A quick knockdown with this insecticide

Bumblebee-how-bacillus- thuringiensis- works

A BumbleBee

Garden insects good or bad

Before we go into detail about Bacillus thuringinsis we will be taking a short trip into the insect world. The insect world is so vast, there are trillions of them upon the planet that affects our lives in so many ways. What we will be discussing is two types of insects which are found in our home gardens. Many garden insect pests pose a threat to our garden and landscaping plants, whether a home garden or the more exotic garden which are the upscale gardens that were created for public viewing.

We have such a garden like this that is known as the botanical garden which gets many visitors each year as persons check out the many plant species that grace this garden area along with enjoying the entertainment and native dishes that is prepared. Apart from us enjoying our garden plants there are many insects that also enjoy our plants not that they want to sit back and admire their beauty but rather to make a meal out of them causing nothing but death and destruction.

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How to use neem oil in the garden

Peach rose plant bloom-neem-oil-for-plants

Peach rose plant bloom

Neem oil a gardeners dream

Neem oils are very popular and are used in so many ways. These oils can be used for acne, skin and hair care etc… but what I love about the neem oils is that it can also be used in the garden. The oil type that is formulated for garden use has proven to be effective as many gardeners are having much success with these oils winning the war on garden insect pests which can really do lots of damage.

The challenge with many pesticides is they are not environmentally friendly and can cause harm when coming in contact with humans and pets. But what I love about the neem oil is that it’s a gardeners dream. These oils are environmentally friendly and can be applied to garden ornamental plants even edible gardens.

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Gardening the safe way with horticultural oil

Apple Blossoms-how-to-use-horticutural-oil

Apple Blossoms

The insect world is so vast that it is mind-blowing. My mentor told me many years ago that for every human upon the planet there is about a million or more insect which means that the human population is far outnumbered, not to be afraid though because if there was ever an insect invasion we would have the upper hand.

The subject of this topic is so vast that it is beyond the scope of this article, however, we will be looking at two groups of insects that are present in our gardens. No matter the style, type or size of our gardens we can all agree that the presence of garden insects will always be seen. When it comes to garden insect they are divided into two groups the good bugs and the bad bugs.

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How to control leaf skeletonizer

I have been deciding for some time now to write on this topic and kept putting it off but what caused me or inspire me this week to give it a go was taking notice of a Giger tree in one of the gardens which is located at our international airport that has been skeletonized.

My goal in writing this post is also to help those that are experiencing these issues and will be able to eliminate this problem with the information which is provided. It gives such a wonderful feeling to walk in our gardens and to take notice of how well each plant is performing and growing so nicely.

Leaf Skeletonizer-Leaf skeletonizer in your garden

Leaf Skeletonizer

However, our gardens and landscapes are always under attack by insect pests. There are many methods that are used in bringing these garden insect pests under control such as

1. Mechinal Control-Which involves the use of pruning and handpicking

2. Chemical Control-Which involves the use of chemicals such as insecticidal soap sprays, organics and other pesticides that can be harmful to humans and pets which should be used with caution by reading the manufactures label and following the direction.

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Creating a safe environment with insecticidal soap



When it comes to the world of insecticides there are so many to choose from that offers good results but the challenge with many of these insecticides is while they may get the job done many are harmful around pets and humans which is not good news.

The goal when seeking to eliminate insect pest is just that, eliminating them without causing harm to our family and pets. These soap sprays (insecticidal soap) where formulate for this intention and that is keeping everybody safe and happy including our pets.

In this article, we will be looking at how to use these insecticides and other advantages of these soap sprays.

Giving your garden plants a fighting chance

Garden insect pest can be a menace to a garden that is well manicured whether interior or the exterior. This has been my experience working on many garden projects. To combat these insects pest one of the insecticides that I resorted to were insecticidal soaps that has gain recognition because of what they can do.

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