Companion Planting With Herbs

Companion Planting Benefits

Companion Planting With Herbs-a-rosemary-herb
Rosemary herb

The world of gardening just fascinates me, when you take a step back and see how far we have come, there were many things our former generation thought us. Since then we have improved greatly by the many discoveries that have been made and are being made continuously

I believe these new discoveries brought more excitement as garden enthusiasts and weekend worries spend time outdoors connecting with nature by working hand in hand to assist where ever they can which in my opinion is a great trade-off. We can go on and on with the many areas in gardening with how this works.

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How To Make Homemade Plant Fertilizer

Best Homemade Fertilizer For Indoor Herbs

How To Make Homemade Plant Fertilizer-herbs-in-containers
Container indoor herbs

Growing an indoor herb garden is a great way to connect with nature while growing our very own edible crops, this method of gardening places us in the driver’s seat where we are free to explore and grow our favorite garden herbs. Two of my favorite herbs that both my wife and I enjoy growing from our home garden are basil and rosemary.

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Growing Turmeric Plants

How to Grow and Care for Turmeric Plants

Turmeric Plants Care-turmeric-flowering-plant
Turmeric flowering plant

Turmeric is a native of Southeast Asia and India, this herbaceous perennial plant belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae. The flavors of turmeric (rhizomes) have been used to flavor meats, salads, stews, and rice.

Turmeric has also been used in medicine, the florets are orange, white, pink, or yellow in color while the bracts can either be green, pink, white, burgundy, yellow, or multicolored. This perennial grows 3 to 4 feet tall with the same in diameter.

Although turmeric can grow outdoors year-round it is usually planted during the winter months and harvested the following year during the fall months to early winter. For more on growing turmeric in the home garden let’s take a closer look.

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How To Grow Oregano

Learn how to Grow and Harvest Oregano

How To Grow Oregano-oregano-herb
Oregano herb

Oregano is a flowering perennial plant in the mint family, (Lamiaceae) this garden herb has small dark green leaves and produces white or rose-purple flowers. Oregano is native to Western and Southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean regions. This herb has been used as an ingredient in Mediterranean cooking and is also known and used worldwide.

Oregano has been around for thousands of years being traced back as far as 3000 BC and was used by the Assyrians. History records that this herb was used for snake bites, as an antidote for poison, to cure headaches, to soothe insect bites and for respiratory conditions, etc…

The Greeks and Roman’s wedding ceremonies use this herb as a crown with laurels that included oregano for the bride and the groom. Oregano was also used as an antiseptic, preservative, massage oil, perfume, and was commonly grown in the home garden to ward off and protect against evil as was the belief. Oregano has a rich history, with that said however we will be taking a closer look at how to grow this garden herb.

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Sweet Bay Laurel Tree

Tips to Grow a Bay Leaf Tree

Sweet Bay Laurel Tree-bay-leaf-herb-plant
Bay leaf herb plant

Bay leaf is also known as the bay laurel this tree is highly prized in the culinary world for its aromatic scent and the flavors that it brings to so many recipes. This every green tree that is also a large shrub belongs to the flowering family Lauraceae. Its scientific name is Lauraceae and is native to the Mediterranean region but is now widely cultivated in other regions of the world.

The bay laurel tree is slow-growing with glossy green leaves that are oval and pointed with a leathery texture and is believed to be one of the oldest spice trees that have been cultivated going back as far as ancient Greece and was used to fashion the laurel wreath that was given as a prize at the Pythian Games.

If left unpruned bay leaves can grow up to 60 feet in height when growing in an outside garden. In a 24-inch pot, this tree can grow from 4- to 6-foot by keeping well pruned. The seem can happen when growing bay leaves indoors keeping them pruned 4- to 6-foot, a bay leaf tree can live up to 20 years or even longer depending on how you take care of it. For more on how to grow and care for sweet bay laurel tree let’s take a closer look.

