Coconut Water Health Facts

Promoting Your Health with Coconut Water

Coconuts are one of my favorites, in fact, the Caribbean is known for its wide use of coconuts both the coconut water, pulp, and the husk. The water can be drunk right from the coconut itself, others prefer to have it mixed in drinks such as The Bahama Mama which is a popular drink.

Coconut water-coconut-water-health-facts
Coconut Water

The pulp that is also known as the jelly is eaten from the nut, this is very delicious or the pulp is hardened and then used to make coconut tart which is another favorite of the Islanders. This tart makes a delicious dessert. Coconut rolls and bread is also made from the pulp. The husk is used to make souvenirs and sold to visitors that come to the island.

Many persons travel every year to the Bahamas to get that island feeling and to experience our culture, it is good to go beaching on long hot summer days while relaxing in the shade and getting a fresh drink of that good old fashion coconut water, a drink like this is sure to help make the experience that more exciting.

Coconut use

There are many other uses of this nut such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, coconut drinks, Coconut hair grease, shampoos, house sprays, sunscreens and so on, the list of things that are derived from the coconut is just so amazing. In this article, however, we will be looking at the nutritional value of this nut and how it can really benefit us.

Vitamin Content of Coconut

Coconut wearing hat-coconut-water-health-facts
Coconut Face

One of the good things about coconut is not only its tastes but the vitamins they contain, here are the vitamin content of coconuts.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin, B12, Thiamin, Iron, Zinc, Riboflavin Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium,  Manganese,  Niacin, Dietary fiber.

Health benefits of coconuts

Besides the Vitamin content of coconuts, coconut is also used to help bring natural healing to our bodies such as

1. Coconut water helps with good kidney functions.

2. It helps to lower blood pressure.

3. It helps to quench our thirst.

4. Aids in weight loss.

5. Is believed to help improve heart health.

6. It has antioxidants that help with the removal of free radicals from the body.

7. It helps with good bowel movement.

There is more, which can be added to this list, but this is just a few benefits coconut serves. So make coconut a part of your diet and begin to reap the benefits.

The final word

It is so good to know that we can use natural remedies as foods that are packed with vitamins and to bring healing to our bodies, so let’s take advantage of all that nature has to offer and get on the road to good health.


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32 thoughts on “Coconut Water Health Facts”

  1. The Coconut Water Health Facts is easy to read and informative. There is a lot of information presented in a relatively small space. I felt that the pictures were enjoyable and applicable, especially the first one where water appears to be sprayed onto a split coconut.

    The personal touch of you living in the Bahamas and providing the readers with a taste of your coconut based culinary was very inviting and made for a very pleasing read.

    The information about the nutritional content as well the health benefits was very relevant and interesting. This added quite a bit to the article.

    I was left unsure as to what exactly coconut water is. Is it the milky fluid found in the center of a coconut, or is water added to that to make coconut water? I guess, that I would like to begin to use coconut water, but I am not sure where or how to get/make it. A little further explanation would benefit me.

    Overall, I sincerely enjoyed your article and wish that I could personally experience coconut water in the Bahamas.


    • Hello Tony it is so good to meet you, thanks a million for your support and for those very kind words, you have made my day. Words like yours lets me know that my hard work is paying off. I do really try my best to give good quality content while educating my readers.

      The color of coconut water is some what between a clear cloudy color and taste really great once you drink the water of the mature ones, some young coconut also has very sweet water. In my opinion the jelly coconut is the best with its sweet water and pulp.

      There are many companies that cans and sells the water, some can water is different from the others, some are more sweeter with bits of pulp inside,this is really great. So maybe you can check your supermarket for this, also I will be adding some of these coconut can water to my site and if you like you can order them.

      Hopefully one day you will visit my country and get a real taste of the coconut from the shell, along with experiencing the wonderful island life. All the best to you, thanks again and have a good day.

  2. I happen to love coconut and after reading this post I will be buying one in the near future! I didn’t realize how many different vitamins were actually in coconut but it is good to know how healthy they are. The oils also make for a good chap stick if you cant get to any real chap stick!

