How to Attract Parrots to Your Yard

Successful Tips on Attracting Parrots to Your Yard

How To Attract Parrots To Your Yard-two-parrots
 Two Parrots

Bring the wild to you by turning your yard into a garden that is irresistible for wildlife, these types of gardens have sparked an interest which is why many homeowners are not just constructing a garden but creating a garden that’s wildlife-friendly which is a great way to connect with nature in this most awesome way.

A garden of this sort is pretty amazing, in this article we will be discussing how to attract parrots to your yard. What a joy it is to have these exotic birds visit your yard as you watch them in their natural habitat providing hours of fun both for adults and kids. There are estimated to be some 350-402 species of parrots in which most of them live in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

However, due to habitat destruction, many parrots have become extinct, these intelligent birds that are so beautiful deserve our help. If you are interested in giving nature a helping hand then continue reading as we take our journey into the world of parrots and how to care for them.

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How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Yard

8 Simple Steps To Attract Wild Birds To Your Yard

How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Yard-a humming-bird
A hummingbird

Creating a garden that’s buzzing with activity is a great way to enjoy nature as you sit or take a walk in your garden, these types of gardens will provide hours of fun for kids as well as watching birds in their natural habitat. While going on a nature walk in the wild is great you can bring the wild to you by making your garden irresistible. A project such as this is great for the whole family.

Bird watching is a hobby that is enjoyed by many and has its rewards including learning the different names of birds so if this sounds like you then continue reading as we take our journey into how to attract wild birds to your yard.

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What Can I Do To Help The Bees

Helping Bees and other Pollinators  to Stay Safe

Honey Bee-gardening-what-can-I-do-to-help-the-bees
Honey Bee

Bees are so amazing, these little enginers are responsible for the honey industry making millions of dollars on a yearly basis but the bee population is in danger because of their habitat being destroyed making way for roads, building structures, parks, and other infrastructures which means bees are now having to search for places to survive.

Now I know that we can’t save the whole world (the bee Population) but what we can do is our part in providing a home for them. The traditional way of installing garden plants is for beauty and not necessarily for helping to make a home for wildlife.

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How to Attract Sparrows

How to Attract Sparrows to your Garden

House Sporrows-how-to-attract-sparows
A house sparrow

Having your garden teeming with sparrows are a great way to observe these birds in their natural habitat. It’s said that there at least 35 species of sparrows in North America, sparrows can also be found in New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and Australia, their habitat includes the edges of woodlands, roadsides, farmlands, grasslands, and gardens. The most common sparrow is the house sparrow, these birds congregate in areas such as farms, cities, towns, and suburbs.

Sparrows are social birds and don’t same to be afraid when they are in the presence of humans. These birds can provide excitement as they create a buzz with their presence bringing your backyard garden to life as they build their home, feed, dust bathe and raise their young. Below we will be looking at proven methods of having success in attracting sparrows.

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Winter Wildlife Garden

Winter Proofing your Garden for Wildlife

Winter Wildlife Garden-a rabbit-in-the-snow
A rabbit in the snow

It’s that time of year again when those chilly days and nights lets us know that winter is fast approaching. As we prepare for this time of the year let us not forget the wildlife that graced our gardens by making them their homes.

How wonderful it is for wildlife to make our gardens a part of their natural habitat but as much as we enjoy having them around as their presence brings our gardens to life with their activities during the warmer months they are depending on us to give them a helping hand during the colder months so they can settle down during those cold days and nights being sheltered from the harsh winter frost.

So let’s ensure their safety by making our gardens cozy getting a jump start on the winter months so when spring and summer arrive they can once again bring much enjoyment with their presence.

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