Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits

Coconut Oil and its Many Uses

Coconut and coconut oil-coconut-oil-uses-and-benefits
Coconut and coconut oil

Coconut oil has gained much attention because of its benefits. This oil has healing properties that have been looked upon as the oil which works wonders.

But before we look at these benefits, I want to share a few personal stories with you.

As a child growing up, I remembered my dad cooking coconut rice. What he did was grater the coconut, place it in a pot with a little oil, and allowed to simmer before adding the other ingredients. He would then allow to cook for a while and then served us the most delicious meal. Coconut milk can also be purchased with peas from your supermarket.

Coconut water is very refreshing, the Islanders take advantage of this nut by getting their share. Visitors that come to the islands also enjoy how wonderful the water taste along with eating the flesh or pulp. I want to share this recipe with you as a bonus for your support of my website, this recipe makes a delightful dessert.

This dessert is known as coconut tart, which is one of the favorites of the Islander. Here is the recipe. To learn more about this amazing nut follow this link, the amazing coconut. Coconut water health benefits.

Coconut recipe

For dough ingredients                             Coconut tart filling

1/4 cup of coconut oil.                                 3 1/2 cups of grated coconut.

1/4 cup of butter.                                       1 1/2 cup of water.

1  1/2 cup of sugar.                                     1 1/2 cup of sugar.

2 eggs.                                                           2 1/2 teaspoons of nutmeg.

3 1/2 tablespoon of water.                        2 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla.

1 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.

1/4 cup of milk.

1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.

1 1/2 cup of flour.

Let’s have some fun

Preparing the filling

Over medium heat combine all the ingredients together into a pan, allow the mixture to boil for about 3-5 minutes, next reduce heat and allow this mixture to simmer for 12 minutes. Once most of the moisture has boiled out allow the filling to cool.

Preparing the dough

Mix the coconut oil and butter together to make a sort of paste with this mixture, next add milk, sugar, vanilla, and eggs together in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. At this time add flour and baking powder, mix the dough until it begins to stick or becomes sticky. Next, need the dough until it becomes firm or stiff and then roll. Next, separate or divide the dough into two

You will end up with two halves, one for the bottom and one at the top. Then roll out 3/4 dough into a square or rectangle shape, place dough in a greased pan then pour filling on top of the dough, spread lightly with a fork. Add the remaining dough on top of filling.

Place in oven and allow to bake until dough is brown or for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Then sit back, relax and enjoy your homemade Bahamian coconut tart, Oh MAMA you will love this.

Coconut oil benefits, A-Z

Thanks a million for sticking around we are finally here, what are the benefits that coconut oil offers why it is so well-loved?

A. Studies have shown that a diet that consists of coconut oil may help to promote brain health.

B. It helps to boost hormones.

C. It helps to prevent heart disease.

D. It helps to boost the immune system.

E. It improves brain functions.

F. It helps to prevent high blood pressure.

G. Aids in weight loss.

H. Promotes kidney health.

I. Coconut oil fights against and has the ability to kill harmful microorganisms.

J. Helps to make your skin healthier.

K. Promotes memory.

L. Promotes healthy hair growth.

M. Helps with good digestion.

N. Helps to promote good cholesterol.

O. Promote liver health.

P. Can help to give relief from arthritis.

Q. Reduces stomach ulcers.

R. Has antioxidants.

S. Helps to build muscles.

T. Fights against dandruff.

U. Helps to support thyroid functions.

V. It helps to increase cell regeneration.

W. Has been proven to help reduce hunger.

X. Can be used as a sunscreen.

Y. Proven to help persons that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Z. Helps to fight diabetes.

The final word

The list of benefits can get longer. So you can see the many benefits of coconut oil and why it is widely accepted. Isn’t it just amazing the healing wonders of coconut oil? so take advantage of this oil that offers so many great benefits.


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27 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits”

  1. Hi Richards,
    It is so amazing that coconut oil has so much benefits to health. Back in Africa coconut oil was liquid with a lovely light yellow colour and it came in bottles. Here in the UK coconut oil still has the same nice smell but it’s white, solid and it comes in tubs. I wonder why the difference.

    • Hello Juliet it is so good to meet you and thanks for commenting. Coconut oil is so wonderful and of great benefit to the body and the smell is just awesome. I must look into this, first time hearing of coconut cream coming in tube.. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Hey Norman

    This is exactly what I was looking for. My mother in law was in India recently and brought me a bottle of their coconut oil. I didn’t know it can be used for cooking but good to know. I have to try your recipe – sounds very delicious.
    There are extra virgin, virgin and pure olive oil. Is there any similar classification with cocnut oil?
    The oil I got from India is thickened in the bottle and needs to be heated – just wondering why is it so?

    • Hello, Arta it is so good to meet you. When it comes to coconut oil there are two type refined and unrefined. refine oils cost less and do not have the wonderful coconut scent because of the process that it goes through. Unrefined is the opposite. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, I really like reading your post. I never realized coconut was such a great health product. Is coconut oil better to use for frying than olive oil?I really like the fact that its good for your skin so I will certainly try to get more coconut into my diet. Thanks again for your wonderful post .Cheers Joanne

    • Hello Rob so nice to meet you, in my opinion both are healthy and beneficial for the body even though some would say olive oil. Hope this helps, have a good night

  4. Hi Norman

    Your site is full of so much valuable information. I rent a home and from time to time I have to move address and I would like to create a moveable fruit tree collection and a herb and veg garden that could be portable in case I have to move again. Can you give me some advice about how I should put this together?

