Using what you have to garden successfully


Tomatoes growing on vines

What I love about gardening is growing foods from my backyard, this is a great way to provide both for myself and family.

But an issue that many homeowners face is having the space to install a garden where they can grow fresh garden vegetables, fruits, and herbs that has so many benefits besides their great taste.

The good news is all is not lost because no matter how limited your space there is still room to have a garden you can be proud of. The solution to planting in small garden spaces is with the help of using containers to create a container garden.

Many persons over the years and yes even today have gone on to have much success with this type of garden. So what we will be looking at is how to take that small or limited space to grow tomatoes.

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A berry that brings natural healing

Learn about how to care for and the many health benefits of the goji berry

Goji berries-growing goji-berries

For some of you this seems to be a funny or strange word to pronounce and for many, this may be a fruit that you are hearing of for the first time but what reports are saying about the goji berry is that this berry is known as a super berry because of how it is looked upon medically.

Goji berries are said to make a healthy juice that can really supercharge our bodies with its nutrients so for those of you who love smoothies adding some of these berries will work wonders.

What we will be looking at however is how to grow and care for your own homegrown goji berry shrub so you can have an abundance of these berries at your fingertips to make delicious smoothies and other healthy treats which I think is really cool.

Growing goji berries

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Getting a taste of the tropics

Nassau beach- how to plant a coconut tree

Some things that comes to mind when thinking of a coconut tree is the tropics where there are beautiful beaches, miles and miles of white sand, blue skies, resting in peace and tranquility going for a swim in nice crystal clear waters being greeted by the marine life, sun tanning or resting in the shade enjoying a cool drink of sweet coconut water while listening as the waves gently clashes against the rocks or comes to the shoreline and then returns to the ocean. What a great way to sit back and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Nature’s pharmacy that promotes healing

Gooseberry-how to grow gooseberries

Natural healing I believe is something that we all desire and what better way to heal naturally than by connecting with nature and giving nature a helping hand. We have the power not only to feed ourselves and the world but to grow plants that can promote our health which brings us to our next topic as we discuss how to grow, care for and harvest gooseberries.

How to grow gooseberries

  • Gooseberries require a few hours of sunlight so when planting ensure that the location you choose provides you with about 6 hours of sunlight
  • The soil ph should be in the range from 6.2-6.5
  • Organic soil should be added to condition soil and promote plants health

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Growing, caring for and harvesting honeyberries

Growing- honeyberry-plant

Over the past several weeks we have looked at how to grow berry varieties and what so amazes me is the number of berries that can be grown in our home garden that is filled with so many vitamins besides the healing side these berries have that can benefit us in so many ways.

Honeyberries is next on the list as we take a look at how to grow these bushes successfully and reap a good harvest because who would want to invest in a project spending money and putting in all that time without getting the results they are looking for.

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