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Thyme Plant Care

How to Grow and Care for Thyme

Thyme Plant Care-thyme-herb
Thyme herb

Thyme is an aromatic herb that is popular in the culinary world and will excite your taste buds with its amazing flavors. Thyme was a favorite in my home as a child, my father loved cooking with this herb and to this day I have carried on this tradition by using thyme in many of my species.

This perennial evergreen herb is in the mint family Lamiaceae and is native to Eurasia being cultivated throughout the world. In ancient times thyme was associated with strength, courage, and bravery. The Greeks and Romans would burn bundles of thyme to purify their homes.

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Growing Dill Plants

How to Grow, Plant, and Harvest Dill

Growing Dill Plants-dill-herb
Dill herb plant

Botanically known as Anethum graveolens, dill goes far back to ancient times being used as a culinary herb and for medical purposes. In ancient times soldiers would apply dill seeds to wounds for healing.

The Greeks use dill as a symbol of wealth, the Romans used dill leaves in the wreaths they made to honor heroes and athletes and also believed that dill brought good fortune.  The ancient Egyptians used dill as a soothing medicine, to ward off witches and also used in aphrodisiacs.

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Growing Rosemary Herb Plants

Your Complete Guide to Growing Rosemary

Growing Rosemary Herb Plant-rosemary-herb
Rosemary herb

Rosemary ( Rosmarinus Officinalis) is a perennial evergreen shrub that belongs to the family Lamiaceae. Rosemary is native to the dry rocky areas of the Mediterranean, especially along the coast. This herb goes all the way back to ancient times being used by the Romans and Greeks.

The genus name Rosmarinus derives from the Latin words ros and marinus which together translate “dew of the sea” rosemary is an aromatic herb that produces blue flowers. This garden herb is one of my favorites not only because of its aroma but the intense taste that can really flavor your recipes.

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How to Grow Parsley

Growing Parsley in Your Home Garden

How To Grow Parsley-parsley-herb
Parsley herb

Parsley is a popular herb that is used in many food recipes as well as a garnish for food decoration. This biennial herb originated in the Mediterranean lands and is said to have also been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a flavoring and garnish for food so this practice has come down to us from ancient times.

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) belongs to the family Apiaceae or Umbelliferae, parsley has lacy leaves that are bright green. There are two types of parsley, flat-leaf parsley also called Italian or French parsley that has flat bright leaves resembling a celery stock that grows from 18 to 24 inches.

Curly leaf parsley has ruffled leaves and grows from 8 t0 12 inches, for more on how to grow parsley in your home garden let’s take a closer look.

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Planting Garlic Bulbs

How to Grow and Harvest Garlic Bulbs

Planting Garlic Bulbs-garlic-herb
Growing Garlic

Garlic has an intense flavor and is popular in the culinary world, this garden herb will take your recipes up a notch therefore it’s no wonder why garlic is a favorite. What also makes garlic widely accepted is its many uses for medical purposes.

Garlic herb dates back as far as ancient Egypt and India about 5000 years but it’s also believed to have originated from Western China and Northeastern Iran. Garlic (Allium sativum) belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae.

This perennial bulbous herb is easy to grow and care for, following this guide will give you the how-to on growing and caring for garlic so continue reading to learn more about planting and harvesting garlic bulbs.

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How To Grow Sage

Your Complete Guide to Growing Sage

How To Grow Sage-sage-herb
Sage herb

Sage, (Salvia officinalis),  is a herb that’s popular among many culinary dishes. Sage belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is native to the Mediterranean region. This hardy perennial can also be used as border plants. The flavor of sage is so intense that all you need is a little to spruce up your favorite dishes. Garden sage is easy to grow. The leaves are beautiful green grayish, with flower blooms of white and pink among many.

What we will be covering in this article is the planting location of sage, the soil that sage grows in best, sage water and fertilizing requirements, garden insect pests and disease of sage and how to control, growing sage in pots, growing sage indoors, sage bloom period, pruning and harvesting sage along with using sage when fresh, drying and sage storage. This herb is worth your time and effort as you reap a bountiful harvest. For more on how to grow sage let’s take a closer look.

