Date Palm Tree Care

Your guide to growing a date palm and harvesting its fruits

Date Palms-date-palm-care
Date Palm

The fruits of the date palm are very delicious one bite and you will want some more when first introduced to these fruits many years ago I was amazed by taste which can really excite your taste buds. The five-star resort where I was employed many years ago had and still have to this day those date palm trees that grace the landscapes and gardens. As far as I can remember the fruits from these trees were not harvested but removed for safety issues and discarded so it was painful at times to see these fruits removed and haul away to the garbage area.

The Date palm, however, is popular in Arizona and Southern California. The fruits of the date palms are highly prized in the middle east and are enjoyed on a wide scale by the citizens. For many, the dates from these palms provide both business and lively hood. These palms can be successfully grown in tropical-subtropical climates and will give your gardens and landscape that polish look.

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Sago Palm Care

A Complete Guide to Growing Sago palm

Sago Palm-sago-palm-care
Sago Palm

The sago palm is a popular plant that is used in many garden projects and designs, these plants are among the family of cycads and are said to be dated back as far as the time of the dinosaurs which is a very long time ago. The king and the queen sago is unique in appearance and can really highlight your garden and landscape areas.

These palms can be grown both in and outdoors. The sago palm produces feathery foliage and cones that adds to their attraction, the trunk of the sago palm is thick with thorns or spears which can deliver a very painful experience so care should be taken when handling them. This palm is a slow grower so much patience is needed but its slow growth makes this palm a must because it is low maintenance.

But how do we grow and care for these garden beauties that have made a name for themselves? if you are interested in knowing then stick around as we take a closer look at adding the king and the queen sago palms to our landscapes and gardens.

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Royal Palm Care

Giving that royal touch with the royal palm

Royal palm-royal-palm-care
Royal Palm

The royal palm is an amazing plant, this palm can reach heights of up to 80 ft with a spread of  25 feet. The leaves of this giant can grow anywhere from 10-15 ft so this gives you a feel of how large this palm gets. I know what you are thinking, what am I going to do with a palm of this size in my garden? these palms cannot be found in the average home gardens but can be found in other places such as lining roadways, shopping malls, parking lots, and other areas that are large enough to accommodate these plants.

So for the average homeowner, this palm maybe just a little too much but if you are still interested in the growth and care of these plants then stick around as we take our journey into the world of the royal palm.

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Growing Bamboo Palms

How to grow and care for bamboo palm guide

Bamboo Palm-bamboo-palm-care
Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm is a popular plant that has created a name for its self. Bamboo palms are native to Central America and Mexico. This tropical- sub-tropical plant is grown both in and outdoors. I have used the bamboo palm on many garden projects creating beautiful designs. Their growing height is about 12 ft with a width of 3-15 ft. What I love about these palms is they are natural air purifiers so if you are in the market for a natural air purifier then the bamboo palm is the plant for you. Below we will be discussing the growth and care of the Bamboo palm.

Things you must know

Planting Location

The plant location should be an area that is partially shaded to shaded.

Soil Type

The bamboo palm can tolerate a range of soil types but does well in organic-rich soil that has good drainage.

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Ponytail Palm Care

A hardy type plant that is worth the investment

Ponytail Palm-ponytail-palm-care
Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm is an amazing plant that is a native of Southeastern Mexico. These garden beauties have a unique appearance and the leaves have a tough texture. I first got introduced to these palms a few years ago as an interior plantscape designer, a part of my responsibility was to keep them growing healthy on the interior, but what I find so amazing about this plant is it is not a true palm at all but rather belongs to the Yucca family.

The ponytail palm is a slow grower so much patience is needed when growing and caring for these plants. The base of the ponytail truck is swollen because this is where the water is stored for the plant during the hot and dry season. Ponytail palms are popular for growing indoors, in this article, however, we will not only be looking at how to grow ponytails indoors but outdoors as well.

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