Diy Garden Hacks

Save Money with these Garden Hacks

Diy garden hack save money
Diy garden hack save money

Gardening offers so many opportunities from growing your very own edibles to giving your yard a facelift, getting that much-needed exercise, connecting with nature that is so relaxing, increasing your properties value and so much more but what I also love about gardening is thinking outside of the box as your imagination runs wild with ideas that can save you both time and money while producing healthy crops that are so beneficial and beautifying our surroundings. In this article, we will be looking at DIY HACKS.

Diy garden hacks have become so popular these ideas are spreading like wildfire as people are seeing not only the need but a way to garden smart using what is classified or viewed as trash turning them into treasures along with what’s in our kitchen to promote healthy garden plants if you’re one of those persons who love an adventure then go with me on this journey as we discuss these garden hacks that have worked wonders for so many and can do the seem for you.

24 garden fun garden hacks with proven results


1. Cinnamon has such amazing taste and aroma but what I also love about cinnamon is it can be used in our gardens to protect seedlings from damping off. Damping-off is a disease that’s caused by a fungus that attacks seedlings from the stem just above the soil level. The sign of fungus is a whitish-gray substance that forms on the stems, cinnamon has some anti-fungal properties that will help in the elimination of this disease. Sprinkling cinnamon on the infected parts will give results, sprinkling cinnamon on seeds along with water from the soil level avoiding as much as possible water splashing on stems will also help.

Drinking glasses

2. There is nothing like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day with the use of a drinking glass but besides this, these glasses can also be used to grow herbs. If you are replacing your old drinking glasses with newer ones or if you have so many you don’t know what to do with some of them why not add some good garden soil and herb (seeds/seedlings) this is a great idea for an indoor herb garden to harvest fresh.



3. Eggshells are another great garden hack that has proven to have great benefits in the garden. Save the eggshells allow them to dry when you have saved a good number place them in a plastic bag and gently crush them. Sprinkling eggshells around your garden plants will keep snails and slugs at bay with their jagged edges and as eggshells break down will add calcium to the soil.

Plastic forks

4. Plastic forks can help to make your days a little easier in the garden, placing forks throughout your garden around plants with the fork in the upright position sticking out of the soil will give raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels a painful experience that will keep them out of your garden.

And old purse

5. That old purse that was once a favorite of yours which you are finding so hard to path with can still be made good use of. You can hang on to it a little longer by making a portable garden, here how it’s done. Fill the purse with good garden soil and adding some flowering plants. You have just made good use out of your old purse transforming it into a portable garden.

Beer or not to beer

6. It’s amazing how snails and slugs are attracted to beer even stale beer, place beer in a bowl and locate to your garden area, use a piece of a small stick or board and lean it against the bowl this stick acts as a bridge. When the snail/slug smells the beer they will climb the stick/piece of board fall into the bowl of beer and drown, this is a natural way in eliminating them.


7. Garlic has so many benefits, the aroma along with the flavor will give your foods that BANG. Place garlic that has sprouted, in water will produce onion-like green sprouts in about 3-5 days which can be added to your favorite dishes.


8. Coffee is an old-time favorite at breakfast time, a fresh brew of coffee can be so delightful, the filters of coffee, however, can be used to slow water movement when watering a container plant. Place the coffee filter in the container followed by your soil and then plant. As you give your plant that much-needed drink the coffee filter will slow the water flow allowing the soil to absorb a good amount so your plant can get sufficient before it drains through.

Shoe rack

9. A shoe rack is a great idea if you have run out of space but a shoe rack can also be used as a herb garden. Fill each shoe pocket with soil, add your herbs this makes a good vertical garden.

Watering can

10. Save a few dollars by turning your empty one-gallon water jug into a watering can punch a few holes in the cover fill the jug with water and begin watering your garden plants. You have just turned your junk into your treasure and it did not cause you a dime.

Sweeter tomatoes

11. Tomatoes go great in many dishes and salads tomatoes are fruits, not veggies as some people assume these fruits are loaded with vitamins. Enjoy your tomatoes more by getting them sweeter, how is this done? by sprinkling a small amount of baking soda around your tomatoes. Care should be taken not to get baking soda on the tomato or the vine, another great way is to add one teaspoon in a gallon of water and apply to your tomatoes.

The Power of Soap

12. Soaps have such a pleasant aroma especially in the shower, but besides this superpower that soap has the aroma will keep rabbits and deers out of your garden plant bed. In your food processor shred soap and sprinkle throughout your plant bed deers and rabbits will not find this aroma as pleasant and will stay clear of your plants.

