along the midsection is a clear indication that this is not a banana tree. The traveler’s palm can grow very large therefore sufficient space should be provided when installing this plant. What also makes the travelers palm unique is the creamy white flowers that it produces.

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Growing Crown Of Thorns

Tips on Growing Your Crown Of thorns

Crown Of Thorns-growing-crown-of-thorns
Crown Of Thorns

The crown of thorns is a garden beauty that is a native of Madagascar that gives that royal touch If you are looking for colors then this garden plant will surely spice up your life. I have worked with the crown of thorns on many garden projects and have never been disappointed. Driving around the country I have seen these garden plants gracing many garden and landscape designs.

There are some crown of thorns that are dwarf, the flowers of the crown of thorns are red and yellow but don’t be fool by these beauties because the name says it all, the crown of thorns are covered with thorns and if you are not careful can leave you with a painful experience so when installing and caring for these plants caution should be taken.

What I love about the crown of thorns is it can withstand the heat and they are drought-tolerant, also the flowers of the crown of thorns are small and fashioned in such a way that really causes this garden beauty to stand out. For more on how to grow the crowns of thorns and where to install them continue reading.

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White Bird Of Paradise Care

Tips on Growing the White Bird of Paradise

White bird of paradise-white-bird-of-paradise-care
White bird of paradise

The white bird of paradise is an exotic tropical plant that resembles a banana tree. This plant can grow pretty large so when installing in your home garden ample space is needed for this garden beauty to perform at its best. I have used the white bird of paradise on many interiorscape projects which we will be discussing a bit later but for now, I want us to turn our attention to growing these birds in the home garden.

Things you must know

To have success with this tropical beauty here is what you will need to know.

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Crinum Lily Plant Care

Growing Crinum Lilies Successfully

Crinum Lily-crinum-lily-plant-care
Crinum Lily

The crinum lily is a tropical plant that can be found in many home gardens. This tropical beauty is a native of South Asia and produces white flowers that are very shower and eye-catching. I have worked with these lilies on many garden projects and love to see them growing together in groups provided they have the proper spacing which is 4-6 ft

Crinum lilies can also be installed as a centerpiece and make a great stand-alone or specimen plant. The Queen Emmas has big purplish leaves and a nice fragrance. Queen Emmas can also reach a height of 5-6 ft, The crinum lilies have a few common names such as the swamp lily, Bengal lily, and the spider lily. These garden beauties can be purchased from your nursery or garden center as a full-plant or as bulbs. To grow crinum lilies follow these steps for garden success.

Things you must know

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Ornamental Pineapple Plant Care

Tips for Growing Ornamental Pineapple

Ornamental Pineapple-ornamental-pineapple-plant-care
Ornamental Pineapple

Pineapples have been a favorite for as long as I can remember. These fruits are delicious and are used to flavor many drinks, treats, and pastries. Here where I live in the Bahamas, the Island of Eleuthera which is one of our Family Islands is known for the number of pineapples it produces year-round. Pineapples are used in many edible garden designs, however, in this article, we will be discussing another type of pineapple that is not edible but is grown for its beauty.

Ornamental Pineapple Plant Care

Pineapples are a part of the bromeliad family which has some 2,700 species of bromeliads that are too numerous to name, among these bromeliads are the ornamental pineapples which can bring flavor to your landscapes and gardens, as beautiful as these plants are the fruits are not edible but adds to the beauty of this garden plant. When first introduced to ornamental pineapples a few years ago I was blown away and fascinated.

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Copper Leaf Plant Care

How to Successfully Grow Copper Leaf

Copper Leaf-copper-leaf-plant-care
Copper Leaf

The copper leaf plant is a garden shrub that comes in an array of colors this garden beauty is a native of the South Pacific Islands and also goes by the name of Jacob’s Coat or the Fire Dragon. What I love about copper leaf is that the color is in the leaves which means you can have constant colors throughout your garden and landscapes year-round which is a great benefit. I have worked with these plants on many garden projects. The variegated leaves of the copper leaf can really give that WOW, as for me my favorite color is dark red which is really amazing. This garden beauty can grow anywhere from 6-10 ft.

