How To Propagate Meyer Lemon Trees

Meyer Lemon Tree Propagation Guide

How To Propagate Meyer Lemon Trees-meyer-lemons
Meyer lemons

The zingy and zesty taste of lemons can enhance the flavors of drink, dessert, and food recipes, this citrus fruit is a delight exciting our taste buds. Lemon trees are perennials growing in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant zones 9 through 11. These fruit trees are not only grown for their fruits but for aesthetics in a garden and landscaping setting.

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How To Grow Sea Grapes From Seeds

Sea Grapes Grow Guide

How To Grow Sea Grapes From Seeds-a-sea-grape-plant
A sea grape tree

Sea grapes are grown in many coastal areas because of their high salt tolerance the sea grape tree can serve as a dune stabilizer and protective habitat for small animals. This evergreen is a tropical plant that’s native to tropical America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Sea grapes can be grown as a tree, hedge, or shrub.

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How Do You Do Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Garden Guide

How Do You Do A Kitchen Garden-a-raised-bed
A raised bed garden

Since the pandemic (covet-19) there has been an increase in awareness of the importance of starting backyard farms or gardens to sustain one’s self by not only relying wholly on foods being produced by growers (farms) but individuals turning their backyards into edible gardens or increasing food production in an existing home garden setting that has proven to be beneficial. One such garden that has made a comeback from the Middle ages is kitchen gardens which are believed to” have started from the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans”.

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How To Grow Coco Plums From Seeds

Coco Plum Grow Guide

How To Grow Coco Plums-From Seeds-a-coco-plum-plant
A coco plum plant

Coco plums also called lcaco, (species Chrysobalanus icaco) are in the family Chrysobalanaceae, the coco plum plant is native to tropical America and Africa. This tropical to sub-tropical evergreen grows  best in Zones 10-11. Coco plums are grown for their delicious berries and can also be grown as a hedge, this evergreen is moderately salt-tolerant, and can be planted  inland and in coastal areas.

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How To Prune A Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree Pruning Guide

How To Prune A Lemon Tree-a-lemon-tree
A lemon tree

Lemons are citrus fruits that are popular worldwide for their zesty flavors that flavor many food recipes as well as beverages, lemons are one of my favorite fruit. There are said to be more than 25 species of these plants that are cultivated on farmlands and even in home gardens. My wife and I are growing a lemon tree in our backyard that is growing pretty nicely, it’s still too young however to produce fruits but we are waiting. Keeping your lemon tree healthy while producing an abundance of fruits requires not only the right planting location, water, and fertilizing methods but also giving your lemon tree good pruning which should be carried out in later winter or early spring before bud break.

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How To Prune Coco Plum Trees

Steps to Prune Coco Plums

How To Prune Coco Plum Trees-a-coco-plum-plant
A coco plum plant

Introducing coco plums into your garden or landscape will help to bring that much-needed flavor that will compliment the overall design of a garden or landscape. Coco plums are native to Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The coco plum is an evergreen perennial plant that belongs to the (Family  Chrysobalanaceae) chrysobalanceae is a family of flowering plants consisting of trees and shrubs in 18 genes and 500 species.

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How To Grow Cucumbers In A Garden

Easy Steps to Growing Cucumbers

How To Grow Cucumbers In A Garden-cucumbers growing

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus this veggie/fruit belongs to the same family ( Cucurbitaceae family) as squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Cucumbers have many benefits and can be eaten raw in salads, alone, and on sandwiches, and can also be fermented or pickled. Cucumbers are mostly water 95% making this veggie a good food for hydration.

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Cool Weather Crops

Plan Now for Cool Weather Crops

Cool Weather Crops-radishes

Growing our very own homegrown edible garden is a great way to extend the season while eating fresh, this time of the year presents great opportunities to stay active in our gardens as we plan for and produce cool garden crops that will give a bountiful harvest come next spring.

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When To Plant Potatoes

Tips on when to Plant Potatoes

When To Plant Potatoes-potatoes-growing-in-the-ground
Potatoes growing in the ground

In our last article in case you missed it we discussed growing potatoes in grow bags, but today we will be discussing when to plant potatoes. This question has been asked so many times and we are here to give you a clearer or better understanding of the best time of the year these veggies can be planted to ensure you reap a good harvest.

