Tips on Preparing your Soil for Successful Planting

Warming garden soil in the spring

One of the key elements to having much success with your garden is the soil in which plants are grown. Garden soil is at the root of a plant’s health therefore care should be taken when choosing the right soil type. Garden soil is not dead as some may think but is very much alive with billions of microbes that are busy at work ensuring that the right conditions are met for our plants to grow healthy.

Many plant diseases can be traced back to poor soils therefore it’s important that we pay close attention when choosing and preparing our garden soils to meet our garden plant’s requirements.

Springtime presents the opportunity for us not only to connect with nature but to work in our gardens growing plants that will not only bring balance to our eco-system but create a garden oasis (flowering plants) also to reap a good harvest (edible plants). During the winter months if not all of us some of us await with great anticipation for the weather to warm up so we can get into our gardens working the soil to begin growing our favorite plants.

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A great way to Grow Organic without spending a Dime!

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A great way to save on fertilizers and to grow foods which are healthy is to Grow Organic, our kitchens believe it or not is a gold mine and can save us so much money if we only scarp and not trash the gold. There is a saying that ” one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Those potatoes, onion, banana peels, etc.. can be used to enrich our garden soil this natural organic will work wonders.

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Giving your vegetables a head start

Organic bell pepper-vegetable-garden-soil-improvement

Organic bell pepper

Garden vegetables are as good as the soil they were planted in, don’t get me wrong because garden plants can be planted in the right soil type and still suffer setbacks because of some other reason but what I want t say here is that garden soil is at the heart of growing plants that are healthy which will give you a good harvest come harvest time.

I have had a few vegetable gardens as a child and to be honest with you my little garden flourished and I was able to enjoy the fruits of my labour because I made sure that my garden was well taken care of. For those of you who have tried over and over again to grow vegetables but without success, you have come to the right place to have garden success.

There is nothing like eating the fruits of your labour this was my experience on many occasions and you can have this experience also. So just follow along and get set as you finally once and for all put an end of not being able to reap a good harvest of the time and efforts that you put into your garden.

You may say but I already have the perfect soil that’s ok there is nothing wrong with helping your soil by adding natural organics which will further build your soil.

Soil Type

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Building your sandy soil for your dream garden

Purple coneflower-how-to-improve-sandy-soil

Purple coneflowers

Sandy soils present a challenge to many gardeners because sandy soils are hard to work with. These soils are soils which cannot retain water or nutrients. Because of this many dream garden suffers set back leaving the homeowner confused and in despair as to what went wrong. The good news is you can still have your dream garden by making improvements to your sandy soils.

How to identify sandy soils

Let’s take a stroll into your garden, and see what we can find. Now what I want you to do is to scoop up a handful of soil in your hand, rub the soil with your fingers, how does it feel? if the texture is hard or gritty then it’s possible that your garden soil is sandy. To further inspect your garden soil squeeze it in your hand to make a ball and release the pressure, if the ball falls apart after you release the pressure then you are a step closer to knowing what type of soil you have.

The final test is if the particles size is large you have come to the end of your investigation and have solved the problem which is sandy soil. It is these size particles which are the cause for its poor water and nutrient holding capacity because of the space between them.

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Making your garden soil work for you

Purple bell vine-improving-clay-soils

Purple bell vine

At the root of every garden, plant and what contributes to their health and development is the soil in which they are grown. Therefore it is so important to know the type of garden soil you’re working with in order to have success. Just as there are different species of plants so is our garden soil. What I found interesting however is as diverse as garden plants and soil may be every garden plant have their soil requirement in order to thrive, so one of the keys to garden successfully is knowing your plants and what soil type they will thrive in best. What we will be looking at in this article is making your garden soil work for you.

Clay soil structure

Clay soils are soils that drains very poorly. These soils have the ability to retain water for a long time before drying out, because of its ability to hold water plants that are installed in this soil type will become weak and sickly because of poor drainage which will eventually lead to fungus development followed by root rot and death of that plant. What is also good to note is that the soil particles are so tightly squeezed together that it will not allow for proper air circulation.

Clay soil identification

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