Creating your garden paradise

Garden plants-Basic landscape design principles

So you have decided to take your landscape to the next level by making it a thing of beauty, hiring a landscape contractor can be pretty costly so you have decided to DIY it or Do It Yourself but don’t know where to start don’t despair following these simple principles will give you your garden paradise.

Working on the great outdoors can give such a wonderful feeling as you connect with nature giving nature a helping hand this has been my experience over the years that have paid off in so many ways. I have worked on both residential and commercial properties transforming and bringing much beauty to those areas giving the owners a sense of pride.

Basic landscape design principles

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Helping yourself by giving nature a helping hand

Fruits and vegetables-Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery

So you have decided to spend some time on the great outdoors and connect with nature as you give nature a helping hand but still not sure how to become that weekend warrior.

Gardening can be such a rewarding experience and past time as you beautify your surroundings or by starting that vegetable, fruit or herb garden. Whatever your desire be assured that you will have lots of fun and as an added bonus you will be getting that much-needed exercise to get your heart rate up as you become physical.

Where do I start?

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Keeping your garden at its best


Installing a garden is one thing, maintaining that garden is something else. I have seen gardens that were installed and because of improper care of those gardens, they lost that luster and beauty.

One of the advantages of installing a garden is it can increase the value of your property besides all those added benefits. I must agree that no matter the size of the garden

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Gardening made simple

Garden plants-common-gardening-mistakes

Gardening can be such a beautiful and rewarding experience as you connect with nature, giving nature a helping. There are many types of gardening from bromeliad gardens, flower gardens to herb gardens, container gardens, formal and informal gardens and so on. The list seems to be endless but the good in all of this is that you can have a garden that is tailor-made just for you based on several factors that we will look into a little later.

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A garden fit for a king

Spring garden design-planting-a-spring-garden

Spring is such a wonderful time when nature seems to awake from her long nap. As the cold winter’s ice begins to melt, the animals waking up from their sleep, the birds chirping, butterflies in their array of colors take to the sky

as the bees move about from plant to plant all this spells spring and let us know that it is time to pull out those garden gloves and tools as we are once again in our gardens connecting with and giving nature a helping hand.

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