Garden Tips for Recycling aluminum foil

Garden Plant With Aluminum Foil

And just when you thought there was no more tips and tricks with using products from your cupboards or kitchen pantry comes another great idea which is not only beneficial to garden plants but will help you in so many ways. Aluminum foil has found its place in our gardens and landscapes.

No longer is aluminum foil used to wrap foods keeping them safe and warm but can really work wonders in our landscapes and garden area. Using aluminum foil is a great way to save those hard-earned dollars while giving you good results.

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Creating your dream garden on a budget

Dollar Sign

Installing a garden is a great way to connect with nature on the great outdoors, what I love about gardening is that you get to create a space where you can sit back and relax enjoying the beauty and the wonders of nature. There are so many choices of garden creation or you can have a combination of both doubling the pleasure.

The great thing also about having a garden is that base on your gardening goals can serve many purposes, for example maintaining a manicured garden will increase your properties value, food production, better quality foods, can save you $$$$$$$$, getting that much-needed exercise, stress reliever, bonding by spending time together working in your garden, etc..

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Keeping your plants healthy with aspirins

Chilli Peppers-how-to-use-aspirin-in-the-garden

Chilli Peppers

Plants are like humans which is pretty amazing. In this article, we will be discussing a very exciting and interesting topic that I believe you will also find interesting and that is using aspirins to keep your garden plants healthy and vibrant.

Who would have ever thought we would be using aspirins to promote our garden plant’s health, when I first heard of this I was blown away and am sure that if this is your first time hearing about this topic you may be surprised to.

The use of aspirins has become so popular that many weekend warriors (Gardeners) are taking full advantage of this method which has proven to give good results in the garden.

The science of aspirins

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Eradicating leaf tip burn

Brown Leaf Tips-browning-of-plant-leaves-tips

Browning tips of plant leaves

You have purchased your plant from your nursey or garden enter and installed it, your plant is growing very nicely with its lush green leaves and amazing flowers you could not be more proud than to have a plant that is happy in its new home it’s like parents bringing home their newborn baby from the hospital.

Ok you may not be that excited about your beautiful plant compared to your new bundle of joy but you are still happy none the less showing of your plants to family and friends that you have a green thumb then out of the blue one day it hits you by surprise almost knocking you to the ground the plant that made you so proud of all of its lushness and fullness are showing signs that something is wrong.

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Your complete guide for bulb protection

Spring flowering bulb-spring-bulb-frost-protection

Spring Flowering Bulb

How does your garden grow? For those of us who are weekend warriors keeping our gardens in the best shape ever is at the top of our to-do list because keeping our gardens well maintained is a must that brings along with it so many benefits as we connect with nature in the great outdoors.

But there are challenges that we often face which can wage havoc on our gardens seeking to turn our work of art into a nightmare as we rise to the occasion with sleeves rolled up facing those challenges doing and all that we can as victory is in our grasp the battle raging and in the end breathing a sigh of relief that the war has fallen in our favour.

Ok I know, I might be exaggerating a bit but we do have our share of issues that must be dealt with if we are to have garden success. In this article, we will be discussing how to protect our bulbs from frost damage.

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