How To Grow And Indoor Salad Garden

Kids Growing Indoor Greens

How To Grow Indoor Salad Greens-a-boy-eating-his-salad
A boy eating his salad

A great way to get kids to eat their veggies is by not only telling them about the importance of vegetables but by getting them involved in growing their very own indoor salad greens. As your kids watch and care for their veggies will instill in them (children) a sense of pride that they are growing their own food crop with their little hands. This was my experience as a child so I am sure that your kids will be excited as well.

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How To Choose Pots For Indoor Plants

4 Tips for Choosing Indoor Plant Pots

How to Choose Pots For Indoor Plants-potted-plants
Potted plants

Growing and caring for indoor plants is a great way to connect with nature in our indoor living space, growing indoor plants has so many benefits contributing to the aesthetics and creating a healthy environment by purifying or cleaning the air we breathe. Although the natural habitat for plants is outdoors we can climatize or groom many of them to thrive on the inside.

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How To Grow Pentas Indoors

Growing Pentas Indoor Guide

How To Grow Pentas Indoors-penta-flowers
Penta flowers

Pentas are beautiful flowering plants also known as the Egyptian star pentas are native to tropical southern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Comoros, and Madagascar. This tropical woody plant is considered a perennial or a subshrub. In its native habitat pentas can grow to be 3-6 ‘ tall, when grown and cared for in outdoor garden settings pentas will attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds but are known to be deer and rabbit resistant.

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How To Grow Blue Daze Indoors

Successfully Growing Blue Daze Indoors

How To Grow Blue Daze Indoors-a-blue-daze-flowering-plant
Blue daze flowers

With spring just ahead of us, we can get into our gardens once again working the soil as we work with some of our favorite garden plants not to mention planting those fruit trees or installing a herb or vegetable garden. Springtime is the time of the year when our garden plants are bursting with beautiful colorful flower blooms. This time of the year is greatly anticipated by the weekend warriors as we leave the colder months behind and look forward as the warmer months approaches.

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How To Get Rid Of White Mould On Indoor Plants

4 Proven Methods to Get Rid of White Mould

How To Get Rid Of Mould On Indoor Plants-a-house-plant
And indoor plant

The presence of indoor plants can beautify any indoor living area, I have had the pleasure over the years of being involved with many indoor garden projects that brought a restful pleasing and beautiful transformation that just breathed taking. It’s amazing how an indoor living space can be transformed into a thing of beauty with the presence of plants.

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How To Prune Indoor Herbs

How to Trim Herbs to Keep Their Freshness

How To Prune Herbs Indoors-herbs-in-containers
Growing herbs in containers

Garden herbs are popular and are used for medical purposes and for flavoring food recipes, in fact, herb use has been dated back as far as 13,000 B. C. and 25,000 B.C. The traditional method for growing garden herbs is outdoors in a garden setting but herbs can also be grown in an indoor environment or living space. Once these herbs reach maturity how can we help them to keep their natural forms that will encourage more healthy growth and freshness? Below we will be discussing this along with how to dry and store herbs and the benefits of pruning herbs. So let’s take a closer look at how to prune indoor herbs.

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How To know If I am Overwatering My Houseplants

Signs of Overwatering Indoor Plants

How To Know If I am Overwatering My Houseplant-container-plants
Container Plants

All plants need water to survive based on their watering needs, in an outdoor garden setting plants require water more often because of direct exposure to the sun and there may be the challenge of the wrong soil type (sandy soils) where high-maintenance plants may be involved. Because a plant’s natural habitat is outdoors bringing them indoors to a more controlled environment requires some know-how of how to care for them so it can grow just as healthy and thrive as if it was in an outdoor garden setting.

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The Growth And Care Of Poinsettias Indoors

How to Care of Poinsettias Indoors

The Growth And The Care Of Poinsettias Indoors-red-poinsettia
Red Poinsettia

A Plant that’s a favorite at Christmas time is poinsettias, these garden beauties have been a part of the Christmas tradition for centuries, in fact, history records that the tradition of poinsettias being used at Christmas time began ” in southern Mexico in the 1600s when Franciscan monks or priest used the colorful leaves and bracts to adorn extravagant nativity scenes”.

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How To Grow An Indoor Vegetable Garden

6 Easy Vegetables to Grow Indoors

How To Grow An Indoor Vegetable Garden-tomatoes-growing-on-a-vine
Tomatoes growing on a vine

The cold months have finally arrived but you shouldn’t let that stop you from extending the season, why not move your outdoor garden indoors by gardening in containers, this method of gardening can have you connecting indoors with nature amid the freezing outdoor temperatures. What I also love about growing foods indoors is having an almost endless supply of fresh healthy veggies grown by my very own hands.

