Draining Your Home’s Plumbing System

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How to Drain your Home’s Plumbing System

Draining YOur Home's Plumbing System-tubes-plumbing-system
Tub plumbing water system

If you were ever thinking of DIYing your home plumbing system which can help to cut costs you have come to the right place to see how this process is done. There are many reasons to drain your home plumbing system which include, making some upgrades or doing some repairs such as extending or replacing the main plumbing lines, water hammering issues, or shutting down your system (seasonal) during the winter months. If these were your thoughts and you were wondering how this is done then continue reading as we take a closer look at draining your home’s plumbing system.

Seasonal Shutdown

When it comes to winter preparation the thing that should be on your to-do list is shutting your water system to avoid or discourage the water line from becoming frozen. If a seasonal shutdown is neglected during the winter months or right before the freezing temperatures arrive water in the pipeline will freeze and if left unchecked or taken care of cannot only burst but can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages.

Water Hammer

If there is a loud sound or banging when the water faucet is turned on or off or when an appliance suddenly starts or stops the flow of water is known as water hammer. Air that’s trapped in the plumbing line causes this issue allowing the water to move back and forth, causing the pipes to bang against each other or against the wood frame. This problem will continue as long as to much air is trapped in the system, to resolve this issue drain the pipe system and refill it so the air gaps are confined to the designated air chambers.

Major Plumbing Repairs

Draining your plumbing system in your home may not be needed but if you’re making some major repairs such as installing a basement bathroom or the addition of some new pipes. For example, if you’re installing a bathroom in your basement then the water should be drained because you will be installing or connecting new pipes below the existing plumbing. A lot of water may be in the water lines and when you make the cut that water will spill into your home so draining the water lines beforehand is a must to avoid water spillage.

How to Drain your Home Plumbing System

Step 1: Shut off the water valve.

Step 2: Open all sink faucets.

Step 3: Open the lowest sink on the lowest level of your home.

Step 4: Open the tub and shower faucets.

Step 5: Flush all toilets and empty the tank.

Step 6: Leave the faucets in the open position.

If in the event that the property will be unattended for a while due to a vacation, leave the faucets in the open position, and ensure that no water is coming out of any faucet. However, if a few water drops drip from the lowest faucet or dribble, this is the remaining water that’s left, and no need for concern.

How to Refill your Home Plumbing System

Step 1: Close the faucet on the lowest floor of your home.

Step 2: Close all of the upper faucets so air is retained in the pipes, this trapped air will recharge the system’s air chamber.

Step 3: Turn on the valve’s main water supply which will allow water to flow back into the pipe.

Step 4: Turn on all of the faucets, and start with the faucet at the highest flow. Go downwards, as you turn on each faucet let the air and the water sputter out which is a normal process.

Step 5: Now open the tub and shower faucet.

Step 6: Now flush all of the toilets and all the tanks to refill.

Step 7: Once the running water clears proceed to turn off each of the faucets, start turning off the faucet on the highest floor in your home going downwards. Occasionally there may be sputtering when using the faucet, the remaining air in the water line however will be removed.

The final word on draining your home’s plumbing system

Draining your home plumbing system is that easy, DIYing your home plumbing system can save you as you cut costs, this guide will help you along the way as you accomplished the desired end.


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