Fall Gardening Ideas

Great Ideas for Your Fall Garden

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A rainbow flower garden

It is so amazing how time flies and as the saying goes.” time waits on man” Just the other day we were preparing for the winter season ensuring that our gardens were taken care of as we entered the winter months.

Then came spring that painted our landscapes and gardens with an array of colors as our garden plants were in full bloom, also it was so wonderful to hear the birds singing and watching them as they flew so freely in the open sky. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, butterflies, and bees going about their daily activities moving from plant to plant collecting pollen or taking a rest as all of nature seem to come alive during this time of the year.

Summer followed close behind with many hot days, our garden plants continued to bloom in their luster as we spend some weekdays and weekends working in our gardens bearing the heat of the day just to keep our gardens looking their best.

Then comes fall that is around the corner so to speak. This is the time of the year when we prepare our gardens for yet another time of entering into the winter months. Yes, we are basically a month and a few weeks away before we enter autumn or as we would say the fall month.

Fall gardening ideas

Fall clean up

Here is where we get busy and that is doing fall cleanup, not to say that we are not busy during the spring and summer months but fall presents a time when leaves from our beautiful trees fall to the earth surface, the dropping of leaves can bring some challenges if allowed to sit there for weeks building up.

The good news, however, is some if not most of these leaves can benefit us in a great way saving us a few $$$$$$.

1. This is also a good time to clear away any debris that may be hiding disease and garden pest insects.

2. Pruning projects are great during this time of the year. Especially for trees that are naked, having ( little -no leaves). This will give a better visual of what needs to be pruned.

3. This is a good time to start a compost bin.

4. How about doing repairs to your garden fence.

5. Freshen up your flower beds is a great idea.

6. Extend the season for winter by preparing a cold frame garden.

7. Don’t put it off any longer but make a conscious decision to make repairs to that sidewalk that leads to your garden area.

8. Garden furniture that is in need of repair should get some attention at this time.

9. Adding a raised bed or two can spruce up your garden.

10. Paint faded garden fences.

11. A great idea is to create a garden path with stepping stones.

12. Clearing extra space to extend your garden come next spring.

13. Removing dead or dying plants.

14. Visiting your garden center to make purchases for your garden come next spring. This is a good time to find garden sales.

15. Fall garden clean up is a good time to make repairs to and replace garden equipment.

16. Clean and oil garden tools.

17. Pruning dead flowers is a must.

18. Planting bulbs is a good idea at this time to get them ready for next spring.

19. Clear out your vegetable garden removing all dying and decaying plants.

20. Organize your garden shed.

21. Aerate your lawn.

22. Clean bird feeders.

23. Clean out birdhouse if unoccupied and make any needed repairs.

24. Clean fish pond of debris.

25. Cleaning and making repairs to your greenhouse is good at this time.

26. If the irrigation system is in need of cleaning and repairs this is the perfect time for that.

27. Protect your garden furniture before the winter months by covering them or moving them to a more secure place until winter has passed.

28. Install plants that will survive the winter months.

The final word

Fall cleanup is a great time to get your garden and all that pertains to your garden in tip-top shape. I am sure that all of these ideas which are listed do not apply to you but by going through this list there may be a few things that may be or will be on your to-do list.

So put on your garden gloves roll up your sleeves and get busy as we enter the fall months. I am sure you will be glad to get down and dirty as you give your garden a makeover in preparation for next spring

that will have you feeling good as you enter yet another year of connecting with nature by giving nature a helping hand. With that said let’s get started with that fall garden cleanup.


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2 thoughts on “Fall Gardening Ideas”

  1. If only Fall garden-cleanup would be more fun! You mention great things that we as gardeners should not forget to do in Fall.

    As an organic gardener, I always like to add fresh manure, paper, leaves and whatever to my garden beds, so my red wiggler worms can do their job during the cold winter months.

    You mentioned composting! Well, what I do is the same, I just do it in my garden beds so everything is great and ready to start in spring.

    Thanks for sharing tips on what to do in Fall with my garden.


    • Hello Oscar fall clean up is great but at that the seem time it is a lot of work but it is good to put things in order in this why to prepare for next season. So happy that I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.


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