Driveway Garden Ideas

Tips on making your driveway a part of your garden design

Lawn House Driveway-driveway-garden-ideas
Lawn House Driveway

Constructing a driveway garden can do a whole lot by creating a curb appeal that is so inviting that it seems to say the words WELCOME. Creating a driveway garden is so great because these gardens are constructed at the property’s entrance can bring that much-needed flavor with its beauty and charm.

In traditional landscape settings, gardens were installed at the rear of the house but because times have changed and continue to change we are seeing gardens of all sorts being installed and enjoyed by homeowners. Besides, bringing much beauty to this area a driveway garden will also increase a property’s value which is a win-win.

Having a driveway garden installed will also soften up the front area by tying in or bringing together concrete and other hardscape features in a garden setting that is complimented with plants of different texture, color, and sizes with amazing flower bloom so come with me on this journey as we explore the exciting world of driveway gardens and how to successfully install and care for them.

Starting with a plan

Before installing a driveway garden start with a plan to avoid issues that may come up later.

Driveways Flowers park garden-driveway-garden-ideas
Driveway Garden Ideas
  • What type of plants do you want to install
  • What are the maintenance practice that’s involved
  • Consider the plant at maturity
  • Chose plants of different height
  • Add more colors
  • Mix it up a bit
  • Creating Balance
  • Adding a birdbath
  • Installing garden lights

Installing your driveway garden

Plant type

What type of plants are you thinking of installing? are these plants drought-tolerant meaning plants that require little water such as cactus, bromeliads, etc… is the plant high maintenance meaning plants that require more water to thrive such as the peace lily.

Maintenance of your driveway garden

Creating a driveway garden is so amazing but one important factor to consider is the maintenance of this area. Is the choice of plants going to call for lots of work or is it a garden that will allow you to spent little time working it because of low maintenance plants.

Consider the plant at maturity

Consider the size of the plant at maturity in relation to the size of your front yard. What you don’t want is to install plants that grow so huge that it looks out of place so the height and the width or spread are so important. We should not choose plants for our driveway garden base on beauty alone but the above factors should also be considered because what we don’t want is to create a garden that would be hard to maintain which can become an eyesore in the long run if we don’t keep things in check.

Chose plants of different height

Chose plants of different heights, this will create beauty and look natural. Don’t choose plants that grow at the same height which will look pretty dull also when pruning, plants should be cut back in such a way to keep their natural form.

Adding more colors

Adding more colors to your driveway garden will create interest, lots of green even different shades will not carry over well so make your driveway garden colorful which gives a restful and inviting feeling.

Mixing it up a bit

One thing I have learned over the years which have stuck with me is designing your garden in such a way where you can have colors year-round and a great way to accomplish this is installing flowering plants and plants with colorful leaves together the reason for this is when the bloom period or season ends for flowering plants your garden will still have color until the bloom period starts again because plants that produce colorful leaves will ensure that your garden is colorful year-round.

Creating Balance

If your driveway garden calls for installing plants on either side then go for balance, each side should be the reflection of the next. Even if one side is wider where you may have to make some adjustments let that adjustment mirror the other side. For example, if the wider side calls for more plants then go ahead and install a few that is different,  notice I said a few but the majority with the wider side should have mostly the seem type plants as the other side remember it is all about balance yes you will be breaking the rules a bit but who says that rules can be broken right. As long as those few plants that differ ties in with the rest of the garden.

Adding a birdbath

Spruce up your driveway garden by adding a birdbath or two for balance, these baths goes great especially if garden plants which are chosen for this area attracts wildlife. The use of a birdbath that has running water is an added feature that will get the attention of your feathered friends as they swoop down for a drink or to take a bath. What about just installing a birdbath with 2-3 levels filling each section with soil and adding annuals such as new guinea impatiens, begonias, etc….

Garden Lights

Garden lights can set the mood for romance besides lighting your path, these lights at nighttime look so amazing as you or your visitors come up the driveway. There are many brands that are inexpensive so chose the type that not only fits into your budget but compliments this area.

Plant Materials

House with a driveway-driveway-garden-ideas
House with a driveway
  • Trees
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Ground Covers
  • Lawns
  • Low maintenance plants
  • Ornamental Grasses


Depending on the size of your driveway trees should be chosen. If you have a medium size driveway then choose trees that will fit into this area. Trees at maturity that reach heights from 5-10ft is a good choice.

Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants will give that color, chose plants with colors that compliment each other. Color coordination is so important and will create an even flow.


Shrubs can be grown as and hedge, I believe this will look great on either side of your driveway that leads to your house. Keeping your hedges nicely pruned will look pretty amazing.

Ground Covers

The use of ground covers will give you the spread that you need covering wide areas, what I love about these plant types is their ability to suppress weeds because of how low they grow to the ground. When installing ground covers don’t install too close to the driveway because some species can spread to a point that will overlap the curb edges but then again there may be some person that prefers this look.

Garden Lawns

Installing a lawn as a part of a garden driveway design does have its advantages, a nicely manicured lawn on either side of a driveway or walkway that is lush and green with colorful plant beds looks absolutely stunning. A well-maintained lawn will also help to suppress weeds that will make caring for your driveway garden a lot easier.

Ornamental Grasses

A beautiful home-driveway-garden
Beautiful home with garden

Ornamental grasses are considered to be drought-tolerant once they reach maturity, these grasses grow upright which will look great installed in a driveway garden. There are many species of ornamental plants to choose from ornamental grasses are popular and are used on many landscape and garden projects.

Low maintenance plants

The use of low maintenance plants in the landscape and garden has become so popular because these plant types are easy to maintain and examples of low maintenance plants are desert plants such as cactus, bromeliads, agaves, etc…. low maintenance plants are plants that require little water, their growth rate is not that great and pests issues are very low.

Inviting wildlife

A great idea that will work wonders is installing a driveway garden with the use of garden plants that attract wildlife such as butterflies and birds. Not only will you have a colorful garden but a garden with activities as you watch wildlife in their natural habitat, constructing this garden type is also a great way to bring balance to the ecosystem providing wildlife with food. Below are a few garden plants that can be used.

Luxury Home-driveway-garden-ideas
Luxury Home

The final word

Install a driveway garden is a great way of bringing beauty to your front yard, many homeowners are taking advantage of these gardens as they create a garden oasis that is so inviting. Driveway gardens are here to stay so why not consider enhancing this area of your yard, you will be so happy that you did as you reap the benefits these gardens offer.


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12 thoughts on “Driveway Garden Ideas”

  1. Nice article!

    It really opened up my mind to what is possible when it comes to gardening if you really put your mind into it. It easy to forget that gardening is in a way just as much an as science when done correctly.

    I hope to see more articles like these in the future!

  2. Thanks for the great tips Norman!
    I’m an electrical engineer by profession and I worked in designing lighting for houses’ exteriors for a while and I recommend that you add to your list a recommendation for Solar Garden Lights as these will save electricity bill, and you can also save on the installation and maintenance as these don’t require wiring.

    All the best!

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  4. Noting excites me like when I see someone that does something and knows how to do it well…I have a building I am working on and I brought some people that called their self professional  gardeners and the did rubbish since then I have been looking for unique ideas to help me out.thamks for sharing this one.

  5. I think the idea make a lot of sense. A driveway garden adds a lot of variety to a home and as you pointed out, it also increases the value of the property. Another idea that appeals greatly to me is that of attracting the activities of wildlife such as birds and butterflies. It is usually such a beautiful sight to behold. This has been really informative, I’m glad you shared.

  6. Hi there!

    thanks so much for reminding us that a driveway garden can really brighten up the whole facade of your house.  I think it would just look too beautiful if I planted one for myself.

    We live in a dry area that gets a lot of frost in winter, so it’s quite difficult for me to think of options that would look ok during that time of the year.  We are also on a summer rain area, so dry dead winter gardens aren’t very attractive.  I know of a few indigenous grassy types that look good through the cold.  Can you possibly make some suggestions?

    I have also heard it said that if you plant a garden for the nose, the eyes will take care of themselves.  Herbs such as lavender or thyme might look really beautiful too, and attract butterflies.

    Thanks again for your helpful article.

    • These gardens are making waves and are great to install. I will make some recommendations as to what you can use and I wish you success with your garden project.

  7. Hey Norman. This is lovely. I have seen so many houses and buildings with driveway gardens and it looks so appealing, welcoming and beautiful. I’d love to have them in my house when I own one. I find your tips really helpful in making the most out of driveway gardens. One thing that discourages me the most is maintenance. So I’d consider going with plants that are easy to maintain. I’ll be fully involved in installing these in my home when the time comes.

    • These gardens are truly amazing and you are so on point. A garden that is easy to maintain should always be considered. All the best to you.


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