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Growing Hibiscus Indoors

Hibiscus Indoor Care Guide

Growing Hibiscus Indoors-hibiscus-flowers
Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus is a tropical shrub that is grown on a wide scale because of its beauty, ease of growth, and its low maintenance. I have worked with many species on garden and landscape project and have seen the flavor these plants brings once use as a part of your garden design. Although hibiscus is popular for being grown outdoors the question is can hibiscus be grown indoors or as a house plant?

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How To Prune Houseplants

Tips to Prune Houseplants

How To Prune Houseplants-houseplants

Growing and maintaining indoor plants may not require as much attention as outdoor plants but indoor plants still need to be maintained to control their height and natural form. A part of proper maintenance practice for houseplants is keeping them will prune.

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How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors

Simple Methods to Grow Tomatoes Indoors

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors-tomatoes-growing-on-a-vine
Tomatoes growing on a vine

Growing tomatoes indoors is a great way to extend the season while eating fresh and healthy, while it’s good to utilize outdoor living space we can take advantage of our indoor living space as well, especially for those of you who may not have the space (outdoor gardens). Growing tomatoes indoors is a great way to have these delicious edibles at your fingertips. If you would like to know how to have success on how to grow tomatoes indoors then continue reading and see for yourself how simple this process is.

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Growing Indoor Edible Plants

Successfully Growing Edible Plants Indoors

Growing Indoor Edible Plants-growing-herbs-in-containers
Growing herbs in containers

With indoor gardening, we can extend the season year-round while eating fresh. Gardening indoors provides us the opportunity to grow edible foods in a safe way, why, because we are in control of how our foods are being grown. While it may be true that all plants may not thrive well on the inside we will take a closer look at those that dose and see how we can have much success by growing our own food crops.

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Indoor House Plant Care

8 Common House Plant Mistake To Avoid

Indoor House Plant Care-peace-lily and-palm-in-baskets
Gaint peace lily and palm in a basket

It’s amazing how plants can bring such change to our environment, plants have many benefits including being grown for food. All of us depend on plants to help us in so many different ways even wildlife, and insects depend on plants for their survival. Plants play a major role on our planet, from our outdoor gardens to our indoor living spaces the presence of plants can make a huge difference.

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Growing Bougainvillea Indoors

Bougainvillea Indoor Care

Growing Bougainvillea Indoors-bougainvillea-flowers
Bougainvillea Flowers

The bougainvillea plant is a tropical to sub-tropical beauty that is native to South America, this shrub is widely used in outdoor gardens as a hedge. Because bougainvilleas are known as climbers or spreaders they can be planted alongside lattices, fenced areas, arbors, carports, gazebos, etc.

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Oatmeal For Indoor Plants

Growing Healthy Plants With Oatmeal

Oatmeal For Indoor Plants-a-bowl-with-fruits-and-oats
Cereal oats and Fruits

Oatmeal is a popular breakfast cereal that’s high in fiber and other nutrients which is great for our bodies, according to history oats have been here for thousands of years. Its believed that oats have been around from “Egypt’s 12th Dynasty, around 2000B.C.” Its also believed that oats ” as far back as 7,000 B.C. was used by ancient Chinese”.

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How To Grow A Lemon Tree Indoors

Lemon Tree Indoor Growing Tips

How To Grow A Lemon Tree Indoors-lemons-growing-on-a-tree
Lemons growing on a tree

Creating an edible garden is a great way to connect with nature while providing a means to sustain both you and your family, but for many, there is the challenge of finding the space in making their dream garden a reality.

The good news is even though you may not have the space for an outdoor garden you can always bring nature indoors by creating an indoor edible garden.

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How To Water House Plants

Tips to Watering Indoor Plants

How To Water House Plants-container-plants
Container Plants

When it comes to giving house plants the right amount of water there is a misconception and because of this misconception, many house plants are suffering at the hands of their owners. “I killed my houseplants or I don’t have a green thumb” I have heard these statements on many occasions from people who seem to have tried hard and as best as they could to keep their house plants alive but in the end they acknowledge defeat.

