Controlling Cholesterol With Foods

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Unclogging Your Arteries with These Superfoods

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High cholesterol has been linked to so many diseases that cause millions each year either to pay visits to the doctor’s office or having to be hospitalized.

In is some cases many have died because of cholesterol levels being out of control. But how does high cholesterol affects our bodies and what can we do to avoid having high cholesterol or bring our cholesterol count to a normal level.

What is cholesterol?

Our bodies need cholesterol to build healthy cells. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is found in our blood. Our liver is responsible for producing the majority of cholesterol that is found in our bodies.

To be more exact cholesterol is a type of fat (lipid) that is found in our bloodstream, which is produced by our liver that was mention earlier. But when there is an excess or buildup of cholesterol it hardens in our arteries

Our arteries are responsible for the flow of blood, but when our arteries are clogged because of a buildup of cholesterol it restricts the normal movement of blood.

Our blood is responsible for carrying food, vitamins, and oxygen throughout our bodies but once the blood is restricted and a lack of oxygen is not supplied what happens is this causes heart attacks, the stroke and other health-related issues pertaining to our heart which spells trouble BIG TIME.

Controlling cholesterol with foods

Signs of high cholesterol

  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in chest
  • Stroke
  • Feeling continual pain in your back, legs, neck, headaches
  • Feeling fatigued has also been linked to high cholesterol
  • Loose stools

These are just a few of the signs to look for. Now I know these signs maybe because of other health-related issues but at the seem time don’t rule out high cholesterol at least not until you are checked out by your doctor.

What other factors contribute to high cholesterol?

Certain foods also contribute to having a buildup of cholesterol, therefore, it is of great importance that we maintain a healthy diet.

Foods to avoid

  • Fatty foods
  • Bacon, sausages, hotdogs
  • Butter
  • Foods that are prepared with an abundance of oil or grease
  • Donuts

These are just a few of the foods to avoid.

Other causes that contribute to high cholesterol

  •  Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress

I realize that no matter how good it may taste if it causes you to go to the doctor’s office stay away from it, it is not worth your health besides having to find doctor’s fees

and as we all know those fees can add up in no time causing stress which is also not good. But the good news is there are foods which we can embrace with open arms that

can help reduce or keep our cholesterol level normal that spells GOOD NEWS.

Foods that reduce cholesterol

Controlling cholesterol with these foods

Try these foods for a normal cholesterol level

1. Eggplants have low calories and is a good source of fibre and will help to give you a good bowel movement.

2. Apples are rich in pectin that helps to lower LDL.

3. Beans have great fibre content that helps to lower cholesterol.

4. Garlic is best known to get rid of infections. But garlic can also reduce cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

5. Avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids that help to promote heart health and lowers cholesterol.

6. Oats are famous for lowering cholesterol.

7. Studies have shown that a diet in nuts is great in lowering cholesterol.

8. Spinach is rich in lutein. Lutein is good for the heart by helping to lower cholesterol.

9. Cooking with olive oil can help to lower cholesterol because olive oil is rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.

10. Okras are a good source of fibre and has the ability to lower your cholesterol.

11. Grapes are also rich in pectin that aids in lowering the cholesterol.

12. Including veggies in your diet can also help to lower cholesterol by helping to control your weight.

13. Herbal teas are great for lowering cholesterol because of the chemical compounds which make up these natural healers.

The final word

Bringing your cholesterol under control is so important therefore we should take our health seriously and do all that we can to maintain proper health and to have a cholesterol level that is normal.


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10 thoughts on “Controlling Cholesterol With Foods”

  1. @Nrichards
    I write you wanting to know something about the heart whether it may be the cholesterol levels which are too much in me.
    I have a slender size like that of John English the wrestler! but whenever I go for exercise, I get prolonged heart beats but painful. Does that also seem to be a sign of too much heart cholesterol level or some other disease.

    • Hello aslam so good to meet you and thanks for commenting. Many years ago it was taught that the more slender you are the healthier you were but studies have shown that this is not the case. Even those who are slender have health issues.

      Now I have heard what you have said and I don’t want to give a diagnosis because what you are saying requires medical attention, I am not saying that it is life threatening but it is still good to go see your doctor don’t wait another day.

      Please keep me posted if that is alright with you how the doctor report goes. I will pray for you and I am wishing you the best of good health. Have a good day.  

  2. The various aspects of cholesterol like Signs of high cholesterol, factors that contribute to high cholesterol, Foods to avoid have been nicely brought out.

    The list of cholesterol controlling foods are amazing. I was surprised to find nuts in the list.

    The link to benefits of eggplants is also very informative.

    An informative website from which all can benefit.

    • Hello my friend so happy to see you again I am so glad that I could help. Thanks a million for commenting and for your kind words, all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Where have you been the last 6 years of my life, what a great resource your site is! So much is here to use to improve my health, creativity, hobby interests and heatlhy great tasting food with family and friends. I really love the diversity of information you share here. Thank you!

    • Hello Leigh so nice to meet you and thanks a million for your kind words, you have made my day. It is persons like you that keeps me going with your words of encouragement, I actually read your comment 3 times. The purpose of my website is to tie everything in with landscape and gardening and to show both the fun and health side of this exciting hobby. I am so happy that you saw that.

      I am so happy that I could help, All the best of success to you my friend. Have a great day and a happy new year to you until we talk again God’s willing.

  4. Hi Norman,

    Great article!

    All my family including me suffer from high level of bad cholesterol. They all take pills to reduce the cholesterol, except me:). I had around 220, and since I eat healthier, it went down to 190. I am trying to go even lower than that. So I started to do exercises, hoping it will help:)
    Since Cholesterol comes from the liver, do you think it will help if I don’t eat in the evening? I’ve heard that the liver work well until 12 PM, but less in the afternoon and evening. Have you heard about this?

    Thank you and looking forward to your answer.

    • Hello Daniella so nice to hear from you. High cholesterol can lead to so many health issues that can really affect our health. So sorry to hear that your family has a history of the topic at hand but the good news is we can always fight back like what you are doing to live a healthy life.

      I believe that if you must eat in the evening it should be light like a salad or soup. What is recommend is that we don’t eat heavy in the evening especially after 8:00 pm. Hope this help and I also hope that you can reach your goal to get your cholesterol lower. Please let me now how it goes and have a good day.

  5. My experience with beans is that it raises cholesterol, not lowers it. My father was meticulous about checking his cholesterol. He started cooking beans almost daily and when he went in to get his cholesterol checked, it had shot up!
    I’m a follower of the ketogenic diet and many people in our online support group eat bacon and sausage everyday. Lots of people who were obese with high cholesterol have lost the weight and are now in the normal range.
    It is my opinion that over consumption of carbohydrates will lead to high cholesterol. Another thing that could push your cholesterol numbers higher is dehydration.


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