Cleaning Out Your Pantry

Simple Pantry Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Out Your Pantry-a-pantry
A Pantry

A pantry is a great storage area where we can stock up on and place our canned and dry food goods, but over time our pantries can become so overstocked that food items that were there for a while can get pushed to the back meeting their expiration date. An unorganized pantry can also make it difficult to find what we need at the time we need it and can cause us to spend money on items that we may have purchased but are hidden among other food items causing needless spending.

Giving your pantry a spring cleaning now will help to organize things in a way that will make your trip to this area a breeze as these dry and canned foods are right at your fingertip if you dread going to your pantry because of the clutter then continue reading as we discuss how to declutter your pantry with these 6 simple tips that have proven to work wonders plus we will be looking at the benefits of an Organized pantry.

Cleaning Out Your Pantry

1. Remove All Food Items from the Shelves

To get started and to do a thorough cleaning of your shelves move all food items, so all you should be left with are empty shelves.

2. Wash and Dry the Shelves

A vacuum will come in handy in the event there are food particles that must be removed, spots that are sticky can be cleaned with warm water and baking soda along with a few paper napkins. Once the sticky areas have been sprinkled with baking soda place the paper towels over these areas and allow them to sit for a few minutes. Now remove the paper towel and wipe these spots.

With soapy warm water and a washcloth begin to clean each shelf, soak the washcloth in the warm soapy water, and ring the washcloth out somewhat not completely dry. Next, proceed to wipe the top and the underside of each shelf. Now, return the towel to the soapy water rinse and proceed with the second shelf, continue this process until all of the shelves are cleaned.

3. Throw Away Items that have expired

Check the date on each food item, if those items have expired throw them away, seasoning or spices that have sat on your pantry’s shelves for more than 6 months should be discarded as well.

4. Extra Food Items that have Not Expired can be Donated

Put a smile on somebodies face, extra food items that have not reached their expiry date can be dusted off placed neatly in a box/boxes and can be given to a neighbor, a family member that is in need, or your food bank.

5. Use Food Bins to Store Canned Foods

For extra storage space canned foods can be placed in bins, label each bin and place the bins neatly on the shelves or return the food items back to the shelves but ensure they are well organized.

6. Canisters can be Used to Store Dry Foods

Dry foods that are opened can be placed in canisters, re-seal each plastic bag with tape but before you seal the bags ensure that all of the air is removed for the dry foods to retain their freshness. Place the plastic bags in the canisters, and now tightly seal each canister, this will discourage pantry insects.

Cleaning Out Your Pantry-dry-fruits-in-jars
Dry fruits in jars

The Benefits of an Organized Pantry

  • Food items will be easier to find
  • An organized pantry will help to save time by helping you to see right away what you are out of and what you need to purchase
  • A well-arranged pantry will help to reduce spending allowing you not to purchase more food items than needed
  • And organize food pantry will help you to reduce waste by consuming food items before they expire
  • A pantry that’s organized will give more valuable space that can be used
  • The use of labels will help keep track of food expiry dates to find food items
  • An organized pantry will make it easier to clean
  • An organized pantry will inspire you to cook
  • A pantry that’s well organized will give you a better idea of how to plan your meals
  • A well-organized pantry looks really great and aesthetically enhances this area
  • With an organized pantry there is less to clean

Bonus Tips Just for You

1. Pantry bugs are attracted by a pantry that’s cluttered with bits of food that are laying on the shelves or plastic bags that contain dry food items that are not properly sealed. Pantry bugs may also be attracted to the scent of packing glue. Placing your dry foods in tightly sealed canisters will not only discourage pantry bugs but will extend your dry foods’ shelf life.

2. It’s said that “placing a few bay leaves on each pantry shelf will discourage pantry moths”.

The final word on cleaning out your pantry

There you have it, how simple was that? cleaning and organizing your pantry will take away the frustration by saving time and money, if you dread going to your pantry then this pantry cleaning guide is here to help you by bringing relief. I believe these simple steps are so effective, others have tried them and gotten good results now it’s your turn to transform your pantry with these proven methods.


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