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Growing Potatoes In Grow Bags

How to Grow Potatoes in Grow bags

Growing Potatoes In Grow Bags-potato-bag-sack
Potatoes in bag sack

Potatoes are considered to be a staple food, because of this the potato veggie is a popular vegetable that’s grown and cultivated in many home gardens and on a wider scale as well as(on farmlands). But before we get into the discussion of growing potatoes in grow bags I want you for a short while to travel back with me in time as we look at the origin of the potato plant.

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How To Make Tomato Plants Grow Faster

Tips for Faster Growing Tomatoes

How To Make Tomatoes Grow Faster-tomatoes-growing-on-a vine
Tomatoes growing on a vine

Planting an edible garden is so exciting as we wait with great anticipation to reap a good harvest but if the truth can be told based on what we are growing can seem to take forever to reach our kitchens. Tomatoes for example are one of those edibles that requires patience as we wait for harvest time.

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Best Soil Mix For Container Vegetable Garden

Best Potting Soil for Container Grown Vegetables

Best Soil Mix For Container Vegetables-garden-vegetables
Garden vegetables

With the exception of hydroponics, the key to growing healthy plants is the soil type, the soil really does matters and lay at the roots of plant life. Although native soil has its place and may be looked upon as the ideal soil, the truth of the matter is there are many native soil types that need a little help (soil amending).

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How To Preserve Tomatoes

6 Best Ways to Preserve Tomatoes

How To Preserve Tomatoes-tomatoes-growing-on-a-vine
Tomatoes growing on a vine

Whether growing and harvesting tomatoes from our home gardens or purchasing from our farmers or supermarket our desire or goal is not only to have healthy delicious tomatoes but to preserve them so they can maintain their flavors and freshness. But one thing that we all can agree on is for many of us if not all of us there are times when those once healthy tomatoes that we were planning on using in that delicious recipe/recipes can no longer be used because of not knowing how to preserve them.

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Summer Vegetable Garden Ideas

8 Vegetables to Grow this Summer

Summer Vegetable Garden Ideas-tomatoes
Tomatoes growing

The summer months can be such a challenge especially as we seek to get outdoors working the soil in our gardens, the good news, however, is we can take advantage of this time of year because we are presented with the opportunity to grow our very own edibles in a way that is healthier and can save us by decreasing the amount of money that’s spent at the supermarket.

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Growing Vegetables In Grow Bags

Successfully Growing Vegetables in Grow Bags

What I love about gardening is there are so many innovative ways in creating a garden you desire, even if you don’t have the space. These new methods are so simple but effective Saving you Time and Money as you Reap a Good Harvest.

Growing Vegetables In Grow Bags-vegetables-and-herbs
Garden vegetables and herbs

Another idea that the industry has come up with is growing plants in grow bags. Though this idea is not new gardeners all over the country are having much success with this way of growing plants especially plants with a shallow root system.

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Vertical Grow Bags

Growing Plants from Your Wall

Vertical Grow bags-basil-herb
Basil Herb

Having a spirit of innovation can place you ahead of the game as you reap and enjoy the many rewards of what thinking outside of the box offers, when it comes to gardening this is also true, so many weekend worries are coming up with creative ideas as they connect with nature in and outdoor as well as an indoor garden setting.

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Growing Food In Containers

Save those Dollars with a Container Garden

Growing Food In Containers-growing-raspberries-in-a-container
Growing raspberries in a container

With the Pandemic still looming over our heads along with other social and world issues that are seeking to stagger or cripple our economy from rebounding we have to now think outside of the box with better spending habits to stretch those dollars so they can go a bit further. The rise in food costs has sparked an interest as many people are starting backyard gardens to reduce spending hoping to save a bit more.

