Dealing with Garden Burnout

Defeating the Garden Blues

Dealing With Garden Burnout-garden-tools
Garden Tools

I am sure if not most of us all of us at some point have had the garden blues, who would ever think working on the great outdoors in the midst of all that beauty connecting with nature can result in burnout. If the truth could be told despite the many benefits of working in our gardens we can experience burnout.

If that’s you and your desire is to bounce back from garden burnout then continue reading for ways to beat the garden blues so you can once again enjoy working outdoors making a major contribution to the environment and the ecosystem.

6 Ways to Beat Garden Burnout

Before we look at these 6 ways to beat garden burnout there are a few things to consider.

  • Ensure that you get plenty of rest before tackling your garden
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Do some exercises first like stretches and deep breathing
  • Wearing the proper equipment for the outdoors is so important. In the category section of this website, you will find safety tips
  • Learn to take breaks especially when the temperature is high
  • Remember “Rome was not built in a day” so take it in stages
  • Set garden goals and go down the list checking off as you accomplish each task
  • As you meet each goal give yourself a reward
  • Although gardening is your hobby take a break from your garden and do something else you love doing
  • Keep up to date with information within the industry to tackle any garden issues that may be on the horizon

1. Keeping it Real

Dealing With Garden Burnout-a-vegetable-garden
A vegetable garden

The garden project you are tackling may call for more than taking it in stages, you may need help because of the size of the job. Keep it real and ask for help, the budget for your project may not be there at that time although you want to get something started just ask for help.

I am sure that a friend a family member a neighbor etc.. maybe more than willing to help you with your project, community gardens are like this. This is a great way to deepen the relationship just remember to provide them with a great lunch for offering their support.

2. Weeds

I believe that weeds are a gardeners nightmare, I hate weeding because weeds are not only carriers of disease and garden insects pests but weeds will also compete with your plants for sunlight, nutrients, and water, making your garden look disorganized and unattractive along with taking over your garden if not brought under control.

Removing weeds from your garden depending on your garden size can be very tedious and can lead to burnout especially when temperatures are high. It’s best to put a program in place when working in your garden.

By doing this you will stay on top of those pesky weeds. The use of landscape fabric, mulches, and growing a healthy lawn can also help in suppressing weeds. The best time to catch weeds however is when they are small so set your schedule to remove weeds or by cultivating the soil when weeds just emerge.

3. Working when it’s cool

Working in the full sun can leave us feeling drained, the ideal time for me to work in my garden is during the morning hours when it’s cool. Change your routine.

Dealing With Garden Burnout-garden-design
Garden Design

Changing your routine from going to work in the heat of the day to when it’s cool is more comfortable and will keep you going. So work when the weather is cool this way you will get more done without getting exhausted quickly.

4. The right information

What can lead to garden burnout is not having the proper knowledge of what you are growing. Can you imagine seeking to grow garden plants that are not for your zone?

You will have issues after issues leaving you lost and confused. Only grow garden plants that are native to your zone and have the right information on proper care of those plants.

5. Don’t procrastinate

Stop putting off working in your garden and just do it, the longer you wait will put you in the mood of not starting. Don’t think of the amount of work that is involved make a plan and start somewhere. It’s by starting that we get the ball rolling as we see the progress we are making, why wait, get started today on your garden project.

6. The right tools

Not having the right tools for the job can lead to burnout because we will be working ourselves too hard and can also cause injury. Using the right tools for the job will make working in our gardens easier.

The final word on dealing with garden burnout

Working on the great outdoors is not meant to be a burden but something to enjoy as you connect with nature beautifying your surroundings or creating an edible garden growing your own food crops.

Let garden burnout be a thing of the past as you follow this guide, why should you have the garden blues when there are so many benefits to working on the great outdoors.


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10 thoughts on “Dealing with Garden Burnout”

  1. What a great topic… before I started reading this I was assuming you were referring to the garden itself being burnt out. Like the soil was wasted and wasn’t working for you any longer. I thought that you were going to take this to how to get it going again by adding or changing the soil and stuff like that. As you can tell, I am a complete newbie to this. 

    I started reading and realized you were talking about me being burnt out on working in the garden… LOL! All great tips by the way. I’m not a gardener… my luck with plants is nil… in other words, it’s easier for me to just not start as I can’t seem to make anything grow. I gave up gardening a long time ago and now my back and legs hurt too much to get down on the ground to do anything. 

    I know if I was to start I would take all these pointers to heart as the stretching exercises would definitely help me with respect to the aches and pains I would feel. Oh, and the breaks you recommend would be even more beneficial to me as well. I am thinking that I may have to give gardening a try. My first issue is to clear a spot in my yard for it. 

    One question, how do you determine how big to make the garden? Will the type of plants or vegetables determine that for me? Oops, that’s two questions. Oh well, thanks for this article. I think I will bookmark it for future reference. 

    • Hello so good to see you and thanks so much for those kind words, working in our gardens offer so many benefits. And as far as growing plants are concerned it is all a matter of having knowledge of what you are growing by doing research and you will be alright.

      The size of a garden depends on the amount of space that is available to you along with what you are growing and how much you are growing. Once you keep this in mind you will be alright. Wishing you the best of success.

  2. Wow, a good post indeed! I actually have a mini farm in our front yard. And I can actually relate to the topic about garden blues or burnout. I usually feel this when I see that a certain plant is not really showing growth or improvement and the next it will wither to die. I will definitely do these ways that you have recommended. Maybe I am a little bit impatient to the result and the process. Maybe I should take gardening in a fun and good way instead.

    • Gardening ought to be fun because we get to work on the great outdoors with nature. Just take it in stages and try to educate your self about plants you are growing and you will be just fine. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Doing a little every day seems to keep me at it. It’s part of my routine.  Standing there watering the flowers is a nice break from the computer inside, you might as well pull out a few weeds while at it. Pull down a few dead leaves and think about where a particular plant would grow best if you were to plant it out…

    I love the outdoors but have so little time for it in my busy schedule. The gardener just frustrates me, he just never seem to take care of the smaller details. Wiping the soil from the pebble path or clearing the dead leaves underneath the overhanging plants, pulling off the dead leaves… so I just have to check it out at least once a day and get my Vitamin D!

    Thank you for the great tips! I love it.


    • Working in our gardens offers so many benefits and it is good to see that you are also connecting with nature on the great outdoors. Wishing you all the best with your garden project.

  4. Yes, thank you 

    this happened to me so it is so lovely to see you write an article about it. Lockdown happened at a time that I could start to get into the garden and getting it to a place that made it look really good. When i could I added the flowers and felt so pleased and just loved being in there. Now, temperature has dropped and it is not the same kind of vibe. I have therefore found this article interesting as I know it will definitely help me out and get me back to the garden and enjoy it.

    I will also ensure that my Mum does not suffer from burnout as I know she often does.

    Thank you so much

  5. Thanks for sharing something amazing website especially about nature. I my view we have become so num to this planet that we take nature for granted. If we don’t have trees, plants, floors, insects, and the rest of the animals we would not be here. Since you’re an expert in soil, plants, and garden how can you find a solution for a dry and arrid land?

    The place I am talking about it’s an island where it seems to be raining less and less every year because of lack of trees and plants. What is your take in this kind situation?

    Thank you for everything

    All thebest

    Jos Moreno

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, we should do all that we can to work hand in hand with nature to preserve our ecosystem. For your type of soil, you should try mixing it with compost or organic matter this will help in conditioning your soil. Hope this helps.


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