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Forcing Trees and Shrubs to Bloom Indoors

Promote Flower Bloom Indoors

Forcing Trees And Shrubs To Bloom Indoors-a magnolia-flower
White magnolia flower

Fill your indoor living space this winter with beautiful flowers by forcing both your trees and shrubs to bloom, this technique will trick your spring trees and shrubs into thinking it’s spring even though it’s winter. Having that color pop as you connect with nature indoors is pretty amazing, forcing your indoor plants to produce flowers is a great way to get a jump start on the season, especially during the winter months.

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How To Keep Indoor Plants Alive During Winter

Indoor Winter Plant Care

Indoor Winter Plant Care-container-grown-plants
Container grown plants

The presence of indoor or interior plants can bring such great changes as we connect with nature by bringing nature indoors, interior plants not only bring a beautiful change to our indoor environment but also provide or clean the air we breathe. The winter months however can present a challenge for many homeowners as they seek to keep their plants alive and healthy during this time of the year.

To ensure that your plants keep their luster and thrive during the cold season follow these simple steps that will give you much success.

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Winter Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden Winter Activities

Winter Indoor Garden-growing-peppers-in-a-container
Red peppers

With the arrival of winter comes those chilly days and nights, the snow-covered ground and gardens seem to say it’s time to pack up those garden tools until the warmer weather arrives, or should we have to? Why stop what we love doing when we can extend the season by bringing nature indoors with a winter garden?

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Growing Food Indoors

Growing Vegetables and Herbs Indoors

Growing Food Indoors-growing-peppers-in-a-container
Red peppers

Thinking outside the box is a great way to stay ahead of the game which can increase your knowledge while helping you to save a few dollars. This creative thinking has sparked an interest as many persons are seeing the need to grow their own foods or to start an indoor edible garden. With an indoor edible garden, you can extend the season as you eat fresh during the winter months.

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Indoor Living Walls

How To Create A Living Wall

Indoor Living Walls-a-living-wall
A living wall

Constructing a garden is truly a work of art and what I love most is the different ways in which to create amazing designs, while there are no set rules to gardening except following the basics you are free to let your imagination run wild as you not only create that dream garden but a garden that will capture the hearts of many to enjoy.

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Indoor Pineapple Plant

Indoor Pineapple Plant Care

Indoor Pineapple Plant-pineapples

The earliest evidence of pineapple dates back as far as 1200 – 800 BC, it is believed that this fruit was cultivated by the Mayas and the Aztecs. There are also documents that report that pineapples were found growing in the West Indies by  Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter, Gonzalo, Fernández de Oviedo, Valdés and were used for food and making wine.

This world-famous fruit is enjoyed by so many and is used in many drinks and food recipes, there are more than 37 types of pineapples that are grown worldwide. The ornamental pineapple is one species that is among this group this pineapple type is not edible but is grown for aesthetic purposes, we will be looking at however at how to grow an indoor pineapple plant.

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Growing Mint Plants

How to Grow and Harvest Mint Plant

Growing Mint Plants-mint-herb
Mint herb

(Mentha) or the Mint plants are hardy perennials that are easy to grow, these garden herbs have a sweet aroma with a unique taste that can be used to make tea or give that extra zest to some of your favorite recipes. There are many mint varieties in fact 25 species to be exact that produce white, purple, or pink flowers.

The mint herb belongs to the family Lamiaceae and is native to Australia, Eurasia, North America, and southern Africa.

Mints are vigorous growers and are known to be invasive especially when growing alongside other plants therefore it’s recommended that mint receive their own planting bed because mint can and will compete with other plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients. For more on how to grow and harvest mint plants, let’s take a closer look.

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Indoor Plants Growing Tips

Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Growing Tips-indoor-flowering-plants
Indoor garden

I’m have heard this saying on many occasions which is ” I don’t have a green thumb”. When it comes to maintaining garden plants, to the beginner it can become frustrating, plants that are purchased or given to them as a gift having a significant value that was once beautiful now turns into a nightmare.

The good news, however, is that you don’t need a green thumb to have success with maintaining plants it’s all a matter of knowing how and you will be well on your way to growing plants that are healthy and vibrant. Below we will be looking at indoor plant growing tips.

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Indoor Gardening For Senior Citiznes

7 Great Indoor Ideas For seniors citizens

Indoor Gardening For Seniors-and-indoor-garden
Indoor garden

Gardening provides an opportunity for senior citizens to stay active contributing to their physical health as well as mental sharpness. Studies have also backed up the importance of gardening especially among seniors therefore it’s important that some type of gardening is carried out which will promote good health.