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Grow Bags For Tomatoes

Tomato Growing Grow Bag Guide

Grow Bags For Tomatoes-tomatoes-growing
Tomatoes growing

There is a popular belief that tomatoes are vegetables but what I found to be interesting is that although tomatoes are considered to be a vegetable its actually a fruit. This staple food is used in so many recipes, whether preparing that delicious meal from the home kitchen or dining out (restaurants) it is clear that tomatoes have found their way into the hearts of people worldwide.

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How To Landscape With Edible Plants

Edible Garden Design

How To Landscape With Edible Plants-garden-vegetables
Garden vegetables

How would you Love to have the best of both worlds or can you have the best of both worlds? the answer to that question is YES. When it comes to gardening we are Free in letting our Imagination Run Wild as those Creative Juices Flow. There are so many benefits to gardening, but what if we dare to get away from the traditional (growing ornamental Plants) and introduce the new (edible plants) as a landscape design, talk about thinking outside of the box. One major concern when growing food crops is safety, growing our very own edible garden or landscapes puts us in the driver’s seat where we are in full control of growing our food crops in a safe and healthy manner.

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How To Grow Coco Plum From Cuttings

Coco Plum Propagation Guide

How To Grow Coco Plums From Cuttings-coco-plums
Coco plums

Coco plums are also called lcaco, (species Chrysobalanus icaco) in the family Chrysobalanaceae, zones 10-11 are ideal for this evergreen to thrive. This perennial is native to tropical America and Africa, coco plums have leaves that are somewhat roundish, green, and shiny producing abundances of berries that are dark purple when ripe.

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How To Propagate Sea Grapes

Sea Grapes Propagation Guide

How To Propagate Sea Grapes-a-sea-grape-tree
A sea grape tree

Get the best of both worlds by growing a plant that will complement your garden and landscapes while providing you with food, the sea grape tree is that plant. This evergreen is native to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, South Florida, and the West Indies. These trees prefer a tropical climate where they will not only grow well but provide an abundance of sweet berries.

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Grow Lemon Tree Indoors

How to Grow a Lemon Tree Indoors

Grow Lemon Tree Indoors-lemons

A lemon tree is a tropical sub-tropical plant that grows in humid regions and belongs to the rue family (Rutaceae), there are some 30 species of these evergreen trees that are grown worldwide. Some countries however not only grow lemons commercially but in mass production, some of these countries are Isreal, Greece, Turkey, Belize, Lebanon, Chile, Italy, Cyprus, Morocco, California, and other Mediterranean regions.

Lemons have a unique taste like no other that will give some of your food and drink recipes that wow. The zesty taste of lemons will excite your taste buds. As for me, I love using this fruit in salads, baked meats, and other meat recipes even adding a few drops to herbal teas is quite nice.

Lemons trees are popular for growing in outdoor gardens or containers, however, we will be giving this a bit of a twist as we discuss how to grow these trees indoors. This method of growing lemon trees indoors is not new but is enjoyed by many, so for more on how this is done let’s take a closer look as we continue reading.

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Planting A Lemon Tree

Tips on Planting a Lemon Tree

Planting A Lemon Tree-a-lemon-tree
A lemon tree

Growing and caring for a lemon tree is a great way in having a constant supply of this citrus, while it requires some know-how growing a lemon tree is so easy. To be able to grow a lemon tree of your own is such a rewarding experience, it gives such a great feeling as your lemon tree produces an abundance of lemons to be enjoyed by you even sharing your harvest with families and friends.

Lemons have a unique flavor, many drinks and food recipes that include lemons have a zesty taste. But what journey do lemons take before it reaches our kitchen counters to flavors those dishes and drinks that we love so much? Continue reading to find out how simple it is in planting a lemon tree.

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How To Grow A Victory Garden

How to have Victory with a Victory Garden

How To Grow A Victory Garden-edible-foods

These days with so many lockdowns because of Covid 19 persons are getting involved in gardening not only as a favorite pastime but also as a means of growing edible foods. With edible gardens, you are in a good position because you get to grow your food crops first of all that gives you saving, and secondly growing edible foods in a healthy way.

There are so many garden styles to choose from but in this article, we will be discussing how to construct a victory garden. These gardens have been around for some time now and are being enjoyed by many home gardeners.

