How To Make A Bug Terrarium

Tips for Creating a Bug Terrarium with Kids

How To Make A Bug Terrarium Garden-a-terrarium-garden
A terrarium bug garden


I remembered as a child I got the idea to fill a clear glass jar with soil, followed by adding a few ants, I punched a few holes in the top of the container lid to ensure that my ants were getting sufficient oxygen. At that time I did not know anything about a terrarium garden, I was proud of it and made sure that my ants did not run out of food.

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How To Make Wind Chimes

Making Garden Wind Chimes with Kids

How To Make Wind Chimes-heart shape-wind-chimes
Heart shape wind chimes

The sounds of wind chimes can be so comforting as the breeze blows gently, this sweet melodious sound can relieve stress as you relax and unwind. My wife loves wind chimes, these are one of her favorite garden pieces, what I love about wind chimes is that soft distance sound, I believe that nature even stops for a while and gives a bright smile at the wonderful sounds of chimes.

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How To Make A Scarecrow For The Garden

Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Scarecrow

How To Make A Scarecrow For The Garden-a-scarecrow-in-the-garden

A scarecrow in the garden

Maintaining a garden at times can present some challenges, from nutrient issues to soils that must be improved to grow healthy thriving plants and then there are many uninvited guest such as garden insect pests that can turn a dream garden into a nightmare if control measures are not taken immediately. But another problem that many home garden face including farmlands is dealing with the many wildlife seeking to make a meal out of their garden plants, especially for those of us who grow food crops.

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How To Plant A Pollinator Garden With Kids

Teaching Kids about a Pollinating Garden

How To Plant A Pollinator Garden With Kids-bees-collecting pollen
Bees collecting pollen

Kids are curious and will ask questions, their little minds are impressionable therefore it’s important to equip them with the knowledge they need by providing them with opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge which will impact their lives in a positive way. A great way to leave a lasting impression is to teach your kids about the importance of a pollinating garden.

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How To Use Sunflower Heads To Feed Birds

Kids Feeding Birds with Sunflower Seeds

How To Use Sunflower Heads To Feed Birds-a-bird-eating-sunflower-seeds
A bird eating sunflower seeds

A great activity that’s both fun and educational is having kids feed birds with sunflower seeds, growing and harvesting sunflower seeds is an inexpensive and easy way to provide seeds for wildlife. Providing sunflower seeds will make your garden inviting getting the attention of birds and other wildlife which is a great offer they can’t refuse.

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How To Make A Toad House For The Garden

Easy Steps to Creating a Toad House

How To Make A Tod House For The Garden-a toad-in-a-toad-house
A toad house

What makes a garden pretty amazing besides the many plant species is attracting wildlife along with a diversity of insects, this community is considered a biodiversity community that helps to bring balance to the ecosystem. One such amphibian that is attracted to a garden setting is toads, the natural habitats of toads are, grasslands, fields, woodlands, hedgerows, and sand dues. These little garden creatures spend the earlier part of their lives underwater as eggs and then tadpoles and the later part of their lives are spent on land.

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How To Grow A Recycled Garden With Kids

Tips for Growing a Kids Recycled Garden

How To Grow A Recycled Garden For Kids-growing-flowering-plants-in-a-pair- of-boots
Flowering plants in a pair of boots

There is a famous quote “one man’s junk is another Man’s treasure” This is so true as I have seen many times how a throwaway has been turned into something useful it’s all a matter of thinking outside of the box and using your creative imagination. This is also true when it comes to gardening, that which is considered useless and without value can be transformed into something useful and of great value.

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How To Build A Snack Garden For Kids

Tips to Build a Snack Garden for Kids

How To Build A Snack Garden For Kids-a-boy-watering-plants
A boy watering plants

Educating kids from an early age about the importance of healthy living is a great way to get them off to a great start, the time that’s invested will point them in the right direction on what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These healthy snacks can be grown either from your garden or you can map out a plot or a little area that personally belongs to them where they are given the responsibility to care for their garden which I think will excite them.

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Wildlife Gardening For Kids

How to Teach Kids about Wildlife

Wildlife Gardening For Kids-a-boy-watering-plants
A boy watering plants

A great way to teach kids about the importance of nature is with a wildlife garden, these gardens can show kids the importance of biodiversity and how it impacts our environment. A wildlife garden will entertain and impact kids in a positive way as they expand their knowledge about how nature works as a whole to bring balance to our ecosystem.