A great way to get seniors involved in gardening is by bringing nature indoors, while it’s great to work in our gardens on the great outdoors many seniors prefer to work indoors which can also be of great benefit. The goal here is getting them involved and an indoor garden can work just as well.

Below we will be looking at 7 indoor garden ideas for seniors that will not only keep them busy but will also create in them a sense of pride as they see the results of their time spent working on their gardens.

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How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In And Apartment

A Guide to Indoor Organic Gardening

How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In And Apartment-basil-herb
Basil herb

More and more people are seeking ways to promote good health this is the reason why many backyard gardens are either been created or transformed in such ways to grow food crops in a healthy way. Even if you live in an apartment and desire to grow your food crops organically you are not alone and the good news is that limited space can also be turned into an organic garden.

But to have success a well-thought-out plan must be put in place that’s why we are here to guide you along the way to help you think outside of the box as you accomplish your goals of growing your very own indoor organic garden.

What is an organic garden?

Simply put an organic garden is a garden where food crops are grown naturally or without the use of synthetics (man-made chemicals). With these types of gardens, everything from the soil to the food crop is organic.

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Hard to Kill Houseplants

8 Hard to Kill Houseplant

Hard To Kill House Plant-spider-plant
Spider Plant

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to enjoy the beauty of garden plants that will add that much-needed flavor. I have seen firsthand what indoor plants can do for the home environment working as an interior plantscape designer for many years.

Indoor plants will not only bring change but the mental and physical impact of indoor plants has so many benefits. I have heard many people say they just can’t seem to keep their plants alive and then there are those who just haven’t got the time for plant care but desire to spruce up their interior with garden plants.

If one of the two describes you then stick around because you can still have success with growing indoor plants by choosing these favorites that are hard to kill.

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Using Ice Cubes to Water Orchids

Can I Water my Orchids with Ice

Using Ice Cubes To Water Orchids-orchid-plants
Beautiful orchid plants

One of the challenges that many persons face is giving their plants the right amount of water whether watering plants that are directly grown in the ground or from containers many plants have suffered at the hands of those who are inexperienced.

Water is one of the key components to the survival of garden plants but if applied incorrectly such as under or overwatering can cause issues. I have heard statements over the years by persons saying they killed their plant either by giving too much water or just not having a green thumb.

If you’ve had this experience and would love to keep your plants looking as beautiful growing healthy just as you first brought them from your plant nursery then continue reading.

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Small Indoor Garden Ideas

Tiny Indoor Gardens

Small Indoor Garden Ideas-pothos-vine
Pothos Vine

Installing and maintaining a garden can be a rewarding experience as you connect with nature outdoors.  But what if you don’t have the yard space or maybe your desire is to go start an indoor garden, is this possible? the answer to that question is yes.

Thinking outside of the box can help in meeting the desired end by looking at ways to install an indoor garden. This is a great way to get a taste of nature on the inside, I have worked on many interior plantscape projects from 5-star resorts to private homes and know that with some thinking and planning you can bring much flavor into your indoor living space with these methods that have proven to work wonders.

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Growing Flowers Inside

12 Flowering Plants to Grow Iindoors

Guzmanias Flowers

Transforming your Interior into a Garden Paradise

Bring nature indoors by transforming your interior with a burst of colors as you create a garden paradise that is so inviting. Why should we limit the use of garden plants outdoors when they can and do serve so many benefits indoors? I remembered many years ago the apartment I lived in had gotten some plants that I installed on the inside and what a change it brought as I stepped back, the presence of these garden plants changed the atmosphere, the appearance along with the feel was pretty amazing.

In this article, we will be looking at 12 such flowering plants that can be grown inside as you transform your interior into a garden paradise, installing indoor plants will also clean the air that you breathe as it pulls toxins out of the air. Investing in indoor plants is a great way to connect with nature besides these other benefits with that said let’s take a closer look at 12 flowering plants that can be grown indoors.

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Indoor Hanging Plant Baskets

How to Grow and Care for Hanging Baskets

Flowering Begonia-indoor-hanging-plant-basket
Flowering Begonia

Bring nature indoors with indoor hanging baskets, the use of indoor plants is so beneficial to our mental and physical health what I love about indoor plants in particular hanging baskets is the beauty and restfulness it brings which can bring change creating an environment that is so inviting.

I have worked on many garden projects that involved designing and installing hanging baskets for the interior which were amazing that brought much flavor, what I also love about hanging baskets is if there isn’t enough space on the inside for installing container floor plants these baskets can be mounted on walls, from beams and other structures within the interior.