  5. LOVE your site! Really well done and so colorful…! I am very interested in coconut oil and healthy living, so this site is something I will be watching! Very well done and easy to read, with really nice photos. I love the colors as well. Not much to say because it is very professionally done and I wish you all the best !

    • Hello Amy it is so nice to meet you and you have really made my day. Your kind comments let me know that my hard work is paying off. Thanks a million and I also wish you the best of success.

  6. Thanks for these info! Coconut oil definitely has a lot of benefits for our health! I remember back in the Philippines, my grandmother will make home made coconut oil to use it for cooking, massage and even a leave on conditioner. But these info you’ve got here, Norman is very much helpful. Thanks for these.

    • Hello Juicing Fan it is so good to meet you, Coconut oil is so amazing and of great benefit. Thanks for commenting,I am glad I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  7. Hello!

    I knew coconut oil was on the trend for healthy eating and weight loss right now, but to be honest, I never really knew it had so many other benefits!

    I have traveled to Honduras for missions and there we tried coconut milk/water, the liquid inside the coconut. I did not really enjoy it that much like that.

    I never thought about cooking with it! This sounds like a great way to get all the nutrients and benefits while adding some flavor.

    Do you have a favorite recipe for a novice cook that wants to try adding coconut into their diet?

    • Leeah it is so good to meet you, Coconut oil is so awesome because of its health benefits and its wonderful aroma. what you can do is google Bahamian coconut recipes. Hope this help and please let me know how it goes. have a good day.

  8. Hi Norman, thank you for a great tooic, coconut oil is the absolute best, and I have been using it the past year or so at night for my teeth, doing the “pulling” technique I believe its called, and also I put a tablespoon of it in my coffee in the morning as well, and yes you are right, the smell is awesome. Your site looks great, and I am sure you are doing fantastic!

    • Hello Mike it is so good to meet you, thanks for sharing and for those kind words. Coconut oil is pretty amazing with all of its benefits. Thanks again and wishing you the best of success.

  9. How your dad prepared coconut rice actually sounds really good. I’ve been using coconut oil on my hair for awhile now, but a bit nervous to try coconut water. Would you say the taste is more fresh or sweet? It’s gotten so popular with brands like Zico, Vita Coco, etc.

    • Hello Whitney so good to meet you. Coconut rice is pretty amazing, there are so many brands that our sold, some sweet and some fresh. There is one brand I can’t remember, but it taste like the manufacture added a boatload of sugar to this brand of coconut water that is not good at all, it is just too sweet.

      Drinking the water from the coconut itself is much better because it is natural. Even when drinking natural you would come across a few fresh ones and a few sweet ones also. The good thing however is the vitamins and benefits that you would receive from drinking the water.

      Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  10. Hey,
    I actually like coconuts! I had no idea it had so many benefits to your health. I always thought olive oil was superior to any most oils. Well I did not know much about coconuts or their benefits until I read your article. You did say that the coconut tar was one of the islands favorite, but can you describe the taste and texture of it? I am curious because the Almond Joy candy bar is one of my favorite coconut treats!

    • Hello Kendrick, it is so good to hear from you, Coconut oil sure do have a lot of health benefits and can do our bodies a whole lot of good. Coconut tart is one of our favorites. It is sweet and soft and taste great when hot. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  11. I love coconut oil and other coconut products and I love how you share the coconut rice that your dad made plus the recipe. More and more people are starting to learn about the health benefits of coconut oil and I think it is great that you included some of the benefits in this article. Have you read the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat? It is an amazing book I came across about the benefits of virgin coconut oil.

    • Hello ririj it is so good to meet you, coconut oil is pretty amazing in what it can do for our bodies. Sounds like a very interesting book and I am going to look for it online. Thanks for commenting. All the best to you and have a good day.

  12. Hi Norman
    These days more and more people are turning into healthy living. We simply don’t realize how affordable it is to get good and healthy food and products.
    All the nutritional facts from A to Z about coconut oil in your article make me amazed!
    I love the fact that it can be used as a natural sunscreen.
    I will definitely share this useful information with my lovely wife 🙂

    • Hello Vitality it is so good to meet you and it is pretty amazing what coconut oil can do for us. I am glad that I could help and thanks a million for sharing it with your wife. All the best to you and have a good day.

  13. Hi Norman!

    My mom has bought coconut oil a lot since we became aware of the importance of nutrient-dense food and the dangers of non-organic nutrient-free food.

    I like to eat coconut oil straight–it doesn’t necessarily taste good, but I can simply feel the health of it as I eat it. I would probable guess that coconut oil is a superfood after eating it even if I hadn’t heard anyone else say it before.

    I’ve heard that natives call the coconut tree the “tree of life”. I think that it’s an apt description.

    Thanks for the informative article, Norman!

    • Hello again my friend gald to hear from you, coconut oil is a wonder oil that has so many benefits and it is good to see that you are taking advantage of this oil, remember also to use in modaration like anything else. Thanks again for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.

  14. Thanks Norman! I have been eating coconut oil instead of butter for years now. I love it!

    It’s also the best skin moisturizer for a sunburn that I have ever tried. If I have a burn from too much sun, applying coconut oil and letting it soak in will tame the sunburn overnight so there is no more pain.

    Applying it again a couple more times and I go from lobster red to golden brown in a couple of days . :^)

    That recipe looks incredible! “Oh MAMA!”


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