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Winter Activities For Children

12 Winter Activities For Children

Winter Activities For Children-a-kid-playing-in-the-snow
A kid playing in the snow

The winter months are fast approaching this time of the year can still be filled with fun activities for kids to enjoy in spite of those cold chilly days. One thing for sure however is this is the time of the year when children dress warmly from head to toe as they prepare for outdoor activities, but there are also indoor winter activities as well which can keep them busy being just as fulfilling as they exercise their brainpower.

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Organic Gardening for Kids

Teaching kids about the Importance of Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening For Kids-kid-watering-flowers
Kid watering flowers

Organic gardening is much talk about the methods which are implemented have proven to be beneficial, this way of gardening teachers how to grow healthy promoting one’s health, however, the responsibility lays with us in passing this gardening method on to the next generation which I believe is so important.

We cannot afford to let this form of gardening die but continue to fan the flames through education that will allow this practice to continue to the next generation and generations to come becomes our very survival along with wildlife, beneficial insects, pollinators and our ecosystem is depending on us getting the word out. Pollinators play a major role in the creation and maintenance of our ecosystem which is so amazing.

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Gardening For Kindergarten

Sustaining the Next Generation through Knowledge

Children Vegetables-gardening-for-kindergarten
Onion, Potato, and Carrot

One of the keys to successful living is being able to sustain one’s self and this can only happen by acquiring the right knowledge through education. The era that we now live in has not been more challenging but yet at the same time has presented us with opportunities to grow and advance.

With how modern technology is changing so rapidly we can position and teach the next generation as well as generations to come on the importance of self-preservation. A country that can sustain itself by mass food production is in a good place by not being a strain on the world’s economy by importing food for its survival.

I can still remember as a child, the neighborhood which I grew up, many of the families either grew some type of edible plant or planted a garden in which was grown many types of edible foods my family and I being among this group.

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Insect Body Parts And Their Functions

Insects playing chess-insect body-parts and their functions
Insects playing chess

The amazing world of insects

The insect world is so fascinating that it is mind-blowing. When you think of the many insects there are to humans it can leave you scratching your head. It is estimated that there are 10 quintillion insects on our planet now that’s a lot of insects that outnumber the human race by far and what is even more interesting is that many of these insects are so diverse.

There are some insects known as good bugs or beneficial insects that assist us in protecting our gardens and landscape. What that means is these insects feed on other insects that are known as the bad bugs which feed on and destroy our garden plants.

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat vegetables?

Kids Loading Up on Greens

Vegetables smiling and dancing-how-to-get-your-kids-to-eat-vegetables
Veggies smiling and marching

As parents one of the challenges most of us face if not all of us and that is getting our children to eat their vegetables. I am sure you can still remember your childhood days when your mom or dad or both of them may be some other family member almost had to brainwash you into eating your vegetables or perhaps you were one of those kids that just loved eating your vegetables without having to be brainwashed or threatened.

Well if the latter describes you then I know it was a joy for your parents to fill your plate with veggies. You were rare as a child in this matter because this is not how it is with kids that are in most homes. The flip side of the coin, however, is that in some homes kids are discouraged by parents not to eat vegetables, and what I mean by that is some parents indirectly discourage their kids by getting them used to unhealthy eating.

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Just for kids-Insect facts

The fascinating world of insects

Happy Bee

In this article, we will be looking and doing a bit of study of the insect world. It is so amazing how many species of insects there are on planet earth, and what is even more interesting is their numbers are staggering. But before we get into all of this fun stuff we will be looking at persons who work in this field.


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Just for kids-Plant facts

Developing young minds through science

Just for kids is a web page that has been created just for kids. In this article, we will be looking at science and how it relates to us and our world. I believe that science is one way that we can develop our kid’s minds while they learn what nature has to offer and how it benefits us.

When did science begin?

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Gardening for kids

Gardening for kids can be such a rewarding experience. I remembered as a child having my very own garden that I designed and constructed with my very own hands it was such an exciting experience that I still remember to this day.


There were days when I would be outside turning the soil in preparation for planting my seeds. My garden consisted of okras, pepper, peas, and corn.

I would go into my garden on a daily basis to water my seedlings, then after a week or so I would notice little leaves and stems. Man, I was so proud of my seedlings, it was like walking on the clouds. The good news about kids getting involved with gardening is that it brings them closer to nature where they can have a better understanding and appreciation of how nature works.

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