Giving your garden a break

Implementing these 12 tips for winter gardening success

Holly Plant-winter-garden-chores

Holly plant covered in snow

It’s that time of year again as we enter the winter months with snow-covered gardens that let us know that winter is here. This is the time of year when our garden plants go into rest mood from all that hard work during the spring and summer months as they put forth flowers, fruits and all of that other good stuff as we reaped a good harvest from the many hot days that were spent in our gardens.

But before those chilly days sets in and the snow appear there are some things to consider like preparing both ourselves and our gardens as we enter the winter months.

Creating a checklist

Creating a checklist is so important because what we don’t want is to leave anything undone when it comes to ensuring that everything is in place which will make this time of year a lot easier when securing our gardens.

Let’s get started

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Winter gardening for garden success

Winter gardening is a great way to extend your season, This method is not new but has been around for generations. In this article we will be looking at ten winter garden plants that can survive the cold

and brighten up those chilly days as you enjoy their beauty and charm, so give it a try and venture upon this amazing experience. I promise you will be glad that you did.

Winter garden plant list


Firethorn is a great choice for winter gardening. This plant grows to about 16 feet can survive in moist or dry soils and thrives in partial sun, full sunlight, or shade.

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 Winter Gardens, Gardening year-round

It’s that time of year again when bears and other wildlife go into hibernation, the sweet chirping of birds silently comes to a halt as they fly south, butterflies and bees are no longer about their daily activities as they seem to vanish from your eyes.

The beautiful trees that once graced your landscape with its beautiful lush green leaves stand naked as they are covered with snow, flowering plants that swayed so softly in the cool summer’s breeze refuse to flower but has fallen to sleep.

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