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Catmint Plant Care

How to Grow and Care for Catmint

Catmint Plant Care-flowers-of-catmint-plant
Catmint flowering herb

Native to southern and eastern Europe parts of China, Central Asia, and the Middle East the catmint plant can be found growing in many home gardens and landscape. This herbaceous perennial thrives in zones  3-7 attracting bees, butterflies, and birds.

The catmint grows to about 3 feet with 2 feet spread and is taught to have been cultivated in the Roman town of Nepeti. The catmint belongs to the family Lamiaceae and is commonly known as catwort or catswort. This aromatic herb will go to work for you, for more on the growth and care of catmint continue reading.

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Herb Garden Containers

Selecting the Right Containers to Grow Healthy Herbs

Herb Garden Containers-container-herbs
Growing herbs in containers

The use of container gardening makes it a lot easier when it comes to growing and maintaining plants. This method of gardening is great for anyone who may either not have the yard space or even the time to maintain a garden.

With container gardens, you can grow plants in the smallest of spaces even indoors if you prefer. What I love about container gardening is the low maintenance cost as far as money and time are concerned.

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Herb Gardens For Beginners

7 Easy Herbs for Beginners to Grow at Home

Herb Gardens For Beginners-garlic
Garlic herb

Eating fresh and healthy should be our priority as we seek to promote and maintain our health. To often food crops are grown in such ways that can have a negative impact on our health but by growing our food crops from our home gardens is a great way not only to eat fresh and healthy but also to have an almost endless supply that will save us some extra cash which I believe is a win-win for us.

If your desire is to eat healthy and fresh with your harvest just a few steps away (herb garden) or at your fingertips then continue reading as you discover how easy it is to grow these 7 herbs from your home garden.

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How To Build A Raised Bed Herb Garden

Successfully Gowing Herbs in Hard Places

How to Build A Raised Bed Herb Garden-plant-box-raised-bed
Plant box raised bed

Raised bed gardens have gained much popularity because of the many benefits they offer. Constructing a raised bed garden will give you the opportunity of gardening in unfavorable conditions yet having much garden success.

The first time I was introduced to raise bed gardens was many years ago, I was impressed with what I saw because I never knew at that point that such gardening methods existed while growing plants.

If you have heard of this garden method before and would like to know how to construct such gardens along with the benefits these garden types offer you have come to the right place.

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Herb Garden Design Ideas

8 Herb Garden Ideas that are Really Amazing

Herb Garden Design Ideas-herbs-growing-in-decortative-baskets
Garden Herbs

Thinking outside of the box is a great way to bring flavor to an old idea, why go the traditional way when there are so many ways to explore that will create interest, this is one of the nature of working with nature as we let those creative juices flow creating a work of art.

Garden herbs are a real blessing because of the many benefits they offer, herbs have a pleasant aroma, gives those mouth-watering dishes such flavors, herbs have so many healing properties that can be used to make teas and other healthy drinks and are loaded with vitamins.

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Growing A Herb Garden

Easy Herbs to Start from Seeds

Growing A Herb Garden-garlic-herb
Garlic Herb

I know lately that we have been discussing herbs it is only because of the many benefits herbs have, herbs do not only have great flavors and aromas but healing properties that will promote our health. It is good to grow herbs from our home gardens which will give us an almost endless supply of harvest.

What we want however is to have success when growing herbs so we can reap a continuous good harvest therefore we will be looking at some of the easiest herbs to start from seeds.

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Herb Garden Tips

Avoiding these Common Herb Garden Mistakes

Herb Garden Tips-basil-herb
Basil Herb

Garden herbs have such amazing flavors exciting one’s taste buds as the armors emanate from our favorite dishes, herbs can do so much to enhance our foods, are loaded with vitamins, and have healing properties that can promote one’s health naturally.

