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Eggshells a gardeners treasure

Don’t trash the gold us it for your garden, what comes first the chicken or the egg? I think we all know the answer to that question but do you know that eggshells are a gardeners treasure.

Egging that morning breakfast of scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast and a fruit along with a  glass of orange juice is a great way to start your morning

But what is also great is saving those eggshells for your garden because there are so many benefits of using eggshells in the garden. A few years ago my instructor taught me a very valuable lesson about the use of eggshells that really blew my mind.

What he said was that by adding eggshells to your garden would keep garden pest such as snails and slugs away because the jagged edges of the eggshell would cut into their bodies of course which would be too painful for them causing them to stay away from your garden area.

Also as the eggshell breaks down, it would add calcium to the soil that is beneficial for your garden plants, it’s a win-win situation that is so cool.

Natural solution

What I love about eggshells is that eggshells are natural which means your garden harvest will be free of contamination and the use of chemicals that are not good for your health.

Eggshell power

Eggshells are composed of more than 93% minerals. Calcium carbonate is the main mineral that is important for plant growth.

But what other ways can eggshell benefit our gardens?

Eggshells in the Garden

Here are some amazing facts about eggshells in the garden.

1. As stated earlier eggshells can be used as fertilizer to add calcium to the soil.

2. Eggshells act as a pest deterrent keeping snails and slugs out of the garden. Just crush shells and sprinkle them in a circular pattern around the base of plants.

3. Adding eggshells to your compost pile is an added benefit.

4. Eggshell can help to balance soil ph as it breaks down.

5. Eggshells are so beneficial in giving nature a helping hand. Female birds that are about to lay eggs can use the extra calcium. Just crush up the shells and place them in a bowl near the bird feeder.

6.Adding eggshells to planting holes will keep your plants from developing blossom end rot because of the lack of calcium in the soil.

7. It is believed that the smell of eggshells will keep cats out of areas where they are not wanted.

Eggshells in the Garden

Other use of eggshells

1. Eggshells can be used as a starter planter for seeds.

2. Bring a gallon of water to a boil and place about 12 eggshells in the water for about an hour or an hour and a half. Once water is cool remove eggshells and pour water around the base plants. This makes a good liquid fertilizer.

3. Or you can add this liquid solution to a spray bottle and use as a foliar spray(spraying plant leaves) on the plant.

4. Eggshells can be used to keep deer out of your garden. Just crush eggshells and sprinkle around base of garden plants that deer love. Deers hates the smell and this will keep them away.

5. Eggshells are great for rose bushes. Crush or grind them as finely as possible and apply to the top 1-2 layers of soil and water thoroughly. This will really give your rose bush the help that it needs for a greater bloom.

6. Simply crushing and using eggshells as garden mulch by sprinkling around plants is a great way to add fertilizers to garden soil.

Fertilizing indoor plants with eggshells

Eggshells are also great to use on indoor plants. Thoroughly clean eggshells with warm water and allow to dry. Grind or crush eggshells until it becomes powder.

Next, sprinkle eggshell powder around the base of plants and water. Repeat this process once every six months.

Eggshell organic spray

Eggshells in the garden is good to use as an organic insecticide against Japanese and flea beetles. Dry eggshells crush and grind them to powder then sprinkle directly on to the beetles.

Final word

Eggshells are pretty amazing who says that we have to throw away the shells everything can be used from the chicken to the egg and you guessed it right the chicken comes before the egg.

So the next time you are tempted to throw away the eggshell just remember that eggshells are a gardeners treasure that can help you yield a good harvest.

So let’s get cracking as we take advantage of this natural organic that has proven to work worders in the garden?

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