Kalanchoe Plant Care

 Kalanchoe Grow and Care Guide

Kalanchoe Plant Care-kalanchoe-flowers
Kalanchoe flowering plants

Kalanchoe belongs to the family Crassulaceae and is in a genus of 12 species of succulent flowering plants this garden beauty is native to Madagascar. Kalanchoes are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes, these plants are famous for their showy colorful bloom and their thick leather leaves.

What I love about kalanchoes is their ease of care as they bring that much-needed color pop to your indoor living space. Most kalanchoe species are perennial herbaceous plants, though some are shrubs and a few are annuals. For more on the care of this evergreen continue reading.

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Phlox Flowers Care

How to Plant, Care and Grow Phlox Flowering Plant

Phlox Flowers Care-phlox-flowers
Phlox Flowers

Fill your garden with amazing colors and fragrance this spring and summer with the phlox flowering plants, this garden beauty is native to Arkansas, New York, Mississippi, and Iowa south to Georgia. Phlox belongs to the family Polemoniaceae and is a genus of 67  species of annuals and perennial plants thriving in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 8.

Phlox flowering plants are low maintenance nectar-producing plants that are used in wildlife gardens to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and are also animal resistant. Phlox can be used as fresh-cut flowers or to create a perennial border, this garden beauty is showy in the landscape bringing that much-needed color and life.

Growing and caring for phlox flowering plants has its benefits as you get the best of both worlds and these plants are so easy to maintain. If you are interested in joining the many homeowners who are having much success with this garden beauty then continue reading to find out how it’s done.

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Golden Pothos Plant Care

A Complete Guide on the Growth and Care of Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos Plant Care-golden-pothos-vine
Golden pothos plant vine

Epipremnum aureum commonly called golden pothos or creeping charlie belongs to the family Araceae and is native to the Solomon Island. This hardy plant whether growing in or outdoors cannot be killed easily, I have worked with the golden pothos on many garden projects and have seen how well they perform.

The golden pothos is a popular indoor plant, this plant looks great especially when used at the base of palms and other garden plants which was one of my specialties when creating both indoor and outdoor garden designs. For more on golden pothos plant care continue reading and find out how easy it is to grow and care for this plant.

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Japanese Anemone Flower

Japanese Anemone Flower Grow Guide

Japanese Anemone Flower-flowering-plants
Japanese anemone flowers

Eriocapitella hupehensis (Japanese anemone flowers) belongs to a species of about 200 flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae, these wildflowers though native to China have been cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years. The Japanese anemone flower can also be found growing worldwide including North America, Europe, the U.S., etc… the name of this plant is derived from the Greek word anemōnē which means the daughter of the wind.

The Japanese anemone flower is given this name because of the delicate flowers that are blown open by the wind which also blows away the dead petals. This perennial produces flowers that resemble a saucer with glossy foliage (leaves) the flowers ranges in many colors including creamy pink, white, purple, etc…

This garden beauty is salt tolerant, attracts butterflies but is deer and rabbit resistant along with being popular in wedding bouquets and is a favorite choice among garden and landscaping specialists, bring your garden to life by making the Japanese anemone flowers a part of your garden design. For more on how to successfully grow the Japanese anemone flowers continue reading as we take a closer look.

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Calathea Ornata Plant Care

How to Care for and Grow Calathea Ornata Plant

Calathea Ornata Plant Care-calathea-indoor-plant
Calathea ornata plant

Calathea Ornata also called the prayer plant, pine-stripe, zebra plant, peacock plant, etc… is native to South America (Colombia, Venezuela) and is a genus of plants belonging to the family Marantaceae. There are said to be over 300 species of these garden beauties of which many can be found growing in tropical regions such as Thailand, Africa, the West Indies, and Central America.

This low-maintenance plant that is non-toxic to humans and pets will put on a show for you with its pinstriped leaves that are so stunning. The calathea ornata brings a tropical flavor that is worth the investment so give it a try and see for yourself. You will be so happy that you did, with that said let’s take a closer look as we venture into the world of this garden beauty.

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