This is no wonder why so many, persons are either starting a home herb garden or include herbs in their existing garden. Both my wife and I love herbs because we find them to be so beneficial as listed above so we have taken advantage of and started a herb garden of our own.

But in order to grow herbs successfully, there are some dos and don’t we will be discussing to ensure that you can reap a good harvest after you would have put in the work.

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Kitchen Herb Garden

How to Plant and have Success with a Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden-growing-herbs-in-containers
Growing herbs in containers

What I love about gardening is the creativity it brings allowing you to be bold and daring as your imagination shifts into gear with amazing ideas that are fresh, original, and unique.  The field of gardening is also beautiful because you can connect with nature not only outdoors but by providing a living space indoors with garden plants that offer so many benefits. In this article, however, we will be looking at such plants we can grow from our kitchens to help in bringing mouth-watering flavors to some of our most favorite dishes.

The Location

All garden plants require some sort of lighting condition no matter the species, because you’re growing herbs indoors or from your kitchen place the containers near a window that gets at least 3-4 hours of sunlight. If one side of your herbs is getting more sunlight than the other side then it’s best to turn the container every 2-3 days so that your herbs can grow full and healthy giving a good yield. If your kitchen window is not providing sufficient light or if a window is not present then consider purchasing grow lights. These lights will provide your herbs with the illumination to thrive. Grow lights can be purchased from your local nursery or garden center, these lights are easy to install and will give you a good return on your investment.

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Herbs in Hanging Baskets

Gardening above the ground with hanging baskets

There are so many reasons why I love landscaping and gardening, this hobby offers so many benefits that can help us in so many ways. We are free to let those creative juices flow and just go for it as we create that garden of our dreams.

Rosemary Herb-herbs-in-hanging-baskets
Rosemary Herb

A herb garden is no different and is a great investment keeping us healthy and helping us to save those hard-earned dollars. I have written articles on starting a herb garden including the healthy side of these SUPERFOODS.

In this article, however, we will be looking at the other side of herb gardening but not in the traditional setting that we are familiar with but rather growing herbs from hanging baskets. I know when we hear of hanging baskets our first thoughts are beautiful flowering plants or hanging vines but we are going to break the rules as we let our creative juices flow and turn our attention to growing herbs in hanging baskets.

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My Thyme and Basil are Turning Brown

Getting to the Root of the Problem for Healthy Plants

Thyme Herb

Nothing gives a better feeling like growing healthy plants but what will you do if one day, as you take a stroll in your garden to water or show off your plant and your eyes, catch that once prized plant or plants with areas that have turned brown. You worked so hard to get your herbs to where they are and now all you want is to get to the root of the problem so your herbs can bounce back to good health.

Herbs turning brown have been the unfortunate experience of many gardeners leaving them without a clue as to what went wrong and how to correct that issue. We all can agree however that garden herbs do flavor our favorite dishes along with how beneficial they are to our health no wonder there has been so much concern about keeping our herbs growing healthy.

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Growing Garlic next to other Plants

Garlic the Good the Bad and the Ulgy

Garlic Field-growing-garlic-next-to-other-plants
Garlic Field

With all of the good that is said about the garlic herb, it is hard to believe that there is an ugly side, garlic has so many benefits and has been used from ancient times to bring healing and to flavor many food dishes. I love cooking with garlic, the aroma and taste are so pleasing.

This ancient herb is native to Northeastern Iran and Central Asia can be found in just about any kitchen whether cooking in the privacy of our homes or being used to give that BANG in restaurants around the country we can be assured that the garlic herb will excite your taste bud with its amazing flavors.

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Growing Allspice

Tips to Growing Allspice


It is believed that the allspice tree was first discovered in 1509, the allspice tree is said to be a native of Central America, The Greater Antilles and Southern Mexico. Allspice is also known as Jamaica Pepper and the scientific name for this spice is Pimenta Dioica. During historical times allspice was used to preserve meats. The fruits of this spice tree are picked when green and dried in the sun.

