Dig and Drop Composting

Composting Made Easy

Dig And Drop Composting-dry-leaves
Dry leaves

Composting is not new but an old method that has been around for some time. This method of gardening has proven to be beneficial in so many ways that at every turn persons are composting in home gardens and also on a wider scale.

Foods that are grown by composting are healthier than chemically grown food crops. The use of composting or organically grown foods goes hand in hand. These foods are grown naturally without the use of chemicals that contributes to food contamination.

Although the approach to composting might be different the end results are all the same, growing foods that are chemically free, filled with vitamins along with better flavors. In this article, however, we will be looking at one method of composting (dig and drop) that has proven to condition the soil with a better food crop yield.

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Garden Soil Amendments

Best Garden Soil Amendments

Compost Soil

The goal of every gardener is to reap a good harvest, whether we’re planting fruits, vegetables, herbs, a flower garden, etc.. it gives great joy to reap the rewards of the time and money that was invested. But to be able to have success there are several key components which are involved garden soil being one of them.

Good garden soils are at the root of having much success which many have overlooked leaving them confused when they don’t have the kind of results that’s expected. As mention earlier garden soil is at the root of having a garden that’s thriving, therefore, we should start here (the soil) and build from the ground up.

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Keeping Animals Out Compost

How to Keep Pest out of Your Compost

Keeping Animals Out Of Compost-a-rat
A Rat

Composting has become so popular, this nutrient-rich soil is a gardener’s gold. Compost is great to grow all sorts of plant species especially edible plants because of the great yield. Compost is a plant’s dream not only because it’s nutrient-rich but because of its conditioning effect.

However, one of the challenges that so many persons face that engage in the building of compost is the many pests that are attracted when composting. If these pests are not brought under control can become a big problem, if you are one of those persons who desire to start composting without the interference of pests or seeking to rid your compost of pests then continue reading for the solution to build a pest-free compost pile.

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Warming Garden Soil In Spring

Tips on Preparing your Soil for Successful Planting

Warming garden soil in the spring

One of the key elements to having much success with your garden is the soil in which plants are grown. Garden soil is at the root of a plant’s health therefore care should be taken when choosing the right soil type. Garden soil is not dead as some may think but is very much alive with billions of microbes that are busy at work ensuring that the right conditions are met for our plants to grow healthy.

Many plant diseases can be traced back to poor soils therefore it’s important that we pay close attention when choosing and preparing our garden soils to meet our garden plant’s requirements.

Springtime presents the opportunity for us not only to connect with nature but to work in our gardens growing plants that will not only bring balance to our eco-system but create a garden oasis (flowering plants) also to reap a good harvest (edible plants). During the winter months if not all of us some of us await with great anticipation for the weather to warm up so we can get into our gardens working the soil to begin growing our favorite plants.

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Fruits And Vegetables Peel In The Garden

A great way to Grow Organic without spending a Dime!

Fruits-How to use fruits and vegetables to manage your weight

A great way to save on fertilizers and to grow foods which are healthy is to Grow Organic, our kitchens believe it or not is a gold mine and can save us so much money if we only scarp and not trash the gold. There is a saying that ” one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Those potatoes, onion, banana peels, etc.. can be used to enrich our garden soil this natural organic will work wonders.

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