12 Herbal Teas that will Boost your Health

Best Herbs For Tea-chamomile-tea

A cup of chamomile tea

There is nothing like sitting down to a nice cup of tea especially doing those chilly days and cold nights. But what you don’t want is just any tea but a tea that will promote your health while you’re enjoying it.

Sure there are other hot beverages that will delight your taste buds as it warms your heart and nothing is wrong with that but how good it is to sip on herbal teas that have so many benefits helping to maintain our body’s health.

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Sleep A Natural Way To Bring Healing

Peace Lily-plants-that-help-you-sleep-better

Peace Lily

We all know there is nothing like a good night’s sleep, It so amazes me how sleep can do our bodies so much good in fact according to research we should get 6-8 hours of sleep each night. I remember there were times when I was not feeling so good but after getting some sleep I felt so much better.

We all need sleep, including insects and animals. When it comes to plants though they don’t sleep yet they go through a rest period to be rejuvenated so in a way just as we rest by sleeping to be rejuvenated plants rest also and is rejuvenated. It is just something about sleep that causes our bodies to go through a rejuvenation process making us feel energized.

There are many persons that have all sorts of health issues and if the truth could be told many of those health issues can be traced back to a lack of sleep. Tossing and turning all night and then when you are about to be carried off by Mr. Sandman it is time to get up. Persons that experience sleeping disorders are a danger to themselves and those they work around including society. What can a lack of sleep cause?

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Sweetly healing naturally

Lemon balm-lemon-balm-tea-benefits

Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm herb is dated back to more than 2,000 years ago which means this herb has seen many generations. Lemon balm has a lemony taste that can flavor your foods.

Lemon balm herb is a native of northern African and southern Europe. This herb belongs to the mint family and is a perennial plant. Back in ancient times, it was believed that making lemon balm a part of your diet contributed to living longer.

Many restaurants worldwide use lemon balm herb to flavor many of their popular dishes. But besides its wonderful flavors what other benefits does this herb serve.

 Lemon balm tea benefits

My personal experience

What I love about herbs is they can be included in our diet to bring natural healing. Many products that are sold on the market to promote healing have so many side effects.

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12 benefits of drinking rosemary tea

Rosemary tea-rosemary- tea- benefits

Rosemary Herb

Rosemary Herb has an amazing aroma and the flavors of this herb are truly out of this world. I learned about this herb many years ago, since then I have been stuck on rosemary and used it ever since.

I believe for anyone who wants to wake up or spruce up their dishes giving it that WOW  this herb is key. Word of caution here rosemary is very powerful and using too much of it can really give your foods a bitterish taste so use in moderation when preparing those dishes.

Cooking with rosemary herb

A few ideas when cooking with this herb.

Rosemary can be added to your

  • Soups
  • Steam foods
  • Rice
  • Bake foods
  • Broil foods

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10 Benefits of drinking thyme tea

Cup of time tea-thyme-tea-health-benefits

A cup of thyme tea

Taking the time to take a closer look at thyme

I would love for us to take the time to have a closer look at thyme and its many benefits. I have been using this herb for many years and still am to this day. As a child, my parents loved cooking with thyme.

I watched on many occasions as my father who is now deceased moved about in the kitchen preparing those delicious meals and one of the herbs he always went for was thyme.

Thyme has such a pleasant aroma and I remembered there were times he would be cooking and this wonderful odor would fill our home. Many Bahamian dishes are prepared with this herb especially our famous peas n rice.

Tourists travel from near and far to enjoy our culture along with the beautiful weather and beaches, you guess right also our famous peas n rice that have touched so many hearts as they keep coming back for more.

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