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Problems With Container plants

Solving Container-Grown Plant Problems

Container Plants-problems-with-container-plants
Container Plants

Growing Plants with the help of containers is not new but has been around for some time, this method is known as container gardening and does have its advantages but like any other garden type, there are challenges that must be addressed to have success.

I have spent many years in the landscape and gardening field and one of those areas where I worked most of those years was working as an interior plantscape designer and plant technician where I was faced with the good the bad and the ugly. But before we discuss container plant problems let’s take a closer look at the advantages of growing plants from containers.

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Homemade Fertilizer For Indoor Plants

Promoting Indoor Plant Growth With Homemade Fertilizers

Potted Pothos Vine

Gardening indoors can be a very rewarding experience as you bring nature on the inside, indoor plants, however, needs special care in order to perform at their best. As an interior plantscape designer, I was employed at a five-star resort many years ago where I was given the awesome task along with my team to ensure that the interiors were always polished and decorated with garden plants which we really did a great job at.

But in order for indoor plants to perform at their best, there are many requirements that must be met among fertilizers which are so vital to plant growth and development.

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How To Water Container Plants

Tips for Watering Container Plants

Garden Flowers

Gardening can be both an enjoyable and rewarding experience, the five-star resort where I was employed many years ago presented me with the opportunity to work as a nurseryman, a groundsman, and interior plantscape technician which I gladly excepted working in one area for a while before transferring to the next.

As interior plantscape technician, my team and I was not only responsible for creating beautiful garden designs but to ensure that those plants were properly maintained keeping their beauty and luster so besides the dusting, pruning, and fertilizing we had to ensure that those interior plants were getting the right amount of water.

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Growing Mandevilla Indoors

Successfully Growing Mandevilla Indoors

Potted Mandevilla -growing-mandevillas-indoors
Potted Mandevilla Vine

It gives such a good feeling to bring nature indoors, including garden plants on the interior can really take it up a notch. I remembered many years ago the apartment in which I lived needed a facelift on the interior so besides changing the carpet and shifting around the furniture I added a few plants, by the time I was finished my apartment was totally transformed it was a total makeover and it looked really great. Indoor plants not only bring that much-needed flavor but have the ability to purify the air that we breathe by pulling toxins out of the air so by adding these plants indoors we get the best of both worlds sounds good ok we will be having a look at growing another garden beauty indoors which is the Mandevilla.

Growing and caring for Mandevillas on the interior can give that WOW, this tropical beauty can really liven things up with its beautiful display of flowers which will give you a taste of the tropics. Why should these plants only grace our landscapes and gardens when they can be brought indoors displaying their dazzling effects and charm? So if you are interested in knowing how to grow and care for Mandevillas on the interior then stick around trust me it will be worth your time.

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Indoor Water Gardens

Gardening in a Bottle

A plant growing in a bottle-indoor-water-gardens
A plant growing in a bottle

A cool way to garden is gardening in a bottle, as a child growing up, I would often see plants such as pothos vines growing in bottles of water. I would be fascinated with this as I watch the roots lay still in the water to me this was pretty interesting because I was always accustomed to plants being grown in the soil.

Growing plants from a bottle with water only is not new but has been around for some time as I mentioned earlier this was something that fascinated me as a child. These gardens have become popular as many plant species are now being used.

Growing plants in a bottle indoors or starting a water garden of this sort is a good way to connect with nature by bringing nature the inside. These gardens can be used for beauty or to provide food giving those favorite dishes that much-needed flavor. Below are other benefits of having an indoor water garden.

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How To Harden Off Houseplants

Preparing Your House Plants for Outdoors

Indoor Plants-how-to-harden-off-houseplants
Indoor Plants

A challenge for many beginner gardeners is having the know-how of hardening off indoor plants for the great outdoors. Some because of a lack of knowledge in this area have paid the price dearly or should I say their plants paid the price which was so unfortunate. Indoor plants are grown in a controlled environment and because of this, their response is quite different when they are placed outdoors.

Plants that are acclimated or groomed for the indoors are grown as such to adapt to this kind of environment so taking them and placing them outdoors will be doing both you and them a great injustice. I have seen the results of indoor plants that were treated this way. From indoors directly outdoors and to be honest with you the end result was not pretty.

