12 flowering plants to grow indoors


Guzmanias Flowers

Transforming your Interior into a Garden Paradise

Bring nature indoors by transforming your interior with a burst of colors as you create a garden paradise that is so inviting. Why should we limited the use of garden plants outdoors when they can and do serve so many benefits indoors. I remembered many years ago the apartment I lived in had gotten some plants which I installed on the inside and what a change it brought as I stepped back, the presence of these garden plants changed the atmosphere, the appearance along with the feel was pretty amazing.

In this article, we will be looking at 12 such flowering plants that can be grown inside as you transform your interior into a garden paradise, installing indoor plants will also clean the air that you breathe as it pulls toxins out of the air. Investing in indoor plants is a great way to connect with nature besides these other benefits with that said let’s take a closer look at 12 flowering plants that can be grown indoors.

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12 Fragrant Flowers that is a must-have

Lily Plant

The world of gardening plants is pretty vast, especially when you think of the many colors and styles which these plants bring. Garden plants have the ability to bring total change to an entire landscape, I have both worked on and seen areas (landscape & Interior plantscape) which were totally transformed with plant material.

Take for instance going on a nature walk where plants are growing in their natural habitat, the colors and the styles are so amazing giving such a restful and peaceful feeling as the scenery puts you in a relaxed state taking in all that nature has to offer, this is a great way to get rid of stress which is so beneficial to our health and well being.

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Growing flower cuttings plain and simple

Rose arrangement-how-to-grow-plants-from-cut-flowers

Rose arrangement

Growing flowers from cuttings is a great way to save a few $$$$ while increasing the number of plants in your garden. Oh, the joy of watching those cuttings grow and blossom is pretty amazing.

But what are the steps that are in involved in this whole process? The process of growing flowers from cuttings is plain and simple all it takes is knowing how and

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The power of Sugar and Vinegar

Colourful rose arrangement-how-to-use-sugar-and-vinegar-to-preserve-cut-flowers

Flower arrangement

As a child growing up Christmas was always an exciting time in our home because of the Christmas tree that my parents brought, we all got to decorate the tree and most of all watched as those gifts filled the entire area under the tree.

But what my Mom did was always added some sugar to the water that the Christmas tree stood in because I was told that this would preserve the tree and caused it to last longer meaning the aroma of the wonderful pine would be around a lot longer filling our home.

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Flower arrangement-top-10-cut-flowers Flower cuttings, brightening your world with these beautiful flowers. Even Mother Nature has to stop to admire their beauty.

Cut flowers can really brighten your world with their beauty and style.These wonders of nature have been used over the years and on many occasions to express one’s feelings and to brighten up and area.

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