    • Hello Weston my good friend so good to see you, coconut products are so awesome and of great benefit that we should take advantage of and really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing, all the best to you.

  3. I’m truely in love with coconut too (oil, water, milk you name it!) I often use them in my natural beauty routine.
    I remember when I was a kid, my dad would use coconut water as an eye wash for irritated eyes.

    Just wondering, how do you use coconut as house spray?

    • Hello Mellisa Anna it is so good to meet you, I am a big fan of coconut products myself. The odors, the vitamin content, flavors and the healing benefits makes coconut so amazing. Coconut house sprays can be purchased from your supermarket, these are sprays that gives your house such a wonderful odor and it is real inviting. Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

  4. Hi there
    I didnt know coconut water has health benefits, maybe because we do not have coconuts growing here.
    The first time I saw green coconut and drank coconut water was while on vacation, the water, in my opinion is disgusting, tried once and know will never try it again.
    Having said that, I like the mature coconut flesh,the crunchy white one taste so good eaten raw or fried like chips.
    I hope the juice that comes from chewing a mature coconut flesh can deliver same results because the water is a no no to me.
    Enjoyed your post,thanks for sharing

    • Hello roamy it is so good to hear from you, I am so sorry that you don’t find the water of coconut delightful. Maybe you drank one that was fresh or over mature. I have tasted many coconut water and the water that I tasted was so sweet and very delightful. Hope that you would try again and this time that you can taste one of the sweet ones.

      The vitamin content of coconut is of great benefit to our bodies. The flesh or the pulp has vitamins also, but you can get double the vitamin by drinking the water as well as eating the flesh. Coconut water is also caned and sold in supermarkets.

      Maybe you can check your supermarket to see if the carry it, now some can coconut water is sweet and some is fresh according to the brand. I will soon be adding some of these products to my website so that you can have a look if you like.

      Thanks again, all the best to you.

  5. This is a very informative article about the health benefits of coconuts and here in the states, they are getting more popular every year because of that. Coconut water can be found in our supermarkets, however, are an inquired taste. I do love coconut milk and use it in all sorts of recipes.
    Could you kindly share your recipe for the Bahama Mama? I’d love to try it.

    • Hello karen it is so nice to meet you, coconut water is so beneficial with its many benefits. Mix together 1 ounce of coconut water, 2 ounce of pineapple juice, 2 ounce of orange juice, half ounce of grenadine. Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker add crack ice and shake well, pour in glass. Strawberries for garnish, serve with orange wedges. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy. Please do let me know how it goes. Have s good day.

  6. Hi Norman,
    I’m so glad I found this page on the benefits of coconut water. It was interesting and concise.
    As a child my friends and I used to love drinking the water from coconuts and using the flesh as snacks through the day. Living in New Zealand we didn’t have coconut trees but being so close to the Pacific Islands there was never a shortage.
    It’s such a beautiful and refreshing fruit. I always knew they were good for us but it’s great to learn what vitamins and health benefits they specifically have.
    Thanks for the information. Great read.

    • Hello itpastie it is so good to meet you and thanks for sharing a bit of your childhood story with me. Coconut sure has a great taste and the benefits are so awesome. I am glad that I could help and thanks for those kind words. All the best to you and have a good day.

  7. I love coconut milk, it’s so tasty. I no longer live in a tropical climate so my only option is to buy it from the store. I’d have to say chocolate coconut milk is my favorite flavor, haha.

    Coconut milk is especially good for salt-aholics like me. The milk contains a lot of potassium which helps lower sodium levels in the body, and lowers blood pressure.

    • Hello Chris it is so good to meet you, coconut water has so many benefits and is packed with vitamins.Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  8. Ahhh.. Nothing beats a chilled coconut water in the midst of a hot summer days. It’s always my favorite drink due to its unique and refreshing taste.

    I never thought coconut would have that extensive list of benefits though. Ask this while I’ve only been drinking them for its taste. Do you know how many cups of coconut water is optimum to be taken daily for our body to get those benefits?

    • Hello Issac and thanks for commenting, coconut water is so refreshing and do aid our bodies in so many ways. Drinking a cup or can of coconut water 3-4 times a week is good. just space them out. Thanks again, hope this helps and have a good day.

