Successfully Growing Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom Tomatoes-heirloom-tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

In the world of gardening, there are so many names that we come across and in some cases, we wonder about them and why they are called what they are called in this case it’s the heirloom tomato. What are heirloom tomatoes and why are they given that name?

Heirloom tomatoes are classified as tomatoes that are produced from seeds which are at least 50 years old, with great flavors that come in varies shapes and colors. These non-hybrids which are open-pollinated are less disease resistance and have a shorter shelf life.

The heirloom tomato are a real treat that will give that added flavor besides the health benefits you will be getting so if you’re interested in growing heirloom tomatoes then stick around as we show you step by step how to grow, care for and harvest heirloom tomatoes.

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Reaping a harvest of lemons

A lemon Tree-forcing-a-lemon-tree-to-flower

A Lemon Tree

Lemons citrus has an amazing flavor, these citrus fruits are used in so many recipes and drinks to give that zesty taste. The lemon citrus is native to North Eastern India and South Asia, these trees have the ability to produce 6oolbs of lemons year round.

The more popular citrus lemons are Eureka, Lisbon lemons and the Meyer lemons. The leaves of this evergreen tree are popular in preparing all kinds of seafood, other cooked meats, and teas. What I also found to be amazing is it is believed that the lemon tree has been around from the first century AD now that’s a long time ago all the way back to the ancients.

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Successful tips on the growth and care of an orange tree

Orange Tree

Oranges along with orange juice are one of the most popular fruits/fruit drinks which are consumed at breakfast time. It is great to have a cup of orange juice or better yet oranges which are freshly squeezed. Consuming oranges by eating or drinking in a juice form is a great way to get in those Vitamin Cs.

There are so  many benefits of orange intake which some of them  are, promoting the immune system, help to control the blood sugar level, prevents skin damage, lowers the risk of cancer and  the list seems to be endless which is why it is great to have at least one of these trees growing in your home garden.

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A plant for all season

Sea grape tree-How-to-grow-sea grape-trees

Seagrape tree

In my opinion, seagrapes is a plant for all seasons because seagrapes serve so many purposes. The seagrape plant is a native of the West Indies and South Florid. Seagrapes grow best in tropical climates.

I live in a tropical Region (The Bahamas) where seagrapes are widely grown. This tree can be found along coastal areas, parking lots, many home gardens and along the streets in concrete man-made islands.

The natives, as well as tourist, enjoy these fruits that not only taste great but has a ton of benefits besides being loaded with vitamins. Just yesterday I was out and about around our international airport’s parking lot where many of these trees have been installed feasting on some of these delicious fruits.

Seagrapes if not properly maintained can grow anywhere from 25-30 feet but if used as a hedge or border plant should be kept at a height of 5 feet. Seagrapes branches off into multiple trunks but can be pruned to form a single trunk.

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Using what you have to garden successfully


Tomatoes growing on vines

What I love about gardening is growing foods from my backyard, this is a great way to provide both for myself and family.

But an issue which many homeowners face is having the space to install a garden where they can grow fresh garden vegetables, fruits, and herbs that has so many benefits besides their great taste.

The good news is all is not lost because no matter how limited your space there is still room to have a garden you can be proud of. The solution to planting in small garden spaces is with the help of using containers to create a container garden.

Many persons over the years and yes even today have gone on to have much success with this type of garden. So what we will be looking at is how to take that small or limited space to grow tomatoes.

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