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How To Grow Vegetables In Garden Soil Bags

And inexpensive method with great results

How To Grow Vegetables In Garden Soil Bag-bag-garden-soil
Garden soil in a bag

Gardeners are finding new and inexpensive ways to get the results they want while working on a budget which I think is pretty amazing. The world of gardening is filled with so many opportunities as you let your imagination run while letting those creative juices flow getting the results that are worth our time and effort.

By thinking outside of the box we can construct a garden no matter how small the space by envisioning what we want can make a huge difference which can impact our surroundings and environment in a big way. Below we will be discussing an amazing way to garden with the help of a garden soil bag.

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Vegetable Garden Care

7 Vegetable Garden Care and Maintenance Tips

7 Vegetable Garden Care And maintenance Tips-growing-lettuce
Growing Lettuce

Constructing an edible garden is a great way to connect with nature on the great outdoors, but what I also love about and the edible garden is the time of harvest after all that work would have been put in. Growing an edible garden has so many benefits which we will also be taking a look at a bit later but what I want to draw our attention to is the maintenance of these garden types to ensure that we reap a good harvest.

Whether we are dealing with blubs, ornamentals, shrubs, grasses, ground covers, etc… one thing for sure and that is if we are not practicing maintenance care we will run into some problems as our plants begin to decline.

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Tips on Growing Vegetables

Getting your Vegetable Garden to Continually Produce

Tips On Growing Vegetables-garden-salad
Garden Vegetables

Planting a home garden can be so exciting because not only will a well-installed garden complement that outdoor living space, but a well-maintained garden will increase your property value. While it is true that a garden can create an almost perfect oasis with its greenery and flowering plants that can be a good treat, creating an edible garden also has its benefits of providing foods grown in a safe way both for you and your family to enjoy.

I believe that while flowers and other garden greens have their place it’s best to strike a balance by getting the best of both worlds. What I mean by this statement is to plan your garden in such a way as to have your flowering plants bringing that need color with their soft texture along with providing space for your edible garden.

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Best Fertilizers For Vegetable Garden

Top Picks for Your Vegetable Garden

This is a broad topic that we will seek to narrow down in having some idea of which fertilizers are best for your vegetable garden. There are many components that are involved in growing a vegetable garden and gardens of any sort.

While it’s true that fertilizers or plant nutrients play a major role in plant life these fertilizers should be understood because the miss use of fertilizers can and has done more damage than good which we want to avoid because what we don’t want is to have invested time and money into a garden project only to see it go to waste.

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How to Grow Peppers in Containers

 Tips on Growing Peppers in Containers

Red Peppers-how-to-grow-peppers-in-containers
Red Peppers

I don’t know if you’re like me but I love for my foods to have a little kick at times and what better way to give those favorite dishes some spice than to add a little pepper? Growing your very own pepper tree will ensure that you have this sizzling spice on hand at all times, especially for those occasions that may call for a spicy flavor.

At the time I am writing this post, my wife, just a few days ago planted some pepper seeds so what we are waiting on is for them to reach maturity so that we can begin to harvest. You may be saying that you don’t have the yard space to plant a pepper tree no problem the good news is you can still have your homegrown pepper tree.

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Container Vegetable Gardening Tips

Get in on the Secret of Container Garden Success

 Red Peppers

Container gardening has become so popular because these garden types make it possible to grow a garden in just about any space. If you don’t have sufficient yard space maybe because you may be living in an apartment, condo, or in a position where your space is limited the good news is with some taught and with the right information you can have that garden that you have dreamed off.

What I love about growing edibles is that it does not only give us the opportunity to connect with nature but saving our hard-earned dollars as we grow healthy food crops with our very own hands if what I am saying excites you then let’s have a closer look at how this is done. What we will be looking at also is the disadvantages of these types of gardens and how we can resolve those issues to have much success reaping a good harvest of our labor.

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Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

12 Creative Vegetable Garden Designs

Ediable Garden-creative-vegetable-garden-ideas
Edible Garden

What I love about gardening is gardens can take on any form and size, creating a vegetable garden is no different. You are free to let those creative juices flow by doing the same thing when it comes to this garden type. In this article, however, we will be getting away from the traditional way of constructing a vegetable garden and get creative with new garden ideas.

