Bringing nature on the indoors

Vegetable Garden-how-to-start-and indoor-vegetable-garden

Vegetable Garden

Time has changed, I remember the days when gardens including vegetable gardens were installed outdoors but in this day and time gardeners are taking on a new approach and that is gardening indoors. This is a pretty cool way to garden and it has so many advantages, to some this may seem a bit odd growing food crops indoors and then for many who have thought of having a garden but gave up because of not having the yard space like living in an apartment, indoor gardens are here to help you to have the garden that you always wanted.

But one thing to remember is, there are rules to follow with these type of gardens if you want to get good results or reap the fruits of your labor. Can you imagine growing your food crops indoors, this is such a great experience and something to be proud of. So if the thought has ever crossed your mind of installing an indoor garden but gave up because you did not know where to start then you have come to the right place as we look at tips which can help us to have success with these gardens

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Extending the season beyond the winter months



It is so great to connect with nature spending weekends in your garden being the weekend warrior that you are sometimes working way into the evening that’s right you are correct from dusk until dawn ensuring that your garden will yield its best as you seek to reap a good harvest.

But with winter fast approaching it races through your mind that soon you will have to put away those garden tools as you prepare for those harsh winter months which will cover your garden with snow. But even though those winter months does not permit you to continue working in your garden you can always extend the season by growing vegetables indoors.

Extending the season

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The sweet side of the potato plant

Sweet potato-How- to- grow- sweet potato- in- the- home- garden

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a veggie that deserves our attention because of it’s unique flavour. This veggie can be found in many supermarkets across the country as the natives take full advantage of this superfood.

Though sold in the supermarket’s however, many homeowners grow these veggies from their backyards. Sweet potatoes can be added to soups, stews, steam, bake and fry foods just to name a few.

Sweet potatoes compliment our famous peas soup and dumpling, which many tourists enjoy as they visit these islands so if you haven’t tried sweet potatoes as yet be sure and do so on your visit to Nassau which is the capital of the Bahamas.

In fact, if you visit any of our family islands ask about our famous peas soup and dumpling. Trust me you will enjoy it.

Sweet potato is not only limited to the island of the Bahamas but is grown worldwide on a wide scale by farmers and in many home gardens.

But how is sweet potato grown and care for, Let’s take a closer look?

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Planting, Growing, And Harvesting Kale

Growing kale-How-to-grow- kale- in- the- home- garden

Growing Kale

Kale is a leafy green, this cold weather crop which belongs to the cabbage family is a super veggie that is enjoyed by many worldwide. Kale is loaded with vitamin A, C, K, calcium, iron, minerals and fibre.

But how is kale planted, grown and harvested? In this article, we will be looking at how to successfully grow this hardy, cool-season green from your home garden.

Growing Kale

Planting kale directly into the ground

1. kale can be planted from early spring to early summer.

2. Location- When planting kale plant in an area that gets 6-5 hours of sunlight, kale also dose well in partial shade.

3. Soil type-kale grows best in an organic-rich soil. The Ph range of kale can be anywhere from 5.5-6.5.

4. Planting kale-whether planting from seeds or transplanting, kale should be planted in rows and spaced about 8-12 inches apart to allow for proper growth and air circulation.

Seeds should be planted about 1/4 to 1/2. A word of note if planting seeds deeper than recommended may cause seeds not to germinate and if seeds germinate plants will suffocate.

5. Watering methods-when it comes to watering your kale, water moderately. Do not over water which can contribute to root rot.

6. Fertilizing methods-Using a balanced fertilizer of 10-10-10 will work wonders for your kale. When fertilizing follow the label because the label is the law.

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Adding a bit of spice to your life

Chilli Peppers-how-to-grow-chilli-peppers

Chilli peppers

For many of us who love a little pepper, we know what this means. In my opinion, some foods just don’t taste good or have that wow until a little pepper is added. As a child growing up, my father who is now deceased loved adding pepper to his meals. While it is good to add some pepper for that sizzle be careful in how much you use because too much pepper can be damaging to our stomachs which can lead to other issues.

My father once told me about a person he knew that ate a pepper sandwich. Believe me no joke in every scene of the word it was a pepper sandwich just two slices of bread with peppers nothing else.

Never had I ever heard of such a thing, I know there are some pepper lovers out there but I also believe there is a thing as taking it to far and this individual really took it to far, in fact, they took it to the limit. Just thought I might share that story with you

How to grow chilli peppers

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