Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas

Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Drought Tolerant Garden-zinnia-plants
Zinnia garden flowers

Do you want a garden that can save you both time and money or maybe you may have an existing garden that is a drain on your wallet? Well, what if I told you, you can have a garden that can save you both time and money. “Yes you can have your cake and eat it too”, you can have the best of both worlds, how? by installing a drought-tolerant garden that will work wonders for you. This garden type can also be viewed as a summer garden.

What is a Drought Tolerant Garden?

A drought-tolerant garden is a garden that’s low maintenance, the water requirements are small meaning plants can go for long periods of time on very little water. 2 weeks or even longer.

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Other Benefits of a Drought-tolerant Garden

  • Reduce water usage
  • Deeper roots help to stabilize slopes
  • Beautiful plants with less maintenance
  • Lower water bill
  • More garden pests resistance
  • Less polluted runoff flowing into the ocean, lakes rivers, and streams
  • Less plant disease
  • Reduce time spent working in the garden
  • Drought-tolerant gardening is more sustainable

7 Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas

1. Walking Pathways

Drought Tolerant garden Ideas-walking path-way
A walking pathway

Installing concrete pathways is a great way to reduce the number of plants in your garden, yes I understand you may have to invest some money upfront to install these pathways but the good news is that it is an investment that will pay off in the long run with fewer garden plants that has to be maintained. Just work with a budget you can afford

2. Using Gravels

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-gravel-walking-path
Gravel walking path

The use of gravel is another way to reduce the number of plants, gravels comes in so many shapes, sizes, and colors if that’s your concern you can still have a colorful garden. Gravel will help to reduce the number of plants that are used, this calls for some investment (money) however but the investment will pay off. Like concrete pathways check to see when there is a sale to get your gravel at a reduced price. Doing the project yourself will save you some money but if you can’t do the job then shop around to find a professional reputable company that will be willing to work with your budget.

3. Low Maintenance Plants

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-flowering-cactus
Flowering cactus

What is a drought-tolerant garden without low maintenance plants, there are so many plants that are drought-tolerant or low maintenance that can go for 2 weeks or more on little water and still look good. Below we have created a list of just a few of these plant species that can save you both time and money in your garden.

4. Stepping Stones

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-stepping-stones
Stepping stones

Stepping stones have a certain style with their unique appearance, these stones can be used strategically to create beauty, which can bring that wow and much-needed flavor.

Stepping stones can cover much space and reduce the need for garden plants. Stepping stones come in many styles, colors, and sizes, remember before purchasing compare prices that will fit your budget.

5. Installing a Deck

Decks are so amazing giving and inviting and restful feelings, decks can be pretty, pretty costly but then again it’s all about knowing what you want which is so important.

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-a-garden-deck
A garden deck

Do your homework and find a company that will work with your budget, decks can be created to your preference and will cover large areas reducing the number of plants in your garden. Garden decks can be made from different materials which include wood, plastic, and composites.

6. Container Gardening

Container gardening is a great way to go because with this garden type you can garden in the smallest of spaces, with a container garden you have so many benefits when it comes to low maintenance.

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-container-gardening
Flowers in a container

however, if you have an existing garden already then why not remove some of those high-maintenance plants and replace them with containers that have drought-tolerant plants. There are so many advantages to this garden type.

7. Mulches

There are many mulch brands to choose from including bark nuggets, I have worked with these natural organics on many garden projects and have seen how beneficial mulches are to plant life. There are also synthetic or man-made mulches that are inorganic however they can also be used to reduce the number of plants.

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-mulch
Bark mulch

For example, instead of installing garden plants around larger plants and trees why not use mulch, you have the best of both worlds when using this method because mulches will not only cover those bare spots but will add beauty to your garden and nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. This method will help to reduce the number of fertilizers that are used which will help you to save your hard-earned dollars. Fewer fertilizers that use mean less pollution as a result of overuse or using incorrectly.

A Bonus Point just for You

Why not, if possible mix it up a bit or have a combination of 2 or more of these drought-tolerant ideas that will really Payoff in Huge ways.

The Names of some Drought Tolerant Plant Species

Drought Tolerant Garden Ideas-lantana-plants
Lantana plants

The final word on drought-tolerant garden ideas

Although there are many garden types, installing a drought-tolerant garden is a winner, drought-tolerant gardens are one of my favorites because of the many benefits it offers. I believe that investing in a garden of this sort will pay off big time, so as you can see, “you can have your cake and eat it too” now that you know all of the advantages of a drought-tolerant garden make the investment you will be so happy with the results as you get the best of both worlds.


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