Epsom salt

13. Epsom salt has so many benefits in the garden, Epsom salt will help in keeping your garden plants in good health. For more on Epsom salt and its benefits follow this link. Epsom salt in the garden.

Styrofoam Cups

14. Maybe you can’t afford a greenhouse or you may not have the space the good news is you can still have that greenhouse a mini greenhouse that is. Place seedlings in styrofoam cups and place the cups in rows in a plastic storage container and you’re all done.

Plastic bottle herb garden

Herbs growing in plastic bottles-how-to-make-a-plastic-bottle-garden
Herbs growing in plastic bottles

15. This idea is great if you have limited space, don’t trash those plastic bottles but use them for your plastic bottle herb garden it’s just a matter of cutting square holes in the bottles filling them with soil, and adding your seeds/seedlings. You have just created a herb garden quick and easy way that’s so easy to care for.

A simple raised bed garden

16. The quick and easy way to construct a raised bed garden is with the help of rubber made container. Punch a few holes at the bottom of the container add your soil then your seeds/seedlings you have just create a raised bed garden the quick and easy way without any hassle.

Potatoes and Roses

17. This one is so interesting, with the help of potatoes you can grow healthy roses, Cut rose stems that are healthy, and push the cut end into a potato. Bury the potato 4 inches in good garden soil as the rose develop a healthy root system the potato will help in retaining moisture.

Pair of old boots

18. A pair of boots can be turned into a portable garden which I think is pretty cool all it requires is to punch a few holes at the bottom add good garden soil and then your seeds or seedlings and you are good to go. You have just created a portable garden with those old boots which I know will look so amazing. This is a great way to recycle and it did not cost you much thinking outside of the box in this way.

Self-watering wine bottle

19.  An empty wine bottle can be used in your garden to keep the soil moist, especially during the hot summer months. All it requires is filling that wine bottle with water and turning it upside down placing the open end a few inches into the soil, the water will flow slowly ensuring that the soil is constantly moist providing your plant with the moisture that it needs. This method works really well with container-grown plants.

Creating your very own healthy soil

20. Good garden soil is at the root of growing healthy plants, soils, however, can be pretty costly but with this method, you will be able to save a bit of money as you grow healthy garden plants especially edibles. The processes of creating your very own soil may take some time and work but in the end, both you and your plants will be so happy that you took the time out in creating this soil type. For more on how this is done follow the links that have been provided.

Soda bottle drip feeder

21. This is a great way to make good use out of that soda bottle after you have drunk the soda, save the bottle (plastic bottle). Punch as many holes in the bottle as possible starting just below the neck where it widens, dig a hole large enough near to your plant’s roots caution should be taken however not to damage the roots. Bury the bottle in the upright position leaving the open end a  few inches above the soil. As you poor water or fertilizer ( water-soluble ) into the bottle will be directed into the plant’s root zone where it will be taken up.

The Power of Vinegar

22. Vinger has its uses in the kitchen and around the house but do you know that vinegar can be used to get rid of ugly disease-carrying weeds. Here is how it’s done,   you will need a 1 gallon 10% or stronger bottle of vinegar, add about a cup of salt, 2 tbsp of dish liquid along with 3 tbsp of lemon juice sake well and you are set to win the war or weeds. It’s best to use this solution on weeds that are growing along sidewalks and coming up through cracks in your pavement and driveways this mixture is very effective when applied on dry hot sunny days.

A mini greenhouse

23. A greenhouse has many benefits and it’s great to own one but what you may be saying is that you don’t have space or maybe the money to afford one the good news, however, is you don’t need a wide space or money for that matter to construct a greenhouse which will take you 5 minutes or less.

Here is how simple it is, what you will need is a 2-liter soda bottle, with a sharp knife or scissors very carefully removing about 1/4 of the bottom. In a circular pattern dig a ring around your seedlings and press the cut end of the plastic bottle into the ground, the remaining part of the bottle all the way to the top where it opens will protect your seedlings from the frost, strong rain, and the wind.

Coke Soda

This soft drink has been around for years and has proven to be loved by so many, but do you know that besides being a thirst quencher this drink has good use in our gardens. For more on coke soda in the garden and the many benefits, it offers, click on the link. Coke sold in the garden.

The final word

These garden hacks can save you those hard-earned dollars as you turn that junk into a treasure that will benefit you in so many ways. This is a great way to recycle and guess what all you invested, for the most part, was a little of your time. These garden hacks are a win-win so why not take advantage of them you will be so happy that you did.


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