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The advantage to having plants is that plants serve many functions and purposes. You can grow plants for food, for beauty, to make money, for medicine and so on. But what is also amazing about plants is that plants can also clean the air that we breathe in.

Plants have the ability to filter the air that we breathe by pulling impurities out of the air. Therefore it is always good to have a few plants indoors to clean the air that we breathe in, besides giving the interior of your building a more polished look. NASA did a study many years ago and discovered that indoor plants clean about 87% of the air that we breathe indoors.

These impurities are known as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). These include substances like formaldehyde that can be found in grocery bags, paper, lumber, certain cleaning products, cigarettes, ink, paint and so on. So we can see how much of a value indoor plants are to us.

Examples of these natural air purifiers

1. Raphis Palm

2. Peace Lily

3. Spider plant

4. ZZ Plant

5. Crotons

 These are just a few among many plants that you can use on the inside that can clean the air that you breathe. Nothing like a good clean breath of fresh air.

Plants are known to affect persons’ mental states. A study was done with two patients in a hospital. The patients were placed in two separate rooms one with no windows just bare walls and the other patient was placed in a room with a window that gave view to a beautiful garden.

Guess what the study revealed? It revealed that the patient with the garden view recovered much faster than the patient who did not have a garden view. So we see that plants can affect a person’s mental state.

The kind of advantages plants have on our environment is countless. So by investing in indoor plants, you are investing in personal wellness along with an added touch of class to your business or home.

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