How to Successfully Grow a Lawn from Seeds

How To Start A Lawn From Seed-grass-seeds-germination

Grass seed germination

Starting a lawn from grass seeds is a great and inexpensive way to have that dream lawn that you always wanted. However though inexpensive may call for more attention to ensure that grass seeds germinate and grow into a healthy lawn.

But the good news is that the transformation that takes place by turning a bear or undeveloped spot into a work of art with a lawn that’s growing lush and green is worth the investment.

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Growing a Beautiful Lawn from Grass Seeds

Robin Standing In A Grass Area-how-to-keep-birds-from-eating-grass-seeds

A Robin standing in the grass

In order to grow a lawn that is thriving especially when growing from grass seeds, we should do all that we can to protect seeds from birds that will seek to make a meal out of our grass seeded area.

Growing a lawn using this method may call for a bit more but to ensure grass seeds germinate giving us the lawn we envision it is crucial that we take the necessary steps to have success.

I can understand the frustration of many homeowners seeking to grow a beautiful lawn from seeds but having the awesome responsibility of keeping birds away which can be a daunting task.

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Avoid these 12 Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Cutting the lawn

There is a popular saying that “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” and while this statement does not necessarily mean grass in terms of our lawn this to can be applied to just that.

Can you imagine your neighbor’s lawn growing so healthy with a beautiful green while your lawn from its appearance is saying that it’s in desperate need of some TLC (tender loving care)?

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Perfect Timing for a Beautiful Lawn

When Is The Best Time To fertilize Your Lawn-a-beautiful-maintained-lawn

A beautifully maintained lawn

Having a lawn that’s healthy-looking can do a lot to enhance your property’s value, but in order to have a lawn that performs at this level requires (feeding) fertilizing with the right fertilizers at the right time for the best results.

But before we touch on this topic what I want to emphasize here is a beautiful healthy lawn is dependent on more than just fertilizing. Proper water management, keeping your lawn mowed at the right height along with choosing a lawn that fits into your plan will work wonders, for example, St Augustine grass cannot withstand continual foot traffic which will cause this lawn type to die out.

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Getting a Jump Start on the Season

Raking leaves of grass-how-to-take-care-of-grass-in-the-fall

Raking leaves of grass

The fall season can be a busy time with the amount of clean up we’re faced with such as leaf raking, pruning, etc… which makes working on the great outdoors so great but we can’t forget our lawns which look so great keeping us proud doing the spring and summer months.

But as the spring and summer month passes and the colder months approaches and with less microbial activity our lawns are depending on us to keep them in the best possible shape ever.

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