Edible Gardening Design

Creating a garden paradise with edible plants

In this article we will be looking at how to create garden designs with edible plants, can you imagine having a garden design where most of it was edible, this would be a unique garden that would provide you with fresh foods throughout the year.

Fruits and vegetables-edible-gardening-design
Fruits and vegetables

Edible garden benefits

Follow this link to learn about the vitamin content of herbs. The healing wonders of herbs, nature’s wonder.

There are many benefits to this type of garden:

1. You will be growing your own foods so you don’t have to worry about consuming foods that are chemically grown.

2.  $ave money by growing these edibles.

3. You will be growing foods that are rich in Vitamins and foods that can help to fight many illnesses.

4. Having a sense of pride. Just to stand back and to take in the full scene of what your hands have created, to be enjoyed by families and friends.

5. When picking foods from your garden you are sure they are fresh.

6. Getting the needed exercise by working in your garden, both physical and mental.

7.  Helping to keep the environment clean by using organic pesticides or homemade solutions in your garden.

8. Growing a harvest to share with families and friends.

9. What about educating and encourage families and friends about the benefits of having an organic garden, they can also follow your advice on creating an edible garden of their own, having the same experience.

10. Getting to enjoy the outdoors working with nature.

Garden herbs growing in wooden planter-edible-gardening-design
Garden Herbs

Here is an example of some herbs that can be planted. Follow this link on how to grow herbs.

Designing areas:

In order for this type of garden design to be a success, you will need to make sure that the areas to be planted get a least 5-6 hours of sunlight along with good garden soil. These garden designs can be installed in the following areas.

  1. Patios and Porches- Planting in decorative pots and hanging baskets
  2. Along walkways
  3. Under living and dining room windows
  4. Under kitchen windows
  5. How about constructing a nice rock garden somewhere in the area of the side of your house, the back area of your house, or somewhere in the front yard and instead of using plants for rock gardens such as cactus, bromeliads, other desert plants, etc… plant herbs. A rock garden of herbs, remember the goal is to create an edible garden and keep in mind 4-6 hours of sunlight along with good garden soil.
  6. Somewhere around your front and back door.
  7. If you have a pool along with planting beds around your pool, install herbs in these areas as long as the planting area is not that close to the pool but can still give that area a touch of class.

Here is another cool idea that can be tried, it makes good also for a herb garden. Raise bed gardening ideas.

Can you imagine instead of having a flower garden, having a garden full of herbs, freshly grown by your own hands, these are just a few ideas that you can try, I am sure you can come up with more, the goal is to plant as many edible plants within your garden areas

To give the impression that the whole garden is edible, even if it is not.

How to plant?

1. Plant herbs in clusters or masses.

2. Mix it up somewhat in some areas.

3. Plant-strong scented  herbs like rosemary and chives under the kitchen windows, nothing like a strong aroma of these herbs coming through your kitchen window

4. Plant mint in masses near the living or front room window, it is good to get that fresh minty aroma in your front or living room.

5. Create a rock garden and plant different species of herbs in masses or clusters.

6. How about getting bold and daring, make a rock garden, and planting vegetables. For more on planting a vegetable garden follow this link.

7. How about creating a pathway using herbs that take you from one area of the yard and leads to another area of let’s say a vegetable garden, fruit tree(s), or even more herbs.

8. Place hanging baskets on your porch or patio providing that you get about 5-6  hours of sunlight and planting basil, chives, rosemary, etc…. in these baskets.

9. Purchase a few decorative pots such as clay or plastic pots place on patio or porch and plant herbs in them. Imagine relaxing in these areas on a cool summer evening and the nice aroma of basil, chives, rosemary, mint, etc…. filling the air as the breeze blows gently. Here are some examples of container gardening just follow this link.

10. Plant herbs around the border of your porch or patio areas.

There are so many edible plants, the ones listed here are just a few among the many that you can try. Remember always get information on what type of edible plants you are working with such as 1. Height and spread of the plant, 2. Soil type which in most cases is that good garden soil, 3. Amount of sunlight needed, 4. Water requirements, 5. Fertilizers 6. Pest issues. Organic pesticides are safe and effective to use on edible gardens. To learn more about organic pesticides, organic fertilizer and organic gardening follow these links.

The final word

Creating an edible garden in this fashion is awesome and you get the added benefits of beauty, creating a garden design, growing plants that are edible, plants that are filled with vitamins, and plants that can help our bodies to fight the different type of illness and heal much faster, and the edible garden is a good choice, so let’s get adventurous and get those creative juices flowing as we create an edible garden that can add that touch of class.


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22 thoughts on “Edible Gardening Design”

  1. Hi Norman,

    I love this post! I’m new to gardening but am planning out my first season of growing now! I plan to start easy with potted herbs this year and go from there. What herbs do you suggest I start with? I plan to keep them in pots on my patio and in the kitchen on the windowsill.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Hello Jenna it is so good to meet you, herbs are wonderful and very beneficial to the body besides giving our foods such a good flavor. Here is the URL to my website gardenofedengardencenter.com, here you will find helpful information on how to grow and care for herbs besides many other great landscaping and gardening ideas. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. You mentioned using organic pesticides in the section of the benefits of growing your own garden. Isn’t it wonderful that we can know where our food comes from and what has been used on it? I use organic measures in my gardens too, but have been having a terrible time with squash bugs. We have used Neem oil, handpicking, diatomaceous earth, and a couple of other things. I wonder if you have any recommendations for what to use on squash bugs?

    • Hello Elisa it is so good to meet you I hear you and understand your concern. Nothing like working hard in your garden and then have some unvitied guest come and help themselves to all of your hard work. It appears at times these bugs are hard to control, what I want to first suggest here is that if you can, why not plant the varieties that are resistant.

