Watering Plants In Hot Weather

How to Water Plants during a Heatwave

Watering Plants In Hot Weather-watering-plants
Watering plants

As gardeners and weekend warriors, we strive for a garden that’s beautiful, healthy, and thriving whether it’s a flower, vegetable, herb garden, growing fruit trees, or ornamental plants we work the soil continuously to reap a good harvest from our time spent outdoors as we connect with nature but if the truth could be told there is much that goes into gardening successfully, from the soil to choosing the right planting location, fertilizer use, to disease and garden insect pests control but one practice that is so vital to plant survival and is misunderstood mostly by the beginner garden is how much water should plants receive, especially during a heatwave.

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Signs That Plants Are Being Underwater

How to ensure that your garden plants and lawn is getting sufficient water

Container Gardening
Container Gardening

Every living thing needs water in order to survive even the smallest microscopic organism. Garden plants are no exception and must receive water according to their needs but the decline of many garden plants can be attributed to a lack of water.

Water plays an important part in the overall health of garden plants because water is one of the elements that is needed for garden plants to manufacture their food. But one thing which needs to be kept in mind is though water plays an important part in the life of a garden plant a lack of water or overwatering can be detrimental so how do we know how much water our garden plants should receive?

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Signs That You Are Giving Your Plants Too Much Water

Giving your garden plants the right amount of water


Garden plants can give that WOW with their beauty and charm, Just yesterday I visited a local plant nursery to pick up a few plants for a garden project ( marigolds, pintas, and periwinkles) and was so amazed by the many plant’s species that was on display as they showed off their beauty. Garden plants can bring such a pleasant change.

Have you ever visited your plant’s nursery and couldn’t resist as your eyes caught a particular plant. You could not deny but reach with such joy as you signal for help from your nurseryman letting him know this is the plant that you want to take home, it was love at first sight. Reaching to the counter with cash, credit card, or checkbook in hand you paid for it, what a delight you are now the sole owner of this plant and you know just where to put it.

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How To Water Succulent Plants

How to Water your Succulent Plants the Right Way

Succulent Plants

What I love about the plant kingdom is that they are so diverse. There are many species of plants on planet earth which is just mind-blowing. Have you ever given thought to how many species of plants are there?

Well according to research there are more than 39,000 species of plants, now that is a lot of plants. Each species has its genetic makeup and plays an important part in our ecosystem.

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Can Plants Survive Without Water?

Plants that can survive without water

Bougainvillaea Plants

Is this really true, can plants survive without water, The world of plants is pretty amazing. In fact, science has reported that there are more than 390,000 species of plants worldwide now that are a lot of plants

that are playing a major role in the plant kingdom which many are being used as food, furniture, medicine, to build houses, and so on. When it comes to wildlife it is very amazing the number of wildlife that depends upon plants for food and shelter.

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Minor Irrigation Repairs

DIY Your Irrigation System

In order for plants to perform at their best, we must do our part to ensure that their requirements are met. In this article, we will be looking at irrigation repairs because water is so essential to plant life. Without it, our plants cannot survive or thrive.

Sprinkler watering grass-minor-irrigation-repair
Irrigation sprinkler

In fact, every living thing depends on water in order to survive. Getting adequate amounts of water to our plants is a necessity.

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Water management within the landscape and garden

Water our Most Precious  Resource

Water Drop-water-management-within-the-landscapes-and-garden
Water Drop

One of the things that we need to be aware of is our need to conserve water. Our water supply should not be taken for granted because, without water, life would not be as we know it.

Without water, there would be no life. Every living thing depends on water from the tallest trees or the biggest animals to the smallest micro-organisms.

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