Avoiding these Common Herb Garden Mistakes

Herb Garden Tips-basil-herb

Basil Herb

Garden herbs have such amazing flavors exciting one’s taste buds as the armors emanate from our favorite dishes, herbs can do so much to enhance our foods, are loaded with vitamins, and have healing properties that can promote one’s health naturally.

This is no wonder why so many, persons are either starting a home herb garden or include herbs in their existing garden. Both my wife and I love herbs because we find them to be so beneficial as listed above so we have taken advantage of and started a herb garden of our own.

But in order to grow herbs successfully, there are some dos and don’t we will be discussing to ensure that you can reap a good harvest after you would have put in the work.

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How to Plant and have Success with a Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden-growing-herbs-in-containers

Growing herbs in containers

What I love about gardening is the creativity it brings allowing you to be bold and daring as your imagination shifts into gear with amazing ideas that are fresh, original, and unique.  The field of gardening is also beautiful because you can connect with nature not only outdoors but by providing a living space indoors with garden plants that offer so many benefits. In this article, however, we will be looking at such plants we can grow from our kitchens to help in bringing mouth-watering flavors to some of our most favorite dishes.

The Location

All garden plants require some sort of lighting condition no matter the species, because you’re growing herbs indoors or from your kitchen place the containers near a window that gets at least 3-4 hours of sunlight. If one side of your herbs is getting more sunlight than the other side then it’s best to turn the container every 2-3 days so that your herbs can grow full and healthy giving good yield. If your kitchen window is not providing sufficient light or if a window is not present then consider purchasing grow lights. These lights will provide your herbs with the illumination to thrive. Grow lights can be purchased from your local nursery or garden center, these lights are easy to install and will give you a good return on your investment.

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Gardening above the ground with hanging baskets

There are so many reasons why I love landscaping and gardening, this hobby offers so many benefits that can help us in so many ways. We are free to let those creative juices flow and just go for it as we create that garden of our dreams.

Rosemary Herb-herbs-in-hanging-baskets

Rosemary Herb

A herb garden is no different and is a great investment keeping us healthy and helping us to save those hard-earned dollars. I have written articles on starting a herb garden including the healthy side of these SUPERFOODS.

In this article, however, we will be looking at the other side of herb gardening but not in the traditional setting that we are familiar with but rather growing herbs from hanging baskets. I know when we hear of hanging baskets our first thoughts are beautiful flowering plants or hanging vines but we are going to break the rules as we let our creative juices flow and turn our attention to growing herbs in hanging baskets.

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Getting to the Root of the Problem for Healthy Plants


Thyme Herb

Nothing gives a better feeling like growing healthy plants but what will do you do if one day, as you take a stroll in your garden to water or show of your plant and your eyes, catches that once prized plant or plants with areas that have turned brown. You worked so hard to get your herbs to where they are and now all you want is to get to the root of the problem so your herbs can bounce back to good health.

Herbs turning brown have been the unfortunate experience of many gardeners leaving them without a clue as to what went wrong and how to correct that issue. We all can agree however that garden herbs do flavor our favorite dishes along with how beneficial they are to our health no wonder there has been so much concern about keeping our herbs growing healthy.

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Garlic the Good the Bad and the Ulgy

Garlic Field-growing-garlic-next-to-other-plants

Garlic Field

With all of the good that is said about the garlic herb, it is hard to believe that there is an ugly side, garlic has so many benefits and has been used from ancient times to bring healing and to flavor many food dishes. I love cooking with garlic, the aroma and taste are so pleasing.

This ancient herb is native to Northeastern Iran and Central Asia can be found in just about any kitchen whether cooking in the privacy of our homes or being used to give that BANG in restaurants around the country we can be assured that the garlic herb will excite your taste bud with its amazing flavors.

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