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Container gardening

You may feel limited by the amount of space that you have and your desire to have a garden of your own. You may be living in an apartment building or a condo and there just isn’t enough space for a garden. Don’t give up on your dream of having your own garden, there is still hope.

Container gardening is the recommended way to go. Growing plants in pots and containers on your porch or patio are one way you can optimize every square inch of space. Adding plants to the bedroom balcony or growing herbs on the kitchen balcony just takes a little imagination and some creative thinking and the rest is history.

In no time with a little effort, you will have that garden. So we will be looking at how to add plants to our surroundings in the limited spaces that we may have.

Start with a plan

Planning is the key toward everything that we do in life if we hope to achieve success.

First, decide what type of container garden it is that you want. It may be planting herbs, it may be planting flowers, or it may be planting bromeliads etc…. but the first thing is to decide what kind of plants you want.

Next, you must decide where you are going to put these plants. Please note that whatever plant you choose, it must be suitable to its environment. Also keep in consideration that plants needs differ, so by knowing what plants you are using you will be better able to make the right decision.

So know your plant requirements as stated in my PLANT CARE section and if you are not sure you can always ask your plant nurseryman.

You would not want to bring a flowering plant on the indoors where there is no sunlight. So the key is in getting some plant knowledge. Then look at the size of containers that you want to use and this should help you determine what size plant you need to purchase. The plants should be able to fit the container and then the space that it is going in.

Here are some examples of container gardens

These are just a few examples. I have seen aspiring gardeners who recycled toilet tanks to grow a garden or those who even used a pair of old boots and baby tubs. Sounds crazy? No, it doesn’t! Live on the edge and get creative.

 Things you will need

  1. Containers, nice decorative pots, buckets, tin tubs, old boots, old car tires, anything that can hold soil will do. Make sure that the container has holes to provide drainage for excess water to run off. If gardening is on the inside make sure to have saucers under the pots or containers to hold water as it drains out. Remember to empty saucers of excess water to avoid mosquitoes.

2. Next, you will also need soil I recommend garden soil that you can purchase from your plant nursery or if you want you can start a compost pile. Just click this link to learn more about how to make a compost pile.

3. Fertilizers. Because your plants are confined to containers their roots can not spread like it would if planted directly into the ground to take up nutrients. For container gardening, I would prefer to use a slow release fertilizer because of its availability over a longer period of time. To learn more about slow release fertilizers click the link. slow release

4. Watering jugs or can to water plants.

5. Pruners to keep plants groomed and trimmed.

6. Spray bottle to wash plants off with fresh clean water and a duster to dust plant leaves.

7. Insecticides to treat plants in case of insect infestation. To learn more about home-made remedy sprays click link pest control methods.

Final word

Having a container garden can be fun as you can grow plants to consume, grow plants to beautify your surroundings and if placing plants on indoors they can purify the air that you breathe.

So there are many benefits to having a container garden. Plant yours today!

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