Getting to the root of the problem

Plant Roots-treating-root-rot

Plant Roots

Plant roots are like what the heart is to humans and if there is a problem that spells BIG trouble. A plant root system consists of fiberous roots or feeder roots an also tap roots, each plays a major role in the health and life of garden plants and then there are roots which are known as adventitious roots these roots grow above ground from leaves and stems. No matter the plant species, how big or small all of them have one thing in common and that is the root system which they produce and depend on to survive.

One of the key factors in having success with garden plants is having knowledge of the root system in relation to the plant species and their individual water requirements. While some plants thrive on a great amount of moisture there are others that require less water ( Cactuses, Bromeliads, ZZ plants). There is another factor that affects a plant’s root system and it is a must that we have some knowledge in this area to have success with our gardens.

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Pampering this lady with love

Rhapis Excelsa-how-to-care-for-a-lady-palm

Rhapis Excelsa

Pulling out all the stops for this lady is worth the effort. The lady palm or as it is called rhapis excelsa is a plant that is famous for being grown indoors. This was one of the interior plants which I mostly worked with many years as an interior plantscape designer. What I can say about this lady is that she loves plenty of attention so in order for her to perform at her best shower her with your love.

The lady palm is a high maintenance plant that loves moisture. I remember on a few occasions seeing this lady dropping not looking so happy because of a lack of attention. What I love about this lady is how full and beautiful she gets as she matures.

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The queen of palms

Queen Palms-queen-palm-care

A queen palm

Queen palm care guide, having success with this lady

The queen palm is a tropical plant that is native to South America, this beautiful palm loves the warm weather and creates interest by giving that tropical look. The leaves of the queen palm are bright and glossy which looks so graceful making this palm a show stopper that can bring much flavor and style into your landscape and gardens. The queen palm can reach heights of up to 50 ft, this plant can be found in many coastal areas.

It is believed that the queen palm has some of the largest fronds (leaves) which can reach up to over 15 ft. At our international airport, there are a few of them that can be found on the property. The fruits of the queen palm are bright orange which adds to the beauty of this lady.  For more on the care of the queen palm stick around as we take a closer look at growing this show beauty.

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A hardy type plant that is a fast grower

Washingtonia Robusta-washingtonia-robusta-care

Washingtonia Robusta

The Washingtonian Robusta or Mexcian Fan Palm is an amazing plant that can reach heights of up to 100 ft, These palms are widely used and can be seen gracing the landscapes of many newly built homes especially office building. What makes this palm so great is it is a hardy plant and a fast grower. The resort where I once was employed installed many of these palms in some of their garden areas.

Several of these palms were also installed on the resort’s golf course to give that tropical look which was so inviting. The Washingtonia Robusta can work wonders sprucing up that drab area. The downside to these palms is though self-cleaning the dead leaves take a while before they are detached from the tree. Once the leaves turn brown and died they move from an upstanding position to a downward position remaining attached to the tree for a long time which can really take away from the palms beauty. The leaves may have to be removed manually especially by a certified landscape company that has both the training and the equipment to perform this job.

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Growing areca palms both out and indoors

Areca Palm-areca-palm-care

Areca Palm

The Areca palm is widely used in many landscapes and gardening designs including the interior. I first became familiar with these plants many years ago as an interior plantscape designer. My team and I would install these palms in the interior garden areas, placing them in decorative containers to line public pathways, the lobby areas, restaurants etc…

These palms have a good spread in height which can grow to 7 ft or taller and a width which makes this plant perfect to use as a privacy plant to screen certain areas that you want hidden. What I love about the areca palm are the long feathery leaves that give it a unique appearance.

The areca palm is also known as the butterfly plant. Driving around the island these palms can be seen growing in many home gardens. Our international airport’s plant nursery has several of these palms lining the border of the chain link fence which acts as a perfect screen keeping the nursery hidden from passing traffic.

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