Getting a Jump Start on the Season

Raking leaves of grass-how-to-take-care-of-grass-in-the-fall

Raking leaves of grass

The fall season can be a busy time with the amount of clean up we’re faced with such as leaf raking, pruning, etc… which makes working on the great outdoors so great but we can’t forget our lawns which look so great keeping us proud doing the spring and summer months.

But as the spring and summer month passes and the colder months approaches and with less microbial activity our lawns are depending on us to keep them in the best possible shape ever.

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Growing GREEN with these Natural methods

Garden Lawn-organic-lawn-tips

A Garden Lawn

Garden lawns are a great investment especially when correctly maintained,  I have worked on many lawn projects from lawn construction to lawn maintenance and have seen the great transformation they bring. Have you ever driven in a neighborhood with homes that were nicely landscaped being complemented with a beautiful lawn what were your thoughts?

Garden lawns can really bring everything together including the home. I have seen and worked on lawns that looked picture perfect. A nicely maintained lawn and garden area can increase a properties value along with giving a peaceful and restful feeling that is so inviting. These manicured lawns and gardens seem to say welcome or home sweet home.

Another method of growing a lawn which is on the rise are organic lawns, the first time I heard about this type of lawn I was pretty amazed because it seems in this day and time everything just about is going organic from foods to clothes, etc.. So we will be moving away from the traditional lawn and focusing on organic lawns which have its advantages.

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Giving your lawn a breath of fresh air

Beautiful maintained lawn with lines-lawn aerating

Manicured Lawn

Having a beautiful healthy well-kept lawn is pretty amazing. I have seen so many lawns over the years that were just eye-popping almost picture perfect. Many years ago I was a foreman on a large estate that was surrounded by turf.

The owner really loved his grass and wanted it to be well maintained at all times. So I had the awesome responsibility of having my crew ensure that the lawn was well taken care of. We had our challenges at times with the weather along with many lawn insect pests problems

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Grass Clippings A Gold Mine


Manicure Lawn

You have just mowed your lawn and everything looks great, for weeks you have been meaning to take on this task but could not find the time, but finally, you were able to squeeze in some time and the lawn looks awesome.

But wait what are you going to do with all of that grass clipping that is left there laying on the lawn, will you throw it away I mean it’s just grass clippings no big deal or is it?

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Promoting our health by installing a lawn

Garden Lawn

Grass can add such appeal to landscapes and garden areas. Over the years I have worked on many garden projects installing grass and it was amazing to see how those newly install grass transform those areas.

There are so many species of grass that are being us for many different reasons, but one thing that we can agree on is how grass gives such a touch of class.

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