If you are searching for a plant that can add dazzling colors which is a garden favorite of many homeowners then the copper leaf is the plant for you, so continue reading this post and discover how to successfully grow the copper leaf that has made its mark among garden plants.

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How To Grow A Ti Plant

How to Grow and Care for Hawaiian Tie plants

Ti Plant-how-to-grow-a-tie-plant
Hawaiian Ti Plant

The Hawaiian tie plant is a beauty that can really light up your garden, the Hawaiian tie plant has several different names such as the tree of kings, three sisters, the miracle plant, and so on but it does not matter the many common names this plant has, what does matter is this garden beauty can add that much-needed color.

The Hawaiian ti plant can also be grown and cared for indoors which we will be discussing a bit later but for now, I want us to look at how to successfully install these plants in our garden and landscapes. I have seen many beautiful garden designs with a nice display of tie plants, including several projects which I was involved with that give that WOW.

Things you will need to know

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Croton Growing

Tips for Growing Crotons Indoors

Croton Growing-petra-croton
Petra Croton

There are many species of crotons which makes this plant a must for your garden area. Some of these crotons include Petras, gold dust, corkscrew, bananas, and so on. I have worked with several of these species creating many beautiful garden designs both out and indoors. What I love about crotons is that you can have constant color year-round because the beauty of the colors is in the leaves which means no need to worry about plants losing their bloom because the season is gone.

It only makes sense to install crotons amount flowering plants so as those plants lose their bloom the crotons will continue to give that color which I believe is a benefit. The downside to these garden babies is they are very fragile so you must handle them with care because the leaves break very easily but don’t let that stop you, installing these tropical beauties is worth the investment so with that said we will be looking at how to grow and care for crotons.

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Care of schefflera arboricola

Growing Tips for the Schefflera Arboricola

Schefflera Arboricola-care-of-scefflera-arboricola
Schefflera Arboricola

Beautiful shiny leaves that are variegated in colors of green with a splash of yellow although some may have straight green leaves make the Schefflera Arboricola a must-have. In my opinion, this garden beauty is a show stopper and can be installed as a specimen plant or grouped together to form a hedge. The five-star resort I was employed at many years ago had many of these plants growing not only in their gardens but also as a part of the interior design.

I along with some of my then co-workers was given the responsibility to create beautiful designs on the interior with these evergreens. The Schefflera Arboricola can be grown as shrubs or standard plants. I have also installed these plants in many outdoor gardens and what I found so amazing is they can survive on very little water.

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Ixora Plant Care

Care and Growth of Ixora

Yellow Ixoras-ixora-plant-care
Yellow Ixora

The Ixora perennial plant produces flower blooms that come in an array of colors. This tropical to semi-tropical plant is grown widely in many home gardens and can also be found growing commercially. I have worked with these plants over the years and know the beauty and flavor they contribute to a garden area.

What is so unique about this garden beauty is that the flowers are small and grows in a cluster that sets this perennial apart from other garden plants. The Ixora is also known as the flame of the woods. This tropical plant can be found growing all over South Florida so if you are living in a region that meets the conditions of the Ixora making these babies a part of your garden design will give that WOW.

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Firebush Care

Firebush Growing Guide


The Firebush is a woody plant that is native to Central America, South Florida, and the West Indies. The flower which the Firebush produces is very beautiful and unique with a mixture of yellow and red-orange color. This woody shrub can reach a height of 15 ft and will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Several of these plants are grown at our international airport that graces many of our garden areas. The Firebush is a hardy plant and can withstand the heat so if you are looking for a beautiful garden plant with amazing flowers then the Firebush is the plant that will bring that much-needed flavor. There is also a dwarf variety that can be purchased from your garden plant nursery.