  9. it has been a long time since I have eaten a coconut.

    It was very popular when I was young to get them at the fairgrounds when they were in town, but living in England at the time, they were not otherwise popular.

    I always liked them, but never really knew just how good they were for you. Looking at all the vitamins they contain and the health benefits is very encouraging.

    I live in Greece now, so i am not sure of their availability. I will take a look!

    Thanks for the information.


    • Hello again Chris Towers and thanks once again as always for commenting, Coconut water is so delightful and can aid the body in so many ways. You just might be able to find them locally. I will be adding some of these products to my website in short order so if you like, you can order them from my site. Thanks again and wishing you the best of success.

  10. I love coconut water, I had no idea they were so loaded with vitamins. I took a trip to the Amazon a few years back and it was so awesome to buy a fresh coconut for less than a dollar. They just stick a straw in it and drink! In the states you can buy coconuts and do it, but I usually just get it in a can. Do you think I still get the same benefits?

    • Hello Layne nice to see you again, the great amazon how wonderful, hopeful one day Gods willing I will get to also visit the amazon. Coconut water sure is awesome and is of great benefit with all of those vitamins and other good stuff. Yeah, drinking it from the can you still get some of the benefits. Thanks again for commenting, all the best to you.

  11. Coconuts are incredible -are they a fruit or a vegetable? A nut or a seed?

    I see you have loosely defined them as a nut, but botanically speaking a coconut is a dry drupe!

    Have you written anything about coconut oil? I would be interested to read more on the myriad of uses coconut oil has if you can offer any unique experience.

    • Hello Ki it is so good to meet you, thanks for commenting, stay tune for article on coconut oil, all the best to you and have a good day.

  12. It is great to know that there is information about this fruit and that many other people will get to know this amazing fruit. Where I live it is a very common fruit and is indeed very popular due to its many uses and benefits. I have drink the canned version before but nothing beats drinking it directly from the fruit: it’s just amazing!

  13. Hi there Norman,

    Thank you for this great and very informative article about the delicious coconuts. I actually thought we had to be careful with coconuts due to high sugar content. IT appears that I may very well be mistaken as they appear to be very healthy and nutritious.

    In Malaysia they have coconut rice, very delicious!

    • Hello my friend and thanks for sharing, coconut water is so great and is of great benefit to the body, therefore we should add this to our diet. thanks again for sharing and have a good night.

  14. I hate to say it, but I hate coconut. I hate the smell of it, and I hate the taste of it. I think this goes back to when I went to Hawaii and got really sick off coconut juice. That was so long ago, and I don’t even know really what the juice tastes like. Is it similar to the smell of coconut and say, the raw coconut fruit? Or is it more sweet?

    • Hello my good friend it is good to see you again and i am so sorry of your experience with coconut , the water is really great, now some coconut depending on the age the water could be sweet, fresh or bitter. In my opinion the jelly coconut is number one, I hope some day that you will give it a try because the water is so beneficial to our bodies. Thanks for commenting and have a good night.

  15. Thanks for posting such great information about coconut water. In my household we drink coconut milk, and not regular whole or skim milk.

    I’ve tried coconut water before and have had some trouble with the taste of it. I’m able to happily drink the coconut milk so I’m not sure why I don’t like the water so much.

    Do you get the same health benefits from coconut milk that you would get from coconut water?

    • Hello Matt it is so good to meet you, drinking coconut milk is ok you get some benefits, but drinking the water is of more benefit. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  16. I’ve heard a lot of great things on Coconut water. It’s awesome to see so many benefits to drinking the water. 🙂

    For me especially, coconut water would sure be an ideal drink because my blood pressure is high at the moment and I have a little baggage around the stomach area.

    The water just seems to help improve our health, in general. And drinking this every day for several months, we will see improvements in our health.

    Thank You for the coconut water facts for good health.

  17. I have a question here, my daughter just loves coconut water, me too by the way, but last week my daughter and her friends drank each water of about 5 coconuts. Is this dangerous?
    We were a bit upset because the thirty coconuts we bought were gone in two days.


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