Below we will be looking at such garden designs that can make creating a vegetable garden so much fun, these garden types are so unique and will create interest with their flavor.

Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

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Maintaining a Vegetable Garden

Tips to Growing and Harvesting Great-Tasting Vegetables

Garden Vegetabls-maintaining-a-vegeable-garden
Garden Vegetables

Growing your very own homegrown vegetables from your backyard is a great way to nurture your food crops from seeds to harvest time, this is a good way to connect with nature, get in on some exercise while enjoying a hobby that has so many benefits. What I love about growing my own homegrown food crops is being able to harvest healthy crops, crops that are free of contamination.

But getting those veggies from the garden to the kitchen table requires some know-how, these simple but yet effective steps will help you to reap the fruits of your labor so with that said let’s take a closer look at maintaining our vegetable garden.

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How To Grow Vegetables On A Hillside

Successful Tips on Growing Vegetables on a Slope


Growing and maintaining an edible garden is a great way of growing food crops that can save us a ton of money over time. This is a great way to ensure that we are harvesting crops that are healthy, one such garden that can benefit us is growing vegetables. The traditional way of growing vegetables is from a ground that is leveled or containers but what happens when the amount of space that is available is a slope how do you go about growing and harvesting vegetables from this type of area that may offer some challenges?

While I will agree you may have some challenges the good news is with the right information you can overcome these issues and reap a good harvest of your time invested. If this post describes you then you have come to the right place to gain insights into how to take advantage of hillside areas to have success. Before we go into the actual construction of a hillside garden let’s look at some of these challenges.

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Vegetable Gardening In A Small Space

Utilizing that Small Space to Grow your Garden

Chilli Peppers- chive-vegetable-garden-in-a-small-space
Chilli Peppers and chives

Growing food crops from our backyard is a great way to connect with nature on the great outdoors while saving a few extra bucks. Even if the space you’re working with is small can still work for you, all it takes is some planning and before you know it you will be growing and harvesting your very own food crops.

Growing and harvesting our own foods is a great way to grow foods that are healthy (pesticides free) because these crops are grown with our very own hands. Many homeowners are taking advantage of that extra space no matter how small and are reaping the fruits or should I say vegetables that they smartly grew from that small garden space. With that said let’s turn that small space into a garden area growing these superfoods (vegetables) that are so beneficial to our health.

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Heirloom Tomato

How to Grow Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom Tomatoes-heirloom-tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes

In the world of gardening, there are so many names that we come across and in some cases, we wonder about them and why they are called what they are called in this case it’s the heirloom tomato. What are heirloom tomatoes and why are they given that name?

Heirloom tomatoes are classified as tomatoes that are produced from seeds that are at least 50 years old, with great flavors that come in various shapes and colors. These non-hybrids which are open-pollinated are less disease resistant and have a shorter shelf life.

The heirloom tomato is a real treat that will give that added flavor besides the health benefits you will be getting so if you’re interested in growing heirloom tomatoes then stick around as we show you step by step how to grow, care for and harvest heirloom tomatoes.

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Growing Self Seeding Vegetables

You won’t need to seed again!


Gardening is pretty rewarding especially after all the hard work we put in, we deserve to reap a good harvest and a pat on the back for a job well done but the challenge that many home gardeners face is going back to working the soil and reseeding. Won’t it be great to have a garden where the work is done for you after you have done most of the work?

I don’t mean hiring someone to do the job for you which can be pretty costly but rather sowing seeds that will produce a harvest for you year after year, This is the type of garden to invest in as you spend less time working the soil and more time reaping.

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Winter Seed Sowing

A Complete Guide to Winter Seed Sowing

Winter Garden

In a few months, we will be entering the winter season, this is the time of the year when we pull out those winter coats along with booths and gloves as we prepare for the cold months ahead. As animals go into hibernation and nature takes that long-awaited rest this gives us the opportunity to get a jump start on spring by sowing seeds which will give us a good harvest.

What is winter seed sowing?

