Maintaining a garden free of pesticides

Butterfly-Garden Without Pesticides

I have worked in the landscape and gardening field for many years and have had the challenge of having to deal with the many garden pest that can really be a menace. To bring solutions to this problem in some instances I resorted to using chemicals that proved to be a good help.

But can you imagine maintaining a garden without pesticides though insects pest is present? Now I know this sounds strange because the question is how then do we deal with those pesky insects and maintain a healthy garden at the same time?

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Uninvited Guest


Having a beautiful garden can be such a wonderful and rewarding experience as you connect with nature by giving nature a helping hand. What I find interesting however is the many types of gardens that grace our landscapes.

But no matter the type or size of gardens we have we can all agree on one thing and that is having a garden do have its benefits. But even then every garden has its share of issues no matter the size or type that must be dealt with.

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Are you a sooty mold detective?


One of the surest ways to ensure that our plants are healthy at all times is to do a garden inspection or scouting and what that means is putting on those comfortable shoes and with a hand lens, pen and notepad walking about in your garden and recording any findings that may be a threat to plant life.

In other words, you become a plant detective which is great because this is a sure way to notice and control any plant issues in the early stages.

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Winning the war on insects pest

Aphids on garden plants-insects-pest

Insect pest seems to be a continuous problem for the homeowner. Nothing is more disturbing than to see your garden that is growing so beautifully overtaken by these uninvited guess.

In this article, we will be looking at these insects pest and how to identify them.

Sucking insects

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Botanical Insecticides, Eliminating insects with plantsGarden insect pest-botanical-insecticides

Winning the war on insects have never been easier, with the many methods we have at our disposal. These methods include biological, mechanical, intergraded pest management, and of course chemical control. This is another link that you can check out. Controlling insects with birds.

what we will be looking at however is how to eliminate insects by the use of plant parts. The use of botanical insecticides is not new but is a method that has been around for some time.

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