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Apartment Gardening

Beautifying Small Garden Spaces

Yellow Lily

Living in an apartment does not mean you have to give up on your dreams of having a garden. While your space may be limited, with careful and proper planning you can turn that limited space into a work of art that says home sweet home.

It is good to think outside the box getting creative as we move away from the old way of thinking that having a garden is only meant to be enjoyed by those who have sufficient space.

Though apartment gardens are gardens on a small scale, with these types of gardens you can still make a huge impact that will give that WOW.

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Plants That Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping Better with Plants

Peace Lily-plants-that-help-you-sleep-better
Peace Lily

We all know there is nothing like a good night’s sleep, It so amazes me how sleep can do our bodies so much good in fact according to research we should get 6-8 hours of sleep each night. I remember there were times when I was not feeling so good but after getting some sleep I felt so much better.

We all need sleep, including insects and animals. When it comes to plants though they don’t sleep yet they go through a rest period to be rejuvenated so in a way just as we rest by sleeping to be rejuvenated plants rest also and are rejuvenated. It is just something about sleep that causes our bodies to go through a rejuvenation process making us feel energized.

There are many persons that have all sorts of health issues and if the truth could be told many of those health issues can be traced back to a lack of sleep. Tossing and turning all night and then when you are about to be carried off by Mr. Sandman it is time to get up. Persons that experience sleeping disorders are a danger to themselves and those they work around including society. What can a lack of sleep cause?

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Indoor Pest-Repellent Plants

Using plants to keep indoor insects outdoors

Seven plants that work wonders

Here are 7 plants that can keep insects at bay. These seven plants have proven to get the job done.

Venus fly trap-Indoor-pest-repellent-plants
Venus fly trap

The world of insects is so fascinating. In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 9 quintillion species of insect worldwide. Many of these insects invade our gardens, landscapes and homes. These insects are divided into two groups, the bad bugs that feed on and destroy our garden plants and the good bugs that police our gardens by feeding on the bad bugs. The good bugs are also known as beneficial insects. Bees are beneficial insects, they may not feed on the bad bugs but they contribute to our gardens by pollinating garden plants.

The world of plants is amazing because many of these garden pests can be brought under control by some of these plants that repel and consume garden pests.

That is all well and good but what about insects that invade our homes, how can we control them with plants. The advantage of using plants is that this is a natural way to control indoor insects vs using sprays which can be harmful to humans and pets.

While it is true that at some point insect sprays may be needed, it is good to limit their use so we can breathe pure air which helps in promoting good health.

Have you ever had a battle with indoor pests that sought to pay you a visit as you were in the kitchen preparing that delicious meal, or sitting at the dinner table?

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Office Plant Care

Tips for Caring for Office Plants

Guzmania plants

Indoor plants have their benefits, I have worked with these plants over the years as an interior plantscape designer transforming office space and bringing so much delight to persons that worked in those areas.

It brought such change as persons connect with nature indoors. It was truly amazing and give me such a great feeling. In this article, we will be looking at how to take care of office plants.

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Insects And Interior Plants

Controlling Insects on Indoor plants

In this article, we will be looking at insects that invade our homes and attack our interior plants. Have you ever purchased a plant from your plant nursery hoping it would add flavor to that area that needed a facelift along with the hopes that this plant would also purify the air by removing impurities

only to find your plant not doing as well and starts to take on a sickly appearance, your trophy or your prize that you thought would purify the air along with adding beauty now becomes an eyesore? What went wrong?

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Cleaning The Air That You Breathe

Cleaning the Air the Natural Way

The advantage of having plants is that plants serve many functions and purposes. You can grow plants for food, for beauty, to make money, for medicine, and so on. But what is also amazing about plants is that plants can also clean the air that we breathe.

Indoor plants-cleaning-the-air-that-you-breath
Bamboo palm and Peace lily

Plants have the ability to filter the air that we breathe by pulling impurities out of the air. Therefore it is always good to have a few plants indoors to clean the air that we breathe, besides giving the interior of your building a more polished look. NASA did a study many years ago and discovered that indoor plants clean about 87% of the air that we breathe indoors.

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Interior Plantscape

Interior Plantscape Design and Maintenance

Guzmania plants

I remember the days of working in a five-star hotel as an interior plant scape technician. We would spruce up many areas of the hotel that needed some tender loving care. By the time we left those areas, a total transformation had taken place. Those beautiful plants with their various sizes, colors, and shapes that were installed brought a whole different flavor to those areas.

So in this article, we will look at the many features of interior plant scape including how they can help us from a health perspective.

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