Winter seed sowing is a practice that involves starting seeds outdoors during the winter months, this method has been around for some time. Seeds are sown outdoors in miniature greenhouses (plastic containers) during the winter months and in the spring these seeds will germinate.

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Forcing A Lemon Tree To Flower

Harvesting Lemons from Your Garden

A lemon Tree-forcing-a-lemon-tree-to-flower
A Lemon Tree

Lemon citrus has an amazing flavor, these citrus fruits are used in so many recipes and drinks to give that zesty taste. The lemon citrus is native to North-Eastern India and South Asia, these trees have the ability to produce 600 lbs of lemons year-round.

The more popular citrus lemons are Eureka, Lisbon lemons, and Meyer lemons. The leaves of this evergreen tree are popular in preparing all kinds of seafood, other cooked meats, and teas. What I also found to be amazing is it is believed that the lemon tree has been around since the first century AD now that’s a long time ago all the way back to the ancients.

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Orange Tree Care Maintenance

Successful tips on the growth and care of an orange tree

Orange Tree

Oranges along with orange juice are some of the most popular fruits/fruit drinks which are consumed at breakfast time. It is great to have a cup of orange juice or better yet oranges that are freshly squeezed. Consuming oranges by eating or drinking in a juice form is a great way to get in those Vitamin Cs.

There are so many benefits of orange intake which of them are, promoting the immune system, help to control the blood sugar level, prevents skin damage, lowers the risk of cancer and the list seems to be endless which is why it is great to have at least one of these trees growing in your home garden.

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How To Start An Indoor Vegetable Garden

Bringing nature on the indoors

Vegetable Garden-how-to-start-and indoor-vegetable-garden
Vegetable Garden

Time has changed, I remember the days when gardens including vegetable gardens were installed outdoors but in this day and time gardeners are taking on a new approach and that is gardening indoors. This is a pretty cool way to garden and it has so many advantages, to some people, this may seem a bit odd growing food crops indoors and then for many who have thought of having a garden but gave up because of not having the yard space like living in an apartment, indoor gardens are here to help you to have the garden that you always wanted.

But one thing to remember is, there are rules to follow with these type of gardens if you want to get good results or reap the fruits of your labor. Can you imagine growing your food crops indoors, this is such a great experience and something to be proud of. So if the thought has ever crossed your mind of installing an indoor garden but gave up because you did not know where to start then you have come to the right place as we look at tips which can help us to have success with these gardens

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Growing Vegetables Indoors

Extending the season beyond the winter months


It is so great to connect with nature spending weekends in your garden being the weekend warrior that you are sometimes working way into the evening that’s right you are correct from dusk until dawn ensuring that your garden will yield its best as you seek to reap a good harvest.

But with winter fast approaching it races through your mind that soon you will have to put away those garden tools as you prepare for those harsh winter months which will cover your garden with snow. But even though those winter months do not permit you to continue working in your garden you can always extend the season by growing vegetables indoors.

Extending the season

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How To Grow Sea Grape Trees

A plant for all season

Sea grape tree-How-to-grow-sea grape-trees
Seagrape tree

In my opinion, seagrapes is a plant for all seasons because seagrapes serve so many purposes. The seagrape plant is a native of the West Indies and South Florid. Seagrapes grow best in tropical climates.

I live in a tropical Region (The Bahamas) where seagrapes are widely grown. This tree can be found along coastal areas, parking lots, many home gardens, and along the streets in concrete man-made islands.

The natives, as well as tourist, enjoy these fruits that not only taste great but has a ton of benefits besides being loaded with vitamins. Just yesterday I was out and about around our international airport’s parking lot where many of these trees have been installed feasting on some of these delicious fruits.

Seagrapes if not properly maintained can grow anywhere from 25-30 feet but if used as a hedge or border plant should be kept at a height of 5 feet. Seagrapes branches off into multiple trunks but can be pruned to form a single trunk.

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How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In A Home Garden

The Sweet Side of the Sweet Potato Plant

Sweet potato-How- to- grow- sweet potato- in- the- home- garden
Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a veggie that deserves our attention because of its unique flavor. This veggie can be found in many supermarkets across the country as the natives take full advantage of this superfood.