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learn How To Grow And Care For Gardenia Plants

Caring for Gardenia Plants

Gardenia Flowers

The gardenia plant produces beautiful milk-white flowers that have an amazing fragrance. These plants really stand out in a garden area when they are in full bloom. I Have a gardenia in my front yard that has been growing for some years now and during those seasons when this plant is in full bloom the clusters of white flowers that are produced are very pleasing to the eyes that you can’t help but enjoy this beautiful display.

Many homeowners have gardenias as a part of their garden design, I was not aware of this until traveling back and forth passing many homes and seeing them beautifully growing in their front yards. If you are interested in growing and caring for these garden beauties then follow these simple steps for growing gardenias success.

Things you need to know

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Desert Rose Plant Care

A Rose that can Withstand Harsh Conditions

Desert Rose-desert-rose-plant-care
Desert Rose

If you are looking for a plant that is easy to maintain yet produces beautiful flowers then the desert rose is the plant for you. Many years ago I had the wonderful task of maintaining a few of these plants for a  private home that sat on a beautiful golf course that had such a breathe taking view this home was stylish and very classy. I would spend days installing, cleaning, grooming, watering, and fertilizing the garden plants that graced this mansion.

One of the plants that the homeowners had as part of their interior plantscape was a few desert roses that we paid very little attention to. Believe me when I tell you that we gave more attention to the other plants why because the desert rose plant is a low maintenance plant which can save you time and money, just install them and they will go for themselves. With that said we will be looking at the care of the desert rose plant.

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Snow Bush

Garden Tips for Growing Snow Bush

Snow Bush-snow-bush-plant
Snow bush plant

The snow bush plant has been a favorite for many years. The variegated leaves that are a splash of white, light pink-reddish, and green cause this plant to stand out as it displays its colors giving that soft touch. This tropical beauty can be used as a hedge or can be grown as a stand-alone or specimen plant.

I have seen snow bush in many home gardens. The five-star resort where I was employed many years ago had several of these snow bushes installed throughout their garden areas which looked really great. The snow bush can highlight a garden that has a lot of green for its backdrop, installing this plant more to the front will give that WOW. Snown bush is worth the investment so with that said let’s take a closer look at some gardening tips for growing snow bush.

Garden tips for growing snow bush

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Plumbago Plant Care

Tips for Growing Plumbago Successfully

Plumbago Flowers-plumbago-plant-care
Plumbago Flowers

Plumbagos are shrubs that produce a beautiful blue flower which causes this plant to stand out in many commercial and urban garden designs. This shrub thrives well in the tropics and can be seen in many home gardens so if you are looking for a plant that will add some color to your spring garden then this may be the right plant for you.

The plumbago shrub is a native of South Africa but can also be found in Florida and Texas. These shrubs can reach a height of over 6 ft and can act as a screen plant or can be kept at a height of your preferences by keeping them nicely pruned. But how do I grow and care for this plant in my home garden? I am so happy that you asked. Here is how it is done.

Things you must know to grow this plant successfully

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Growing Anthurium

Anthurium Plant Care


Another name for the anthurium plant is called the Lady Jane, this is one Lady that is sure to get you excited with her beauty. The flowers of this plant come in many beautiful colors that can lighten up any area. I have worked with anthuriums over the years and have taken delight in bringing much-needed flavor to garden projects which gave that WOW.

The Lady Jane description

What I also love about this Lady is the charm that she brings with her beautiful glossy flowers and thick shiny leaves. The five-star resort where I was employed many years ago had both my team along with self-installed many of these plants throughout their garden areas including the interior.

A plant that stands alone

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How To Grow And Care For Golden Thryallis

Tips for Caring for Golden Thryallis

Showers of gold-how- to- grow and- care- for- golden- thryallis
Showers Of Gold

The golden Thryallis, showers of gold or golden showers is an ornamental plant that can really lighten up your garden with its beautiful yellow flowers. I have both worked and seen these plants in many garden projects that looked really amazing as they complimented many garden designs. The shower of gold is a native of Central America and Mexico, this sub-tropical beauty is also a warm-season plant that will do well in your spring garden.

