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Plants That Are Poisonous For Cats

In our last discussion, we looked at plants that are poisonous for dogs, In this article, we will look at plants that are poisonous for cats. Just as a dog is said to be man’s best friend I believe that I can safely say that cats also befriend us and are loyal friends that will last a lifetime.

My son owned a cat once, we had him from a kitten. I would watch on many occasions as my son played with that cat rolling over on the floor running back and forth as both him and that cat interacted in the most fun-filled way.

But at times his cat would also get into mischief like they always do. For example, scratching the furniture. I remember on one occasion that’s after this cat had reach adulthood it was outside playing with a huge snake.

As both my family and I along with the neighbors watched this cat we were so amazed how this cat was handling this snake and to make matters worst we had to keep the doors close because this cat was trying to bring this huge snake that was still alive in our home.

Please forgive me for saying this cat because my son could not decide what name he wanted to call his cat so we just called him cat, I know what you are thinking that he did injustice by not giving his cat a name I think so too.

Our pets Curiosity

There is an age saying that says “curiosity kills the cat” of cause this saying does not relate to cats but generally speaking, it means a person who is curious can sometimes get into trouble in the case of children who at times seems to get into mischief.

Cats are some of the most curious creatures there is and because of this, we ought to provide a safe environment for them because by being curious they mean no harm it is just in their nature to be this way just as they are playful.

Having a garden oasis

Who would not want to have a garden oasis that you can come to after a long day at the office just sit back, relax and  connect with nature by taking in all that nature has to offer, this is truly a good feeling, but what I want to point out here is that as beautiful as those gardens may be

we must ensure at all times that our cats for those of us who owned cats to keep them out of harms way. How sad is it to discover that the very plants you nurture are the very plants that bring harm to your beloved pet?

This is not a good experience at all, that means those garden plants would have to be removed no matter the beauty they bring.

Plants That Are Poisonous For Cats

Plants to exclude from our home garden

As a landscape designer, I know the trill and excitement of having a beautifully designed landscape and garden. There is nothing like having a garden that is just bursting with colors that are so inviting giving such a restful and relaxing experience I have worked on these type of gardens.

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Plants That Are Poisonous To Dogs

There is an old saying that “a dog is man’s best friend”. When we look at the loyalty of our four-legged friends it is so amazing of how dogs are so loyal. This has been my experience with many dogs that I brought up from puppies to adults.

No matter what size or what breed they are we can all agree that a dog will never leave our side. It’s so funny to see how happy they become and how they display such affection after we return home from a long day out.

I had a dog at one time that was so happy when I returned home he would run excitedly back and forth in the yard jumping up and down wagging his tail, no wonder why our furry friends are loved by so many because of the love they show in their own way.

 Our pets Curiosity

There is another age saying that goes like this “curiosity kills the cat”. Just as cats are so curious it is the same with dogs, sometimes being curious and playful can bring harm that has been the misfortune of so many pet owners.

In this article, we will be looking at plants that should not be apart of our garden especially for us who are the proud owners of one of man’s best friend.

Plants That Are Poisonous For Dogs

As a landscape designer, I know the trill and excitement of having a beautifully designed landscape and garden. There is nothing like having a garden that is just bursting with colors that are so inviting giving such a restful and relaxing experience.

But as exciting as we may be about having this kind of garden oasis we should always bear in mind that with pets present we should pay close attention to what we plant in our garden. Whats the point of having a beautiful garden that has plants that are poisonous to our pets causing much harm.

Plants That Are Poisonous For Dogs

Here is a list of plants that are used by many homeowners that should be avoided from the home garden. Let’s do our part to make sure that our furry friends are safe at all times.

Plant list

Plants to exclude from our home garden

These are just a few among the many that are listed here.

1. Kalanchoes are very beautiful succulents. There are many varieties that just burst with colors and can bring that wow to your garden. But if this plant is ingested by your dog can cause your dog to vomit and in some cases, extreme even die.

2. Tulips are another plant that can really brighten up your garden with its rainbow of colors. I really love this plants because how elegant they are, but with this beauty also comes a word of caution. Once eaten and ingested can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

If possible avoid using these plants in your garden design. It is just so amazing to see plants that are so beautiful as these can really do a number on our pet.

3.  Oleanders are very beautiful plants that come in an array of colors. I remembered the five-star resort that I worked at many years ago had to remove all of the oleander plants that was installed by the seal holding area

The unfortunate thing was that one of the seals ate the leaves and died. These plants though beautiful are very poisonous and should be kept out of the reach of children that can be curious also. As for dogs, these plants are a NO NO.

4. Lilies are one of my favorite that can really bring that BANG to our garden area. I have worked with these plants over the years and have been impressed at how well they perform. There are many species of this plant that comes in a variety of colors that is truly amazing.

But as beautiful as they are they should be avoided if you have your pet around. Dogs that ingest these leaves show signs of vomiting above other symptoms.

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Gardening a rewarding experience

Gardening can be a very rewarding experience as you connect with nature giving nature a helping hand. I have so many great experiences working on the great outdoors beautifying and completely transforming whole areas that gave such a wonderful feeling.

I remembered my childhood experience of growing vegetables in my garden and having a feeling of accomplishment as I watched those veggies grow to full maturity and enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

But even though gardening has its rewards one thing that we should always keep in mind and that is safety first. To often injuries take place simply because of not proper planning or thinking ahead.

Garden Safety

1. The first rule to remember at all times and that is safety first this is where proper planning comes in no matter how small the job may be.

2. Have a plan on where you are working exp… working on slopes, working near overhead power lines or electrical lines in the ground can be very dangerous.

3. Be mindful of waterlines as well as irrigation lines.

4. Watch out for uneven grounds.

5. Wait until the grounds are dried from rains or heavy dew. A former co-worker went out on the hotel grounds one morning making his regular checks, slipped on the grass that was wet and broke his leg. Talk about a freak accident. 

6. Always read and follow the instructions of power tools before using and make sure that these tools are in good condition.

7. Wear long clothing to protect from sun or use sunscreen to protect skin.

8. The proper footwear such as Gardening boots.

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Whether you are working at home on a small landscape project or working for a company and taking on major projects the thing to always keep in mind is safety first. The goal of any landscape project is to complete the job but being safe at the same time.

Unfortunately, many accidents within the field of landscape and gardening happen every year, simply because individuals don’t take safety measure very seriously. I have seen many persons over the years having to take a trip to the doctor’s office because of not wearing safety gears.

There is a lot that can be said on this subject, but we will be looking at some general information that pertains to protecting yourself while carrying out your duties.


This means Personal Protective Equipment:

1.Face- Safety shields,              2. Hearing- Earplug, Muffs,




3.Eye- Glasses, Safety Goggles,           4. Head-Hard hat


5.Arms, Hands – Gloves,                 6. Feet- Boots, safety shoes


7.Lungs- Respirator                          8. Chaps- Thighs, legs


9.First aid kit

Equipment use explained in more detail

1.Safety shields protect your face when using a chainsaw and string trimmers from flying debris. So it is important to wear this safety gear to protect your nose, eyes forehead and your face in general.

2. Earmuff and plugs are a must when using loud equipment like a chainsaw, string trimmers, lawn mowers, ride on mowers etc… Continual exposure to this type of noise can lead to hearing problems and if not addressed in the proper way can lead to hearing loss. Using safety equipment can reduce noise.

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