Though sold in the supermarket’s however, many homeowners grow these veggies from their backyards. Sweet potatoes can be added to soups, stews, steam, bake, and fry foods just to name a few.

Sweet potatoes complement our famous peas soup and dumpling, which many tourists enjoy as they visit these islands so if you haven’t tried sweet potatoes as yet be sure and do so on your visit to Nassau which is the capital of the Bahamas.

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How To Grow Kale In The Home Garden

Planting, Growing, And Harvesting Kale

Growing kale-How-to-grow- kale- in- the- home- garden
Growing Kale

Kale is a leafy green, this cold weather crop which belongs to the cabbage family is a super veggie that is enjoyed by many worldwide. Kale is loaded with vitamin A, C, K, calcium, iron, minerals, and fiber.

But how is kale planted, grown, and harvested? In this article, we will be looking at how to successfully grow this hardy, cool-season green from your home garden.

Growing Kale

Planting kale directly into the ground

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How To Grow Chilli Peppers

Adding a Bit of Spice to Your Life Growing Chilli Peppers

Chilli Peppers-how-to-grow-chilli-peppers
Chilli peppers

For many of us who love a little pepper, we know what this means. In my opinion, some foods just don’t taste good or have that wow until a little pepper is added. As a child growing up, my father who is now deceased loved adding pepper to his meals. While it is good to add some pepper for that sizzle be careful in how much you use because too much pepper can be damaging to our stomachs which can lead to other issues.

My father once told me about a person he knew that ate a pepper sandwich. Believe me no joke in every scene of the word it was a pepper sandwich just two slices of bread with peppers nothing else.

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How To Grow Tomatoes In Containers

Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Tomatoes growing on vines

What I love about gardening is growing foods from my backyard, this is a great way to provide both for myself and my family.

But an issue that many homeowners face is having the space to install a garden where they can grow fresh garden vegetables, fruits, and herbs that has so many benefits besides their great taste.

The good news is all is not lost because no matter how limited your space there is still room to have a garden you can be proud of. The solution to planting in small garden spaces is using containers to create a container garden.

Many persons over the years and yes even today have gone on to have much success with this type of garden. So what we will be looking at is how to take that small or limited space to grow tomatoes.

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Growing Goji Berries

A berry that brings natural healing

Learning about how to care for and the many health benefits of the goji berry

Goji berries-growing goji-berries
Goji berry tree

For some of you, this seems to be a funny or strange word to pronounce and for many, this may be a fruit that you are hearing of for the first time but what reports are saying about the goji berry is that this berry is known as a super berry because of how it is looked upon medically.

Goji berries are said to make a healthy juice that can really supercharge our bodies with its nutrients so for those of you who love smoothies adding some of these berries will work wonders.

What we will be looking at however is how to grow and care for your own homegrown goji berry shrub so you can have an abundance of these berries at your fingertips to make delicious smoothies and other healthy treats which I think is really cool.

Growing goji berries

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How To Grow Gooseberries

Nature’s pharmacy that promotes healing

Gooseberry-how to grow gooseberries
Gooseberry Tree

Natural healing I believe is something that we all desire and what better way to heal naturally than by connecting with nature and giving nature a helping hand. We have the power not only to feed ourselves and the world but to grow plants that can promote our health which brings us to our next topic as we discuss how to grow, care for, and harvest gooseberries.

How to grow gooseberries

  • Gooseberries require a few hours of sunlight so when planting ensure that the location you choose provides you with about 6 hours of sunlight
  • The soil ph should be in the range of 6.2-6.5
  • Organic soil should be added to condition the soil which promote plants health

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Growing Honeyberry Plants

Growing, caring for, and harvesting honeyberries

Growing- honeyberry-plant
Honeyberry Tree

Over the past several weeks we have looked at how to grow berry varieties and what so amazes me is the number of berries that can be grown in our home gardens that are filled with so many vitamins besides their healing benefits.

Honeyberries is next on the list as we take a look at how to grow these bushes successfully and reap a good harvest because who would want to invest in a project spending money and putting in all that effort without getting the results they are looking for.

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