What I love about the shower of gold is how it stands out in a flower bed and is highlighted by the green backdrop of other garden plants. Golden showers look amazing when planted in masses and are also used as a border plant. The golden shower is a perennial plant which means this plant can be grown from season to season showering you continually with flowers of gold that are so dazzling.

How to grow and care for golden Thryallis?

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How To Grow A Bird Of Paradise Plant

How to Care for the Bird of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise-how-to-grow-a-bird-paradise-plant
A bird of paradise garden plant

The bird of paradise can brighten up any garden area. This exotic plant that is a native of South Africa produces beautiful colorful flowers which can give that WOW. I have worked with this flowering plant many times on garden projects and to be honest with you I have always been blown away at their amazing colors.

The leaves of the bird of paradise also resemble a banana tree but don’t be fool by this because this tropical beauty makes a good centerpiece or specimen plant that brings that tropical feeling. The five-star resort which I was employed many years ago installed these babies throughout the property which brought that much-needed flavor giving that color POP.

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New Guinea Impatiens Flowers

Care and Growth of New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens Flowers
New Guinea Impatiens

A flower that is worth mentioning is the new guinea impatiens. I have worked with these flowering plants over the years and have seen the beauty and flavour new guinea impatiens brings. These garden beauties can really give that POP when planted in masses in assorted colours in the garden area, used as an undergrowth around coconut palms and other trees, in containers, low hanging baskets and so on.

New Guinea Impatiens can be grown in full as well as partial sunlight. Caution should be taken however because if the soil is allowed to dry out your Impatiens will wilt but a good drink of water or soaking will cause your plant to bounce back, therefore, it is good to ensure that the soil is moderately moist at all times.

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Hibiscus Medicinal Plant

Hibiscus Plant care

Hibiscus- red-yellow-hibiscus medical plant

The hibiscus is a tropical plant that produces beautiful colorful flowers. These flowers come in an array of sizes and shapes depending on the species. Hibiscus is great to use as hedges and as a specimen plant which I call a show stopper, in other words, they can really stand out making an amazing impact. Here where I live in the Bahamas the hibiscus plant is used widely by many of the natives. I have worked with these plants on many garden projects and have created such beautiful designs.

Hibiscus Varieties

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Shade Garden Plants

Plants that can Grow in the Shade

Shade Garden Plants-Shade plants
Hosta Shade plant

Shade gardening is another way to grow garden plants that are beautiful and healthy-looking. Over the years the approach of many gardeners was to install plants that required sunlight focusing only on areas that met this requirement rather than mixing it up to create interest.

Why should areas that have the most sunlight get all the excitement and action? Then there are some homeowners that have constant shade and may be wondering if there is hope for them installing a beautiful garden. The good news is there is hope for you to have the garden of your dreams. What we will be looking at is bringing balance to the landscape and garden through shade gardening Which can work wonders as we create a design that is pleasing to the eyes.

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Re-potting Orchid Plants

Repotting Orchid Plants the Right Way

white orchid-Repotting orchid plants
White and yellow orchids

Orchid plants are very beautiful, exotic and can brighten up an area bringing that added flavor and soft touch.  I have worked with these plants over the years and have seen first hand the wonderful change they can bring.

The world of orchids is so amazing because of the many varieties. The colors are just dazzling from straight to mixed colors. Orchids can be planted outdoors on trees as well as a beautiful arrangement on the indoors.

Maintaining your orchid plants

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Garden Shrubs

Garden Shrub Appeal

Beautiful garden plants-garden-shrubs
Garden plant design

Before we can wink an eye winter will be over and spring will be here again as our landscape and gardens are in full bloom with the chirping of birds, bears waking up from their long winter nap, and nature buzzing with excitement as we welcome spring and prepare for yet another season of working in our gardens. But for many, the question is what can I add to my garden and landscape that will give that BANG and liven up those drab spaces?

A good idea would be to add a few garden shrubs which would really give you that feel of spring with their beautiful lush bloom which will truly make your garden a shop stopper.