      Other than that try using Harvest-Guard, Bioneem or Pyrethrum. Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes, all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Wow this is far the best site i have read in a long time , fantastic information easy to read and understand .
    To grow vegetables and herbs for yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.
    This site makes you want to get straight out into the garden and start growing beautifull vegables , whitch are very beneficial. The information covers everty thing you. Need and lots more .
    I am definitely going to book mark this site and also use this site when i am in the garden

    • Hello Gareth you make me feel so good with your comment, it goes to show that my hard work is paying off. I am glad that I could help, wishing you the best with your garden project, please keep me posted. all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. I really enjoyed this information. I really liked the suggestion to plant mint by the front door or window of your house. Thanks for the details.

    I have two questions. One, what do you mean by planting herbs “in masses?” And two, can flowers also grow alongside of herbs and edible plants?

    • Hello Greg it is so nice to meet you and I am glad that I could help.When I talk about growing herbs in masses what I actually mean is planting them in groups like for example you may plant a group of chives in groups of threes, three in one spot and then another three in another spot you can do this with other herbs also. You can plant a few flowering plants lets say in the back ground and some herbs like basil in the front.

      The goal is to have the garden area looking as natural as possible, but before grouping herbs and other flowing plants together it is good to know things like water, sun , soil requirements so that you are meeting the needs of all your plants.

      Get creative and think outside of the box and get those creative juices flowing.Hope this helps and wishing you all the best with your garden project and please let me know how it goes. And If I can be of further helps please give me a shout.

  5. This is an awesome idea! We just had a freeze here (which normally does not happen) and I lost ALL of my exterior plants. I am having to replant everything, so this is a definite consideration. Some of the plants look so pretty, I would be interested to know which plants you have pictured. Thanks for the wonderful information that has sparked a new idea for me!

    • Hello it is so nice to hear from you again and sorry for you lose. It is good to get creative think outside of the box and live on the edge, who says that the rules can’t be broken when you want to mix it up somewhat. You can start with basil, chives, rosemary, garlic and other herbs, you can also check out my website where there are a few post that talks about this gardenofedengardencenter.com.

      Thanks again, hope this help and wishing you the best of success.

  6. Planting mint I think that is a good idea. Just imagine the smell of mint around the house. The aroma of mint that would makes you feel so relax. I think I’m gonna try to plant that. I love going to the backyard and stay there for few minutes but I have no time for planting lately. But since I read your article about mint I’m quite interested of trying it. Thank you so much for your nice and informative article.

    • Hello Cris it is so good to meet you, mint has such a nice aroma and can lite up any area. Glad that I could help, all the best to you and have a good day.

  7. Thanks for posting about edible gardening design. I enjoy gardening very much, but I have been having trouble figuring out what I should plant because I recently moved and my new house has a different type of environment. Thanks to you I have more of an idea about what I should plant in my front yard and my backyard.

    • Hello Emcqueen it is so good to meet you and it is my pleasure. Glad that I could help, wishing you the best of success with your garden project. Have a good day.

  8. Norman,
    What a wonderful post on Edible Gardening Design, I really love it.
    Currently I have a north facing apartment so light is a big issue but you have inspired me for my next move to sunlight.
    I really apprecite your Designing Areas information especially the rock garden.
    Thanks again for the wonderful read, I can’t wait to get gardening again.


    • Hello cannaGary it is so nice to meet you and thanks for responding, thanks a million for commenting and for those wonderful words. And edible garden can add a touch of class and it is really great. Glad you like my post and wishing you all the best with your edible garden. Please let me know how it goes and have a good day.

  9. Great post about the garden which is edible.
    Your list of benefits is full just I would like to add one more.
    It is edible for some pets like my Indian Runner ducks. Perfect creatures which lay delicious eggs and eat only a few vegetables from beds, like lettuce. In summer for ducks, it is entirely sufficient for grass, flies and worms and the snails who want to eat vegetables.
    I enjoy the moment when I pick a fragrant dill in my garden.

    • Hello it is so good to see you and thanks for commenting, having and edible garden sure do have it benefits. All the best to you and have a good night.

  10. Again, love your website. You have a HUGE amount of great information and well, I love working in the yard, gardening, planting, landscaping…anything outdoors. I was wondering which would be best that might be able to be grown during the winter months in Texas. We can get a few days of frost, but mostly no.

    • Hello my dare friend I don’t know what happened just now but I was answer your question on post of cancer when for some strange reason the approve and reply button sent my message through before I hand time to complete it. When it comes to our health we should make sure that we have a good diet at all times

      because prevention is better than cure, it is always good to have good health so that in the unfortunate event that sickness comes your body will be well able to fight back and you will be able to have a faster recovery. So the sooner a person can start the better.

      Now to your question on edible gardening. I am putting together and article on indoor edible gardening, this can be a great way to garden in the winter so stay tune for this article, I know that it will help you a lot, sorry again for having to put to messages in one, I may have to contact support to see what this issue is.

      Thanks again for your support. Until we meet again have a wonderful new year and I am looking forward of us continuing to share our views and input in the new year God’s willing. May God bless you and your family greatly in 2017. Have a good day.

  11. Hi There, I just wanted to say what a great site you have, you seem to be very knowledgeable in your niche. You have an enormous amount of content and comments, I’m very impressed. I can only hope that one day I can figure out how to make my site look that nice with that amount of content. Great Job!!!

    • Hello Gretchen it is so great to meet you and you really made my day with those wonderful words. You will get there just keep following the training and you will be well on your way. Thanks again, all the best to you and have a good day.


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