Keys to Growing Healthy Tomatoes

Whether you’re growing tomatoes from your garden or from containers these fruits are delicious and will flavor your favorite salads and recipes giving that WOW. Not only will you be enjoying the flavors these fruits bring but the healthy side which is so beneficial to our health but what can put a damper on reaping a harvest is tomatoes which contract a disease.

All of that hard work will be paid off so don’t despair despite your tomatoes has disease issues you can still reap a harvest by following these methods as you nurse your tomato plants back to good health. Here are diseases to keep an eye on including how to treat.

Disease of tomatoes-disease-of-tomato

Disease of tomatoes

Disease of Tomatoes

  • Early Blight
  • Dumping Off
  • Late Blight
  • Septoria Leaf Spot
  • Blossom Drop
  • Anthracnose
  • Sunscald
  • Mosaic Virus
  • Tomato Bacterial Diseases
  • Blossom-End Rot
  • Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt

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Getting to the root of the problem

Plant Roots-treating-root-rot

Plant Roots

Plant roots are like what the heart is to humans and if there is a problem that spells BIG trouble. A plant root system consists of fiberous roots or feeder roots an also tap roots, each plays a major role in the health and life of garden plants and then there are roots which are known as adventitious roots these roots grow above ground from leaves and stems. No matter the plant species, how big or small all of them have one thing in common and that is the root system which they produce and depend on to survive.

One of the key factors in having success with garden plants is having knowledge of the root system in relation to the plant species and their individual water requirements. While some plants thrive on a great amount of moisture there are others that require less water ( Cactuses, Bromeliads, ZZ plants). There is another factor that affects a plant’s root system and it is a must that we have some knowledge in this area to have success with our gardens.

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Preserving  your plant’s blossom

Bougainvillea -what-causes-blossom-drop-in-plants

Bougainvillea flowers

We put time and effort into our gardens because what we want is to reap a good harvest. But what happens when everything is looking so promising and then out of nowhere it hits you. Your face with the issue of having to resolve why your garden plants are experiencing blossom drop.

This has been the unfortunate experience of so many gardeners which can become very frustrating leaving some without a clue as to what to do. The good news is if this describes you then you have come to the right place to understand and bring to an end your plant’s blossom drop issues.

Being a plant detective

Reasons, why you have blossom drop, may include

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There are many factors that can influence plant disease. We will be looking at some of these basic facts. While this article will not be covering all aspects of plant disease, we will be looking at some general information.

Garden plant-plant-disease-control

Garden flowering plant

If plants are not cared for properly eg. in the case of overwatering, it can cause plant disease or the gardener may have used an infected tool that was not properly sterilized.

Also, it may be situations that are out of your control that trigger plant disease eg. rain is an environmental factor that is out of our control. It can cause a plant to get so much water that the soil becomes saturated or waterlogged.

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Combating plant disease

Infected leaves-plant-disease

Disease on garden plants

Apart from pest problems, another problem that arises at times is having to deal with plants that have become diseased. To the inexperienced, this can become confusing and frustrating.

In order for plant diseases to arise, there must be:

1. A susceptible host meaning there must first be a host plant present.

2. Next, there must be a pathogen. Pathogens are disease-carrying organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

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