In the Caribbean, allspice is used in many dishes, the leaves can be used to make tea and are also used for medical purposes. As a child, my parents would often cook with this spice adding it mostly to our famous chicken souse that was loved and prepared by the natives. To this day this spice is still used to prepare chicken, pig feet, lambchop, turkey, rib and mutton souse that is enjoyed by many of the Islanders.

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Growing Winter Savory

Planting and caring for winter savory

Winter Savory-growing-winter-savory
Winter Savory

Winter savory is a herb that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. There is another savory which is known as the summer savory. It is believed that both these herbs were around from ancient Rome that’s all the way back before our time so these herbs have been around for a while.

It is also believed that the ancient Romans introduced these herbs to northern Europe and Egland.

The winter savory is a perennial whereas the summer savory is an annual. The winter savory makes a great repellent and has been known to keep both bean weevils and aphids at bay and also reduce mildew. So if you have a problem with these insects, planting winter savory among your garden plants will help to make life a lot easier.

The aroma of summer savory is spicy while the winter savory has aromas of pine and sage.

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Growing And Harvesting Cilantro

Steps to Growing and Harvesting Cilantro


A garden herb that is worth our attention is cilantro, this is an annual which is fast growing and has a pleasant aroma. But how do we grow cilantro? before we discuss this let’s have a closer look at this herb.

Cilantro’s history

There is not much that is known about cilantro but it is believed that this herb has been around from 5,000 BC and is said to be a native of southwest Europe and the Mediterranean. History has also recorded that the seeds of cilantro have been found in Egyptian tombs so we have some insights about this herb.

Cooking with cilantro

Cilantro has been used as a garnish, in sauce, on tacos, in cooked salsa, and so on. Cilantro is very popular in Thai and Chinese kitchens.

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How To Grow Artichokes

Learn how to Plant, Grow and Care for Artichokes


Artichokes is a wild perennial which is a favorite of millions worldwide, that contributes to our health in great ways. Artichokes contain many vitamins. This vegetable is a good source of antioxidants that help our bodies to get rid of free radicals which can work against our health.

Make your bathroom trip easier by including artichokes in your diet. Artichokes are rich in fibre so become a friend of artichokes and load up on those fibres.

Promote your liver health by adding artichokes to your dinner plate. Our liver is an important organ that helps to filter our bodies keeping it clean so keep your liver healthy and functioning with the help of artichokes.

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Growing Lavender Plants

Simple Steps on Growing Lavender

Lavender plants-Growing-lavender-plants
Lavender plants

Lavender originated in the Mediterranean this perennial plant has such a strong scent and produces nice purple flowers. Lavender is grown worldwide and belongs to the mint family. This herb can be harvested to flavor foods, for medical purposes, it has a lovely aroma and can be used as a fragrance or decoration.

But what does it takes to successfully grow lavender? Following this guide will ensure that your efforts are paid off when seeking to grow this plant.

Growing lavender

1. Lavender requires six to eight hours of sunlight to perform at its best.

2.  The soil type for this plant is well-drain soil. The PH range for lavender is 6.5

3. Plants should be spaced twelve to fifteen inches apart to allow for growth and proper air circulation.

4. Water moderately. Do not overwater because lavender hates wet feet.

5. Lavender can be feed with small amounts of a slow-release fertilizer.

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Homemade Herb Seasoning

Creating Your Orginal Secret Recipe

Herb seasoning

I am sure some of us, if not all of us, have eaten out and had such an awesome experience that we made that restaurant one of our frequent visits also telling family and friends about it.

Both my family and I eat out whenever we can and there is one particular restaurant that we visit often called O Andros which is located at a place we call the fish fry where locals and tourists gather to eat and socialize.

The prices are not only good but the foods are just as great which makes this experience so good so if you ever decide on taking a trip to the Bahamas, in particular, Nassau which is the capital be sure and inquire about O Andros that is at the fish fry trust me you will love it.

O Andros foods are very delicious because of the ingredients that are added to their dishes which makes these foods outstanding and is enjoyed so much by persons who eat there.

