How to squirrel guide

A Squirrel

For many, the sight of a squirrel can be so exciting and then for others this can be as Ebenezer Scrootch says in the famous movie a Christmas Carol  “humbug” and I guess I can see why. Squirrels are cute little animals which can really be lots of fun as you watch them in their natural habitat.

But as cute and cuddly as squirrels are they can become a nuisance to many home gardens by doing much damage. Squirrels can be found both in urban and rural areas, some years ago my family and I took a vacation trip to Orlando and decided to visit one of the shopping malls which had a few large trees in the parking lot and to our amazement  we saw a cute little squirrel moving with such lighting speed ok I may be exaggerating a bit but this squirrel was moving so fast up that tall tree I could not believe the speed of this little animal.

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Great tips on how to connect with wildlife


Attracting pigeons to your garden can be very exciting as we experience nature in an awesome way. This is a great way to get children involved in wildlife gardening showing them how they can play their part in helping to provide a home for and protect our feathered friends

I love wildlife gardens as you would see from the many articles which I have written and posted so please do check out the category section of this website where you can learn so many exciting things when it comes to these types of gardens that have captured the hearts of many people.

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Creating a dragonfly garden

A Demoiselle Dragonfly

Creating a garden that attracts dragonflies can be a very rewarding experience as your garden area is buzzing from activity with these insects which are a predator to mosquitoes, beetles and other insects. As a child, I remembered on long hot summer days, my brother and sister along with my self and our neighborhood friends would spend hours in the bushes catching and collecting dragonflies.

It was such a delight to watch them as they flew, their wings resembled the spinning of a helicopter’s propeller. Both watching and catching them was a favorite pass time which I looked forward to.

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Attracting wild rabbits with these proven methods


Rabbits are cute and cuddly and do make a great pet, it is interesting to see how they move about by hopping around. My wives niece once own a rabbit that just seems to spend most of its time resting not really moving about just sitting there, my wife has also expressed an interest in getting a rabbit as a pet because of their cuteness and softness

But what I found to be even more interesting is that as cute and cuddly as rabbits are there are some persons who just don’t like having rabbits around especially in their garden area because rabbits can do much damage consuming and destroying food crops looking for a meal.

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Great Tips on Attracting the Northen Cardinal

The Northen Cardinal

Here we go again with another exciting topic on wildlife gardening, these gardens are truly amazing and have caught the attention of so many homeowners and weekend warriors who love to connect with nature in this way.

I believe that wildlife gardening is so exciting because with these garden types you can experience nature up close and in such a unique way, the great part is you would have provided a home for them right from your backyard as you watch them in their natural habitat helping to bring balance to the ecosystem.

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