Controlling Insect Pest With Birds

controlling insect pest with birds-Birds eating insects
Bird hunting insect

Attracting Birds to Control insect pests

Designing and installing a beautiful garden can really increase the value of your property as you connect with nature enjoying the array of colors that put you in such a relaxed mode.

But having a garden does have its challenges from disease and insects to issues that may range from nutritional to soil ph problems. But the good news is that with some knowledge you can address these problems and help your garden along the way to maintain its beauty and charm.

Insects and their destruction

I have worked on many garden projects over the years from five-star resorts to private homes and even some business establishments and one thing I have come to realize is that we will always be faced with these uninvited guests that will seek to make a meal out of our garden and landscape plants.

Concern over the years was how to approach these problems in a safe way while ensuring not to contaminate the environment?. One control method was to release beneficial insects into our garden and landscapes which have proven to work really well.

Another method was to install plants within our gardens that would repel insects.

That also proved to give some results also. The best part is these plants can be consumed by us. Talk about a win, win solution. Now that’s smart gardening.

Controlling insects with birds- Bird eating insect
A bird resting on a fence and eating an insect

These methods are really safe which is known as BIOLOGICAL CONTROL. Also applying organic sprays can offer some solution that is safe.

But then there is another way these insect pests can be controlled while making your garden a garden paradise and that is by encouraging birds in your garden. The beauty of this method is that you will not only be controlling these pests biologically but you will have the pleasure of watching these birds in their natural habitat as they raise their young

and reward you by playing a song or two as they sing so beautifully in the cool of the evening.

Controlling insects with birds

Encouraging birds in our landscape and gardens

A great way to attract birds into our landscapes and gardens is to make our gardens attractive and inviting by adding

1. A water source such as a birdbath where they can drink and take a bath.

2. Adding a bird feeder. Be very careful not to overfeed these birds because the gold is to attract them to your garden to have a feast on those garden pests.

3. Installing one or two birdhouses in different locations.

4. The beauty of this all is that birds help to bring balance to the ecosystem which is an added plus.

Controlling insects with birds-Bird eating insects
Bird eating insect

Can you imagine your gardens and landscapes being transformed by The presence of our feathered friends?

You will be pretty amazed at how many insects, these birds can consume and the best part is you will be killing two birds with one stone.

Providing a home for them and keeping your plants safe and happy.

The final word

Biological control can be very effective when introduced in our landscapes and gardens so I want to encourage you to give this method a try as it has proven over and over again to give good results

as we connect and work hand in hand with nature for a safer environment and by all means a beautiful garden that is so inviting, a place where you can kick off your shoes and relax as you take in all that beauty.

With that said let’s get started on that garden project.


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  1. What a wonderful idea! I have often wondered if certain birds are attracted to certain shrubs in which they would build a nest. I would like to attract songbirds to my yard. Do you know if there are shrubs that grow everywhere that birds like to live in? Or are they fussy about the type of tree or shrub for a nest?

  2. I have a question. I need to know how to keep broccoli and brussel sprout worms out of the garden. Last year the worms just took over .


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