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How To Grow Tarragon

Simple steps to grow tarragon

Mexican tarragon-how-to-grow-tarragon
Mexican tarragon

The world of garden herbs is so fascinating that it is just mind-blowing. Garden herbs have been around and enjoyed by many generations for hundreds of years. The flavors and natural healing these herbs bring is so amazing.

Herbs can be used from flavoring foods, for enhancing one’s health, even use as repellents to keep insects at bay. Can you imagine a world without herbs? I know I can’t, In this article, we will be discussing how to grow tarragon that can really spice up your foods giving it that BANG. The leaves of tarragon have such a pleasant aroma and the taste is somewhat peppery.

Tarragon is used to flavor many dishes including rice, baked meats, sauces steam foods, broil foods, soups, salads, etc.. having this herb as a part of your seasoning will give your foods that added flavor that will go a long way in really enhancing the taste of your foods.

How to grow tarragon

Simple steps to grow tarragon

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Successfully Growing Cilantro

Tips on growing cilantro

Cilantro-how to grow cilantro
Cilantro Herb

The world of herbs is pretty amazing because of the many flavors they bring by exciting our taste buds. I have used herbs for years in many recipes that gave that WOW. Besides, their great taste herbs are filled with vitamins and benefit us in so many ways.

In this article, we will be looking at the world of cilantro and how to grow and care for them. Cilantro is known worldwide, these herbs are used in abundance in Asain and Mexican dishes.

Successfully Growing Cilantro

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How To Grow Chamomile

How to Grow and Care for Chamomile

Chamomile herb plant-Chamomile herb plant-chamomile herb
Chamomile Herb

Chamomile tea soothes the soul with every taste as it excites our taste buds. I was first introduced to this tea a few years ago by my wife since then I have heard reports from many about this wonder herb that calms the nerves putting us in such a relaxed state.

Chamomile herbs have so many benefits that it is mind-blowing which we will be discussing. Also, we will be taking a closer look at this herb that has gained worldwide recognition.

 The journey of  chamomile herb

Where does it all begin? I am so happy you asked. This wonder herb begins its journey In our home garden or gardens around the world where the growers of this herb know the power of chamomile.

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How To Grow Ginger

Ginger plant-how-to-grow-ginger

Growing the Ginger Planting Guide

The ginger root is very effective in fighting many body ailments. This root has been around for thousands of years, the ancients discovered its healing powers and took full advantage of it for centuries.

Ginger can be found in many products such as sodas, bread, cakes, candies, cooking recipes teas, medications, and so on.

But what process does it takes to produce such a potent plant that has proven to be so beneficial over the years and is still going strong?

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Garden herbs that contain healing wonders

The Benefits of Garden Herbs

As we take a tour of Eden’s Garden we will discover the healing wonders of herbs we grow in our very own backyards or have purchased from the supermarket on a weekly basis.

There are many persons who grow or purchase herbs from the supermarket week after week and are not aware of the healing wonders these herbs contain.

In our quest to add robust flavor to our soups, salads, and dishes, there is also another aspect of herbs that we must highlight. How can mint assist us in our overall health?

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How To Grow Herbs

Steps to Growing Garden Herbs

Herbs are one of Eden’s wonders that can bring delightful taste to your table causing family and friends to keep coming back for more of those scrumptious meals, I have been cooking for almost 30 years and most of those years I have used herbs since the day I got introduce to them. So we will be looking at these fascinating wonders of nature and how we can grow them out of our backyard and how they can make us healthier.

Growing Basil

Basil Herb

For me basil tops the list I use a few leaves from this herb in soups or when I am steaming foods, you can visit your nursery and purchase the seed or you can buy the plant itself, If growing from seed it will be of great benefit of purchasing garden soil. When planting from seed make sure that the seeds are not pressed too deeply into the soil, plant basil in an area where it can get enough sunlight about six hours is sufficient, make sure that the soil does not dries out completely, water more in hot weather.

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