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How To Care For Poinsettias

Poinsettias Plant Care

Beautiful red poinsettias-how-to-care-for-poinsettias
Red Poinsettias

It is almost that time of year again when we pull out those scuffs, mittens, coats, and boots as we sit by the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate, having parties, spending time with friends and relatives as we flock to the malls and other places buying gifts for that special one we love so dearly.

Christmas is such a wonderful occasion with all the hustle and bustle as we move about enjoying the season and all that it has to offer and oh the Christmas dinner is such a delight as we feast upon the many foods and goodies that have been prepared.

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Landscape Ground Covers

Landscape Ground Covers

Lantana flowering plants-landscape-ground-covers
Flowering Lantana

In this article, we will be looking at landscape ground covers. What is landscape ground covers and how can we benefit from them?

Ground cover explained

landscape ground covers are plants that are used to

  1. Fill in empty spaces and create a beautiful design under tall trees, palms, and other features such as garden lights and so on.

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Flower Bulbs

How To Care for Blubs

Garden flower bulbs-flower-bulbs
Garden Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are great for garden designs because of their beauty and how they add that unique touch. I worked with these plants many years ago and was amazed at how beautiful they were when I saw them in full bloom.

There are many species of bulbs with their array of rainbow colors that will just lighten up your garden and landscape bringing those areas to life.

Bulbs can be planted in flower beds and they also do well in container gardening.

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Bromeliads and their use

How to Use Bromeliads in Your Garden

Bromeliads And Their Use-bromeliad-flowers
Guzmanias bromeliads

Bromeliads are very beautiful strong plants that can survive the most extreme conditions. They are considered to be low-maintenance plants.

I have worked with these plants over the years and have come to love them. Bromeliads can add color to any environment and a unique style that cannot be matched.

Bromeliads can be used in the exterior landscape as well as interiorscapes. There are so many species of bromeliads that it is mind-blowing. There are said to be anywhere from 2000-2,700 species of bromeliads. Now let’s look at the care of bromeliads and their many uses.

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Orchids and their place in the landscape

How to Use Orchids in the Garden

Purple Philodendron Orchids-orchids-and-their-place-in-the-landscape
Purple Philodendron Orchids

There are many species of orchids that are beyond the scope of this article so we will be looking at some basic information about orchids, i.e. how to care for them and place them within the landscape. Orchids are in my opinion very exotic plants that can really add that elegant touch or flavor to our landscapes or interior plant scape.

I have worked with orchids over the years using them in many plant designs. I enjoy working with orchids because orchids can give that soft touch and appeal that can get the attention of just about anyone with their bright beautiful showy flowers.

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Garden Vine Care

Bleeding heart vine garden plant-vines
Bleeding Heart Vine

Vines are one of the plant species that I worked with for many years as an interior plantscape designer. One of the things I would often do is let the vine runners grow out or trickle down the sides of the decorative pot. It always gave that natural effect. There are many species of vines that I have worked with, but the ones that really stood out to me were the creeping Charlie or pothos vine, the butterfly vine, and the Algeria ivy.

I  spent a lot of time also in the plant nursery caring for these vines. Like other plants, vines also need their share of tender loving care.

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What are Perennials and how are they different from Annuals?

I am so glad you asked!

Whereas Annuals set seed, grow and flower within the same year, they also die within that same year.

Perennials, however, can live from year to year. Perennials are woody type plants compared to annuals which are considered to be succulents. Perennials can be kept nicely groom by pruning them. You can control their growth and the direction they grow in by using different pruning methods.

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How to Care for Annuals


Everything is painted with an array of colors. It’s so amazing to see the beauty that nature offers. Splashes of red here, splashes of pink there, splashes of white everywhere. Everything is alive just bursting with colors. Flowering plants can bring such beauty to our surroundings.

In this article, we will be looking at flowering plants in particular annuals. What are annuals? and why are some plants considered to be annuals? annuals are plants that set seed, grow,  blossom, and unfortunately, die in the same year. Yes, that’s right, after these beauties serve their purpose they go on to plant heaven.

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