Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

12 Creative Vegetable Garden Designs

Ediable Garden-creative-vegetable-garden-ideas
Edible Garden

What I love about gardening is gardens can take on any form and size, creating a vegetable garden is no different. You are free to let those creative juices flow by doing the same thing when it comes to this garden type. In this article, however, we will be getting away from the traditional way of constructing a vegetable garden and get creative with new garden ideas.

Below we will be looking at such garden designs that can make creating a vegetable garden so much fun, these garden types are so unique and will create interest with their flavor.

Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

1. Container Gardening

One of my all-time favorites is container gardening, this garden type is pretty amazing because container gardens are portable. A garden of this sort can be moved around from place to place meaning if conditions are not favorable for your garden plant’s you can always move them to a secure location that will not only protect them but will keep them growing healthy.

However, with these garden types, the proper size containers should be chosen to accommodate your vegetables, containers should also have drain holes for water drainage. Because plants are confined to these types of gardens they are depending on you for water and fertilizer, giving them the right amount of water and fertilizer is so important, getting to know these requirements to grow plants that are healthy are a must. Overall these garden types are great which will also allow for growing plants on deck patios and even indoors.

2. Garden above the ground

The traditional way of growing garden plants from hanging baskets is vines and flowers but imagine growing vegetables from hanging baskets. This method of gardening is great for those, who have little-no space but wants a garden.

Gardening above the ground is so great because you get to take advantage of all of that empty space that’s just sitting there ok not just sitting there but that space that is just taking up space if you know what I mean, anyway I think you know what I am talking about. When growing from a garden of this sort remember to follow the same rules as with container gardening. In my opinion, I think it’s pretty cool to garden in this way. Baskets can be hanged from columns, beams, walls, etc…

3. Raised beds

Raise Bed Garden
Raise Bed Garden

A great way to grow vegetables is from raised beds, raised beds are constructed in a way where garden plants are grown in enclosed structures that are built above the soil surface. These gardens are a must because your garden plants don’t make contact with native soil that may be of poor quality.

The number of weeds is limited is much easy to manage, raise beds are popular and are used on a wide scale. These gardens come in many shapes and sizes mostly square though.

4. Windowsill

Windowsill gardening is another method to grow vegetables, these gardens are not new but have been around for some time. Growing veggies from your windowsill give a certain flavor that’s so appealing though these gardens may be limited by the number of vegetables that are grown  I love this style of garden. Your kitchen windowsill is a great place for this garden type.

5. Balcony garden

If you’re limited by the amount of space that you have but love the view that this area offers then why not have the best of both worlds by growing veggies from your balcony. This is a great way to garden above the ground with the help of containers, just place your containers according to your liking and you’re good to go. Keep in mind however that containers should be chosen based on the size of your balcony because you still need space to move about or to relax.

6. Vertical gardens

Constructing a vertical garden can help you to garden in small spaces, these gardens are created by constructing structures placing them in a vertical position which I think is so amazing. For more on how this garden type works follow the link. Constructing a vertical garden.

7. Grow bags

Using grow bags is pretty amazing, these bags can be used in just about any space. What I love about grow bags is that they are inexpensive and can be reused when the season is over by washing and keeping them in a storage area until the season restarts. Grow bags are also famous for their ability to retain fertilizers and moisture.

8. Chase or Drawer

The use of an old drawer or chase can be used, just punch holes in the bottom of each drawer add the soil, your veggies and you are set to go. This is a great way to make use out of that chase or drawer that is taking up space in your garage or the back of your yard.

9. Bathtub

And old bathtub can be made good use of by planting a vegetable garden, it’s all a matter of drilling holes in the bottom then adding good garden soil and your veggies.

10. Tin can gardens

Tin can garden is another material that can be used with recycled cans. Once the lids have been totally removed with no ruff edges that can cause injury. Punch holes in the bottom of tin cans add soil and your veggie seeds and as simple as that you have created a tin can garden.

11. Recycled tires

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” as the saying goes which is so true. Keep those old worn out car tires and change the color with spray paint, using several different colors will make this project fun and more interesting. Find a spot in a sunny location to place your tires, add your soil, and then your veggies.

12. Hydrophonic garden

This garden type is so unique, creating these gardens can be a bit complex but then again there are some that are simple to construct. For more on hydroponic gardens follow this link. Hydrophonic garden designs.

Some vegetables to include in your summer garden

1. Carrots.

2. Potatoes.

3. Onions.

4. Cabbage.

5. Lettuce.

6. Broccoli.

7. Cauliflower

8. Celery.

9. Sweet pepper.

10. Brussel sprouts.

11. Cucumbers.

12. Radish.

13. Spinach.

14.  Turnips.

15. Sweet Potatoes.

Additional information

1. When planting a vegetable garden the soil that is chosen should be a soil that is organic-rich which will provide nutrients, help to hold the right amount of moisture, and allow water drainage.

2. Don’t use harmful pesticides on your edible garden, pesticides that are labeled for these types of gardens should be used, or creating your own homemade remedies is a great way to go.

3. The use of organic fertilizer’s on food crops is ideal.

4. Don’t overwater which can lead to root rot, therefore, know your veggie’s water requirements.

5. Making your own compost is a great way to provide your plants with nutrient-rich soil

6. When using fertilizers read and follow the manufactures directions for best results.

7. If you have decided to use organics sprays for your garden follow the instructions on the label.

8. Keep fertilizers and pesticides from the reach of children and pets.

9. When harvesting veggies ensure the tools that are being used are sterilized.

10. Harvest veggies at the right time for their freshness and great taste.

11. Veggies that are harvested can be placed in plastic bags once all the air has been removed and keep on the bottom shelf or pan of your refrigerator.

12. By all means if you have harvested more than enough then I am sure that your family, friends, or neighbor will be more than happy to taste those delicious veggies grown by your own hands.

The final word

Out with the old and in with the new, this is a great way to make gardening so much fun as you grow edible plants. Get creative and think outside the box as you not only create that garden that you always wanted but utilizing whatever space you have. Having your very own vegetable garden is made easy by following these simple but yet prove steps that will work wonders for you so go ahead and get started on that garden as you grow and reap a good harvest.


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