How to Start an Organic Garden

How To Create And Organic Garden-beets-carrots

Beets and carrots

Organic gardens are popular and are on the rise, these gardens as the name say involve growing food crops without the use of pesticides or synthetics fertilizers (man-made). On a wider scale, organic farms use these seem methods in crop growing along with raising livestock, organic practices only use methods that are natural.

The rise of this method of growing foods has become so popular that many people are becoming health conscious of these natural products using them to promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s estimated that in the US alone consumers spend more than 38 billion dollars in 2014.

That’s a lot of money spend on organic foods which shows how much people are turning to this lifestyle to ensure they are taking good care of their health, with that said we will be taking a closer look at how to create an organic garden.

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Attracting Bees to Your Organic Herb Garden

How To Atrcat Bees To Your Garden-bees-making-honey-comb

Bee honeycomb

You can have the best of both worlds by creating an organic herb garden that attracts bees. Going organic or starting an organic herb garden from your backyard is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Growing organically is catching like wildfire because of the many benefits that are involved. Many backyard gardens are either transformed or started to create a garden of this sort that benefits both us and other pollinators bees being among this group.

The life of a bee

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A how-to Guide to Indoor Organic Gardening

How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In And Apartment-basil-herb

Basil herb

More and more people are seeking ways to promote good health this is the reason why many backyard gardens are either been created or transformed in such ways to grow food crops in a healthy way. Even if you live in an apartment and desire to grow your food crops organically you are not alone and the good news is that limited space can also be turned into an organic garden.

But to have success a well-thought-out plan must be put in place that’s why we are here to guide you along the way to help you think outside of the box as you accomplish your goals of growing your very own indoor organic garden.

What is an organic garden?

Simply put an organic garden is a garden where food crops are grown naturally or without the use of synthetics (man-made chemicals). With these types of gardens, everything from the soil to the food crop is organic.

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Turning Your Backyard Garden soil to Organic

How To Make Organic Soil-seeds-sprouting

 Seeds Sprouting

Backyard gardens are becoming more and more popular as many homeowners are seeing the need of finding ways to sustain themselves, especially during these times. Persons who would have never thought of growing a backyard garden are now getting their hands pleasantly dirty seeking to reap a good reward for their labor.

But as the need arises for more backyard gardens there is also the concern of growing food crops in such ways that will be of great benefit to our health. I  believe if not all of us most of us are all too familiar with hearing stories of persons becoming ill because of food contamination.

These stories of food contamination have sparked such an interest in growing food crops in a much healthier way so if you’re interested in how this is done then continue reading.

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Growing Organic Herbs from Your Backyard Garden

How To Grow Organic Herbs-growing-herbs

Growing Garlic

Growing herbs from your backyard garden provide flavors that will enhance your favorite dishes providing freshness at your fingertips that’s a cutaway as you take a stroll in your backyard.

Besides enhancing the flavors of your foods garden herbs can also provide the needed nutrients along with its healing properties that make growing herbs a must and you can also save on your grocery bill. Yes, growing herbs from your backyard garden have all these benefits that make growing herbs a winner.

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