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Gardening to save $$$$

I don’t know if you were like me but many years ago when I was first introduced to energy efficient gardening I was so amazed, I sat in class that day and listen to my mentor as he taught this most amazing lesson because I did not know that monies could be saved by installing plants. Now That’s smart gardening.

This should be the goal of every home and business owner and that is to design and construct gardens with the intention of saving a few dollars. But for some, it is just for beauty and that’s fine

but can you imagine a garden that is well designed that is an energy efficient garden along with being a garden that has much beauty, this is a win, win situation because this is a garden that is worth having?

Energy Efficient Garden can MAKE YOU $$$$$$$

What do you mean by this? I am so happy that you asked, here we go. There is an old saying that says “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”.

If your garden design allows you to save a few extra bucks a month like decreasing your light bill because a few plants that keep a room or two in your home cool which means you can keep the fan or air condition off in those rooms then those plants in those areas are an added benefit.

My personal story of cutting my electrical bill with a tree.

Many years ago both my wife and I moved into an apartment and what we notice was whenever we came home from work especially during the summers months when the temperature was high

as we enter the front room it felt like an oven at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit but when we move to our bedroom it is very cool, so for a while, this was a mystery

and then it hit us, of course, we did not know anything at the time about energy saving plants, the neighbor’s yard had a large guinep tree growing in their yard and the tree

was so large that a part of it covered our bedroom which kept it cool all summer long which meant we didn’t need the fan which helped us to save on the electric bill, this was just awesome.

Getting down to business

With all of that said let’s get down to the business of having an energy efficient garden.

Tips and tricks to make money with your garden

Remember what we said earlier, a dollar saved is a dollar earned so here are some tips and tricks that are so helpful. In fact, think of what that saved money can mean both for you and your family.

1. Want to save on that water bill, it has been proven that adding mulch to garden areas will keep soil temperatures cool along with holding water for plant later use. Which means you will not have to water as often.

2. Installing draught tolerance plants means less watering which can save you money. Installing a xeriscape garden is an awesome idea.

3. Having a beautiful lawn can really make you feel at home. I remembered the five-star restore I worked for wanted to reduce the amount of water that was being used so management decision was to remove some of the lawn and replace with plants. So if this can work for you then give it a try.

4. What about designing your gardening in such a way that when you water, the water that runs off reaches other plants.

5. Installing shaded trees on the side of your home that gets the most sun can keep those areas cool which means no air-condition or fans which spells a few $$$$$ being saved on that electrical bill.

6. Planting trees in front of windows can help to block out the sun. The trick here is to prune trees in such a way to allow visibility for security purposes.

7. Install solar garden lights.

8. Planting deciduous trees on the west and south side of the house is recommended for its cooling effects.

9. Trees which acts as windbreakers can cut heating bills in winter by 10% or more in some cases.

10. Installing shrubs and bushes near your home can create dead spaces that will provide good insulating for your home in both summer and winter.

11. Planting ground covers will help to give a cooling effect by reducing heat.

Final word

Energy efficient garden has become very popular and many home and business owners are taking advantage of these gardens because of how beneficial they are.

The opportunities of having these gardens are just mind-blowing because with these gardens you get the best of both worlds. Having a garden that is a touch of class and saving those hard earned   $$$$$$.

Energy efficient garden, now that’s smart gardening.

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