4 Ways to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables from Your Home Kitchen

Preservation Of Fruits And Vegetables-red-apples

Red Apples

One of the joys of summer besides planting and harvest time is preserving those veggies and fruits.  Preserving your garden produce is a great way to have a lot of extras or and an almost endless supply of edible foods at your fingertip that will save a few extra bucks which is a winner.

If you love spending time in your garden growing edible foods and are looking for ways to preserve some of those foods then continue readings as you learn of ways to preserve your fruits and veggies for future use.

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Staying On the Cutting Edge with Border Edging

Garden Border Edging Ideas-agave-plant

Agave Plant

The use of edging in the landscape and garden area helps in giving a visual effect that is pleasing because edging creates a line of separation that divides plant beds from a garden lawn and other hardscape features.

I have worked with border edging on many garden and landscape designs and what a difference these edging made with and aesthetic effect which tied the entire design together.

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Proven Steps to Grow Healthy Foods from your Home Garden

Healthy Foods-how-to-grow-and-organic-garden

Healthy Foods

Organic gardens are popular and are on the rise, these gardens as the name say involve growing food crops without the use of pesticides or synthetics Fertilizers (man-made). On a wider scale, organic farms use these seem methods in crop growing along with raising livestock, organic practices only use methods that are natural.

The rise of this method of growing foods has become so popular that many people are becoming health conscious of these natural products to promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s estimated that in the US alone consumers spend more than 38 billion dollars in 2014.

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Gardening For Longevity

A Flower Garden

Gardening can be such a rewarding and exciting hobby, this is a great way to connect wait nature on the great outdoors. I have been in this field for years now and have seen first hand what can happen when we commit to the soil.

Taking a step into the world of gardening will take you on an adventure where those creative juices will flow bringing much flavor to and environment like non-other, in fact, the first job that was given to man is recorded in the bible where man was told by God to take care of the earth so gardening span from the beginning of time.

I have a question for you, have you ever turned and an area which was drabbed and run down into a work of art? it may have been remodeling a house or your home, what about a kitchen or a bathroom, your office, how about your car giving it a nice paint job restoring it to its former glory, whatever it was at the end of the day it brought you much pleasure as you stood back and enjoyed the change, felt good I would say.

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Getting rid of the spring blues

Garden flowers-plants-that-cause-allergies

Garden flowers

Spring is that time of year which brings such a burst of energy with our landscape and garden plants in full bloom, trees clothed with beautiful leaves, birds flying in the open blue skies as butterflies and bees can be seen going about their daily business, squirrels, and rabbits moving about gathering food as the rest of nature moves about in perfect order which lets us know that winter has past and spring is here.

But then for many, this is not an exciting time of year because with the spring season comes sneezing with itching eyes and runny nose as the doctor’s office is paid a visit a trip to the pharmacy as the medication is brought to bring relief. Springtime should be a fun time when we are up and about in the great outdoors connecting and enjoying all that nature has to offer but there are some plants while dazzling in appearance can be a nightmare for those who come in contact with them.

The good news, however, is you can beat the spring blues and still enjoy your garden area by ensuring these plants which flares up your allergies are not a part of your garden. Why should you avoid your garden area that was met to be enjoyed by bringing rest and relaxation? avoiding these plants will help you to stop singing the blues and change your tune that says I welcome spring and I am so happy that it is here.

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