Healing naturally with these remedies

Anxiety and Stress are issues that affect so many people worldwide. Anxiety is known as a mental condition, this condition affects more than 30 million people each year in the United States alone. Signs of anxiety include

Natural Remedies For Anxiety And Stress

Garlic Herb


  • Tense muscles
  • Shortness of breath
  • Problem sleeping
  • Problems keeping still
  • Dry mouth
  • Uneasiness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Panic
  • Hands that are cold, sweaty and numb
  • Feet that are cold sweaty and numb
  • Nausea
  • Fear

Then there is stress, that many people are all too familiar with. Stress is brought on by so many conditions such as overwork, trying to meet a deadline, overdue bills and so on. Some signs of stress include

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Affording the best on a low budget


A Calculator

We’re living in a day and time where many persons are becoming health conscious. At every turn, it seems as if there is a call to change our lives by making decisions that will promote our health.

The airwaves, books, magazines, newspapers and other sources are sounding the alarm to take control of our health for longevity. Health stores are popping up everywhere, Food stores, pharmacies and many others are stocking their shelves with products that promise to have us looking and feeling years younger.

Many are hitting the gym, joining workout groups and so on from every age and gender, also there are programs that are creating workout systems that promise to help us get in the best shape ever. While all of this may be good for promoting one’s health there is a concern of affording a healthy lifestyle.

I have visited Food and health stores an have been blown away by their high prices. Living healthy is costly and for many, living a healthy life same to be impossible or is it.

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The building blocks for healthy living

Fruits and vegetables-the benefits of healthy eating in early childhood

Fruits and vegetables

There is a saying that “we are what we eat ” which is so true. A statement that I have also used a few times in many of my posts, is a statement that I read many years ago which says, “with our forks and knives we dig our graves”.

Many health-related issues can be traced back to poor dieting. What we consume can work against us causing much harm. It’ is sad to see that so many adults are living unhealthy lives and what makes it worse is they are teaching their children to do the same by being a poor example.

The importance of a healthy diet

Notice what I said, the importance of a healthy diet. Not just any diet but the right diet will have our children healthy. The primary school that my children attended many years ago made it clear that no junk food was to be given to any of the children only healthy foods such as fruits and other healthy snacks.

Obesity in children has grown and is continuing to grow at an alarming rate which is so scary. Many kids are facing all sorts of health-related issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, trouble breathing, etc…

It is a fact that children with poor diets are more likely to develop many of these long-term health issues that can affect them in a great way.

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Winning the war on cancer


Garlic Herb

Cancer is a disease that has caused so many deaths. In fact, it is estimated that this disease causes the death of more than 7 million people worldwide each year which is a lot of lives that are lost.

Cancer victims can be from the young to the middle age and even the elderly so this disease has touch persons from all walks of life and age. Research is ongoing to win the war on cancer.

The good news, however, is there are treatments that have proven to give good results. But what other methods are there that can be implemented to help win the war on cancer?

Winning the war on cancer

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Healing naturally with vegetable peels



In my last article, we looked at fruit peel health benefits. In this article, however, we will be discussing vegetable peel health benefits and how they can bring natural healing to our bodies

As it is with fruit peels so it is with vegetable peels, in fact, vegetable peels are thrown out more often than fruit peels but do you know that vegetable peels are loaded with

nutrients and vitamins that can do our bodies a lot of good. Do you remember how it was when we were kids and got that serving of vegetables what our parents would often say to us, “eat your veggies” and for some of us this was a nightmare that we wanted to awaken from but sad to say it was not a dream but a reality we were faced with and that was eating our vegetables?

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