Tips for Caring for Office Plants


Guzmania plants

Indoor plants have their benefits, I have worked with these plants over the years as an interior plantscape designer transforming office space and bringing so much delight to persons that worked in those areas.

It brought such change as persons connect with nature indoors. It was truly amazing and give me such a great feeling. In this article, we will be looking at how to take care of office plants.

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Controlling Insects on Indoor plants

In this article, we will be looking at insects that invade our homes and attacks our interior plants. Have you ever purchased a plant from your plant nursery hoping it would add flavor to that area that needed a facelift along with the hopes that this plant would also purify the air by removing impurities

only to find your plant not doing as well and starts to take on a sickly appearance, your trophy or your prize that you thought would purify the air along with adding beauty now becomes an eyesore? What went wrong?

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Cleaning the Air the Natural Way

The advantage of having plants is that plants serve many functions and purposes. You can grow plants for food, for beauty, to make money, for medicine, and so on. But what is also amazing about plants is that plants can also clean the air that we breathe.

Indoor plants-cleaning-the-air-that-you-breath

Bamboo palm and Peace lily

Plants have the ability to filter the air that we breathe by pulling impurities out of the air. Therefore it is always good to have a few plants indoors to clean the air that we breathe, besides giving the interior of your building a more polished look. NASA did a study many years ago and discovered that indoor plants clean about 87% of the air that we breathe indoors.

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Interior plant scape design and maintenance


Guzmania plants

I remember the days of working in a five- star hotel as an interior plant scape technician. We would spruce up many areas of the hotel that needed some tender loving care. By the time we left those areas, a total transformation had taken place. Those beautiful plants with their various sizes, colors, and shapes that were installed brought a whole different flavor to those areas.

So in this article, we will look at the many features of interior plant scape including how they can help us from a health perspective.

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