Plants That Are Poisonous For Cats

Cat sitting in front of tulips-plants-that-are-poisonous-for-cats

In our last discussion, we looked at plants that are poisonous to dogs, In this article, we will look at plants that are poisonous to cats. Just as a dog is said to be man’s best friend I believe that I can safely say that cats also befriend us and are loyal friends that will last a lifetime.

My son owned a cat once, we had him from a kitten. I would watch on many occasions as my son played with that cat rolling over on the floor running back and forth as both him and that cat interacted in the most fun-filled way.

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Plants That Are Poisonous To Dogs

plants-that-are-poisonous-for-dogsThere is an old saying that “a dog is man’s best friend”. When we look at the loyalty of our four-legged friends it is so amazing of how dogs are so loyal. This has been my experience with many dogs that I brought up from puppies to adults.

No matter what size or what breed they are we can all agree that a dog will never leave our side. It’s so funny to see how happy they become and how they display such affection after we return home from a long day out.

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Gardening a rewarding experience

Garden flowers-garden-saftey

Gardening can be a very rewarding experience as you connect with nature giving nature a helping hand. I have so many great experiences working on the great outdoors beautifying and completely transforming whole areas that gave such a wonderful feeling.

I remembered my childhood experience of growing vegetables in my garden and having a feeling of accomplishment as I watched those veggies grow to full maturity and enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

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Whether you are working at home on a small landscape project or working for a company and taking on major projects the thing to always keep in mind is safety first. The goal of any landscape project is to complete the job but being safe at the same time.

First aid kit-landscape-safety-gear

Unfortunately, many accidents within the field of landscape and gardening happen every year, simply because individuals don’t take safety measure very seriously. I have seen many persons over the years having to take a trip to the doctor’s office because of not wearing safety gears.

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