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Growing Healthy Children and Keeping Them Strong

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In today’s world, many parents are faced with the challenge of getting their kids to eat fruits. In my last article, we looked at how to get your children to eat vegetables and found out some really great ways to have our children asking for more.

But what about fruits, there are a lot of parents that are having issues with their children eating fruits. You would think that because fruits are sweet and children love sweets they would except eating fruits with open arms

but this is not the case. First of all, I believe that this is a physiological thing for children because if you offer them a candy bar, a cookie, candy, or some other sweet treat they would be all smiles. But using reverse physiology we can have our children eating out of our hands or even begging us for more fruits.

The nature of fruits

There are so many varieties of fruits that it is just mind-blowing, different sizes, colors, and so on but what I love about fruits is that fruits are natural healers that are filled with vitamins that

are the building blocks to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. So by getting our kids to eat fruits will be of great benefit.

For more on fruits and the benefits, they offer, refer to the health section of this website, I am sure you will find some helpful tips.

I believe that more parents should be educated on the benefits of fruits and in this way will encourage them to put forth the effort to invest in their children’s health.

What I love about fruits is they are not only filled with vitamins but can help to fight illness saving us as parents $$$$$$$ from having to take that trip or trips to the doctor’s office.

With that said let’s look at encouraging your children to eat fruits.

What can we do as parents?

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Many parents are puzzled or even frustrated about how to address this issue of getting their children to be a lover of fruits. Well look no further, here are some tips you can apply that have proven to give good results so let’s have a closer look at some of these solutions.

Here are some fruit salad recipes that you can try. Fruit salad recipes.

1. Make a fruit salad. Making salads with fruits is a great way to encourage your children to eat fruits. The rainbow colors will get their attention and spark interest.

2. Have them help you prepare these salads. While preparing, make a game out of it, sing songs, laugh, smile, and even taste a little at the same time because children follow by example.

3. As much as possible let your kids see you eating fruits and talk to them about how healthy and strong they will become by making these fruits a part of their diet.

4. Promise if they eat their fruits you would do something special for them and whatever you choose to, make it so special they will be begging you to put more fruits on their plates.

5. Buy children’s DVDs on fruits and other health-related issues and watch with them.

6. Offer them a treat, now I don’t want to sound like I am contradicting myself but offer them a little unhealthy treat for eating their fruits. Just limit the amount of this kind of treat.

7. Don’t force them to eat their fruits.

9. This one may be a little tough but if you can make shapes out of fruits and have them do the same also.

10. Give them a choice of what fruits they want. Let them feel like they are in control. Let them have their way with this.

11. Making fruit smoothies along with them is a great way to get them interested in fruits.

12. Take them grocery shopping with you and have them pick out the fruits.

13. Instead of ice cream or other sweet treats for dessert, why not give them fruit salad.

14. Cutting back on junk foods and having more fruits available is a good way to get your children to eat and love fruits.

Let those creative juices flow and mix it up. Create different fruit salads.

Don’t give up

And by all means, don’t give up keep trying different ways. Remember that our children are one of our greatest investments and we cannot afford to run the risk of having their health decline because of unhealthy eating.

The final word

I believe all that we need to maintain good health is found in the foods that we eat. These foods are, our pharmacy that provides us with all of that good natural stuff that will keep us happy and healthy so let’s do our best to be the BEST example to our kids

by encouraging them to eat their fruits that have proven to be so beneficial from generation to generation.


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7 thoughts on “Encouraging Your Children To Eat fruits”

  1. This is a great article and very encouraging for parents! Its always tough to get kids to eat healthy foods – especially when they’re surrounded by less healthy options. You’ve outlined some excellent ideas and tips. I particularly like the idea of getting them involved not only with the preparation, but also with the shopping.
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  2. Excellent article and an important subject in this day and age with the rise in obesity. I have no children at home but when the grandchildren come to visit I will give some of these tips a try. Thanks for the great ideas to encourage children to eat more fruit.

  3. Great post, I don’t have this issue but my friend does. Her daughter just started pre-school and she has always been shy and she wanted me to go with her for her first day so I did. Some of the kids where doing show-and-tell and one of them brought blueberries grapes and strawberries for a fruit salad. When it came to snack time she didn’t want any of the fruit, just more cheese-its. Can’t say I’m surprised since her parents do all there shopping in the middle of the grocery store and feed the chicken nuggets all the time. Perhaps I could encourage her to eat fruit somehow. I know if I had kids I wouldn’t let them get away with not eating fruit. Making fruit smoothies along with them is a great way to get them interested in fruits. I liked the making fruit smoothies along with them idea.

    • Hello MepenStiller so good to hear from you. We can win the war and have our children eating out  of our hands, it is all a matter of using these simple tips and tricks. Hopefully your friend will use these tips and get her daughter to fall in love with fruits.

      Thanks so much for sharing this story and I would love to know how it goes, keep me posted. And have a good day.

  4. Thanks for your great post and ideas! I really enjoyed the read. I like the way how you encourage parents not to give up. Fruits are so beneficial for our children, that we (parents) should never give up trying to add these healthy “snacks” in our children everyday menu.


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